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[Continued from part 2]

Moody: Can you tell us how many Rule 11 evaluations pertaining to
competency to stand trial and state of mind at the time of the
crime you've performed?

Morenz: I can't tell you exactly how many, but there have been
several hundred that I've performed.

Moody: Over the last year how many Rule 11 evaluations have you

Morenz: Probably roughly on the order of a hundred.

Moody: Who usually contacts you and asks you to do a Rule 11
evaluation, the State or the defense?

Morenz: I'm usually contacted by the judge's secretary to
schedule the Rule 11. I don't always know who has nominated me by
the court. Sometimes I'm aware. Sometimes it's the prosecution
and sometimes it's the defense, it varies.

Moody went for Morenz's prejudices. He asked him how many he'd
found competent to stand trial and how many he'd found sane last

Morenz: The last time I checked, a couple of years ago, the
number I found competent to stand trial versus incompetent was
roughly equal. About 50-50. I infrequently find that someone is
insane at the time of the crime.

Moody: So, the majority of the time you find the defendant is
sane at the time of the crime?

Morenz: That is correct.

Moody: The information you were provided about Bob Moody... What
was that information and who did you receive that from?

Morenz: I received the indictment, Grand Jury transcript, motion
to sever, interview with Clifford Moody, Pima County Sheriff's
reports, Ewing's report from Los Angeles, Mr. Moody's legal
requests, testimony of Julie Herrera jail librarian, Psychiatric
evaluations by Dr. Potts, Dr. Joseph Geffen, records of Maricopa
County Mental Health Unit, portion of courtroom transcript during
Mr. Moody's competency hearing of 8-16-94, letter and list of
attachments from David White dated 6-30-95.

Moody: Were you provided any information at all from Attorney Dan
Grills on the defendant?

Morenz: No, I was not.

Moody: Do you recall requesting information from Dan Grills on
the defendant?

Morenz: I don't recall requesting any information. There was no
information that appeared to be necessary at the time I did the

Moody: All of the information you used, besides your personal
interview with Mr. Moody, was provided to you by Mister White, is
that correct?

Morenz admitted that he got no input from the defense and that it
was often his practice to use the info provided by just one side
or another to make an evaluation on Rule 11, competency and

Morenz: That is correct. It is my opinion that Mr. Moody is
competent to stand trial, and there is no evidence that I could
find that he would not have known his acts were wrong at the time
of the crime.

Moody: During your evaluation of Bob Moody did he explain his
mission to you in detail.

Morenz: Yes he did.

Moody: Can you recall that?

Morenz: ...Mr. Moody indicated that sometime in March of 1994,
the extrasensory biologic entities informed him  (Judge
interrupts -- "Was that 1994?") He indicated that the ultimate
mission for him was not revealed until March of 1994... His
mission he described was to be found guilty of murder, sentenced
to death and then to facilitate having that sentence carried out
by foregoing any appeals at which time after he was given a
lethal Injection he would be resurrected to life and this would
prove the existence of the extrasensory biological entities.

Moody: Did Mr. Moody, during your evaluation, talk to you about
the government's cover-up of the existence of aliens or
extrasensory biological entities? Could you recall what he

Morenz: Yes. He described a Trilateral Commission that developed
around 1918 with Rothchilds and Rockefellers and the intent of
this commission was to cover-up the existence of extrasensory
biologic entities.

Moody: Did Bob Moody state to you that he had been abducted?

Morenz: Yes you did.

Moody: How many times?

Morenz: Multiple times. Dozens of times.

Moody: Did he state where the aliens had abducted him to?

Morenz: Yes, to their ship in another dimension.

Moody: Did he also state to you how they communicated with him?

Morenz: Yes, the words you used were telesuggestion. Kind of
telepathic communication, not audible... communication is made
through special kinds of receptors utilizing a special type of
electromagnetic energy...

Moody: Did Bob Moody describe how the ship looked inside?

Morenz: Yes he did... He described the ship as looking something
like a small operating room, no windows, gray, everything was
somewhat fuzzy or moving...

Moody: Also in your report did you come up with the conclusion
that Bob Moody was malingering?

Morenz: Yes.

Moody: And what's the foundation on that?

Morenz: There are multiple clues to the presence of malingering
in your case. First of all you were eager to call attention to
the range of beliefs you had to the biologic extrasensory
entities. This is unusual in mental illness. Individuals in the
throes of a psychotic state are usually not inclined to discuss
the range of illusions and delusions they may have. The story
that you provided was far fetched and totally implausible to not
comport with the vast majority of psychiatric, even severe
psychiatric problems I have come into contact with or read about.

(Our panel  of experts says this is true. Most abductees do not
go to Psychiatrists.)

Morenz: The form of mental illness was not imitated very well by
Mr. Moody. There was no impaired relatedness, there was no
disorganized thinking, in fact he described this extrasensory
biologic entities and his entire experience with them in very
intricate detail. He was very logical. It was a very good story.
He had multiple motivations for his -- multiple kinds of
explanations, if you will, for his behavior. On the one hand he
described the extrasensory biologic entities were still
controlling him. If that were the case, he would be considered
incompetent to stand trial. He (Moody) described that basically
the extrasensory biologic entities made him do it so that he was
insane at the time of the offense. Further he described that the
entire trial process was entirely unfair so that there would be a
 mistrial. So there was sort of multiple avenues of escape for
him to relieve himself of responsibility in the accusations
against him....

(HERE again Morenz reported the content of a switch in Moody's
personality but failed to recognize what it meant. Moody believed
the accusations were against him. THIS was not the same Moody who
wanted to be executed. Note the inconsistency here -- first he
says that they made him do it, then he says that there are
avenues of escape for him to relieve himself of responsibility
from the accusations against him.)

Morenz: Additional items which support the probability of
malingering in Mr. Moody's case is that during my interviews with
him he attempted to control and dominate those interviews. That
is very unusual for psychiatric patients. (But, according to Dr.
Dean, most usual for DID male patients.) They are usually very
compliant, or if they're very paranoid and psychotic they'll just
attempt to terminate the interview prematurely. Moody, again
attempted to control the interview. The other item is that Mr.
Moody's behavior had another explanation for it other than
psychosis which was obtaining money for his cocaine dependence
which by that time was fairly substantial. The other item I
considered was that psychological testing by Dr. Geffen as well
as at the Maricopa County Jail observations by the jail team,
indicated the possibility of malingering and no severe mental

Mr. Moody described the extrasensory biological entities telling
him what to do. In most cases patients with command
hallucinations, in other words voices telling them what to do,
ignore the command.

(This could be true in most cases, but Morenz didn't know how to
interrogate a DID patient. He should have asked him if the
command was inside or outside of him. This would clearly
differentiate where the commands came from.

(By this time it had become painfully obvious that Dr. Morenz was
not familiar with the literature, not even one of the most famous
cases of DID serial murderers, the Berkowitz case in which there
were commands similar to the ones Moody described which made him

Morenz: Mr. Moody's symptoms, the Extrasensory Biological
Entities and his multiple personalities do not fit typical
presentations of psychiatric illness.

(According to the DID professionals we showed this transcript to,
this is a very naive statement for a person in Morenz's position
to make. He says that Moody's multiple personalities do not fit
typical presentations of psychiatric illness. Our panel of
experts believes that if Morenz had examined him further, probing
the child states and the angry, rage filled states he would have
changed his opinion and his diagnosis.

(A case in point: If an individual says "God made me do it," he
will probably be considered crazy because God is revered in this
society. But if someone says the devil made me do, there is a
question as to whether or not he would be found competent to
stand trial. Dr. Thomas Szazz has written about this at length
and claims that this is an excuse, nothing else. So, if "aliens
made me do it" is the claim, the next thing to determine is are
the aliens inside of his head.)

Morenz: They suggest an atypical psychosis which is a good clue
for malingering, especially in a forensic context. Some of Mr.
Moody's statements were inconsistent with statements he allegedly
made to others such as Carlos Logan. Mr. Logan indicated that he
had complete awareness of his action toward the victims...

(When the going gets tough, Doctor, the weird turn pro. This
hearsay was most likely an account of Carlos Logan's interview
with Moody's killer personality -- Moody the killer, not Moody
the patient or Moody the lawyer, or Moody the little kid.)

Morenz: Finally ,visual hallucinations are usually of normal
sized people. Mr. Moody described "Nordics" as being six to eight
feet tall and the "Greys" three to five feet tall. Usually the
visual hallucinations people experience are of other people and
not extraterrestrial type of beings.

(According to our panel of experts, Morenz is probably impaired
and should be reported to the proper supervisory authorities.)
Moody: So Doctor, a normal hallucination is someone of normal

Morenz: Usually.

(Did he mean to suggest that there were normal hallucinations?
Moody asked him to read a particular paragraph of his report into
the record.)

Morenz: That begins: "Mr. Moody reported that the EBEs could
manipulate him and his consciousness. He states that knowing his
ultimate mission in march of 1994, the EBEs were trying to gain
complete control over him. He stated that one of the ways of
gaining complete control was by compelling him to use large
quantities of rock cocaine. He stated that this made him fall
asleep for almost a week leading up to the time of the alleged

Moody: Did Bob Moody also indicate something about his eyesight?

Morenz: Yes he did. He stated that during his acts towards the
victims he could see almost 360 degrees on the one hand, however
at the same time he couldn't hear anything. He went through the
acts as if (seeing them) through a video camera....

(If Morenz had experience with DID patients he would know that
they often describe being out of their body and seeing 360
degrees as well as not being able to hear anything when they are
in certain states. Morenz then testified that the EBE's put Moody
on vacation.

(Morenz said he found no evidence of a psychological disorder in
Moody except cocaine dependence. He said he believed that Moody
was malingering. He said that Moody did state he wanted to be
found competent and sane. This, again, does not go along with his
statement that he wanted to get off of the things that he was
alleged to do. Morenz's conclusions also overlooked the legal
aspects of an "under the influence of a substance" defense,
which being under the influence of cocaine would suggest. Morenz
is clearly wound up to do the State's bidding and send an insane
person to life imprisonment or death by lethal injection.

(Morenz stated that Moody's descriptions of the EBE's were
"farfetched and totally implausible." Yet, these are the same
descriptions that are found throughout the literature and studied
in depth at the Alien Abduction Conference held at MIT.
According to Ted Loman and other UFO experts, there are even
photographs of these entities released by the governments of
other countries which are more inclined to let the public in on
what is going on.

(Then came the prosecutor's turn to cross-examine the witness.)

White: Are you saying that you don't believe in the existence of

Morenz: To date I'm not aware of scientific reproducible evidence
that such entities exist. The Universe is a very wonderful place
and I'm sure there are  many phenomena that none of us understand
or have witnessed yet...

White: Did the defendant report multiple personality disorder?

Morenz: He also reported having multiple personality disorder. He
enumerated four of the personalities and then went on by saying
there were more personalities he didn't want to get into, but his
descriptions of his multiple personality disorder did not fit the
conventional description of multiple personality.

White: What do you mean by that?

Morenz: Usually the definition includes people who alternately
have one personality then another gain control of the individual.
In Mr. Moody's case he said that predominantly one of the
personalities was in control and the others didn't really
manifest themselves very often. Nor was there any evidence that
the other personalities had distinct different personalities.
There wasn't handwriting evidence of different kinds of speech
between the personalities, different kinds of dress, different
kinds of emotionality, which is what you see with a typical
multiple personality. He also indicated that all the
personalities were totally aware of one another. Usually there is
less awareness of one personality for the other...

(Again Morenz shows his ignorance about DID's. There often is a
presenting personality -- not necessarily one who is in control.
The one in control can be a persecutor personality such as the
devil or a previous perpetrator, something like an alien. There
was plenty of evidence of Moody's handwriting which both the
prosecution and the defense had. It showed a variety of different
handwritings, all supposedly Robert Moody's. Morenz's reference
to dress is vague. Moody was stuck with prison orange by the time
Morenz interviewed him. Besides, dress changes take place more
often with female DID's.

(The different kinds of emotionality was seen by people attending
the hearings and by some of those who interviewed Moody in his
cell. There was a child personality and a hostile personality
which were easy to differentiate. As far as Moody's claim of his
total awareness between his personalities, our experts don't
think that is correct. He probably does have some personalities
that are co-conscious, and he might believe that he knows all his
parts, but that's only a belief.

(The doctors job was to bring out the hidden personalities, the
ones which caused the problems. But Dr. Morenz was not
experienced with DID males who are high functioning, let alone
with ones which have an alien killer personality inside them.)

White: So there are people who truly have a mental disease that
makes them act in a way of a multiple personality?

Morenz: There certainly are some that fit that description.

White: But those that truly fit that disease act in a certain way
and he did not act in that way?

(The estimates of how many DID's are out there in the United
States has grown from a handful in the 1960's to the millions
today. Most DID's remain misdiagnosed due to the ignorance of the

(Our panel of experts tells us that DID's do not act in any
certain way at all. They act in every way possible and are
usually brilliant, like Robert Moody, and extremely good at
manipulating others.)

Morenz: Not at all... he didn't act in that way.

(There is a bad joke among mental health professionals who work
with DID's. It goes something like this:

Question: "How does a DID act?"

Answer: "Like you and I until they switch."

Question: "And when do they switch?"

Answer: "When you're not looking."

(At the end of Morenz's testimony, Moody did not redirect. Had he
not been acting as his own attorney, and had there been a
competent team  -- a lawyer and an MPD expert -- at his table,
Morenz's testimony would have presented a great opportunity.

(A number of M.D.'s and PHD's think that mental health
evaluations should be left entirely out of the legal process.
They say, try the case on the evidence and forget the questions
of competency and sanity. After hearing the testimony of some of
these "mental health experts" one might have a tendency to agree.
But without any or better ground rules to establish competency
any accused person might find himself in the position of Robert
Moody, declared competent, then put in the crazy position of
defending himself.

(The saying, "a defendant who represents himself, has a fool for
a client," is well known. In this case, this defendant
represented himself, got his crazy outcome -- two counts of
guilty, by using a whole internal team of fools to present his

(Many were disappointed that the aliens were not called to


Bowart asks for comments on this information from professionals.
He also asks the FOTF membership for help in researching the


Any newspaper clippings or court records of the other convicted
murderers who have claimed, as Robert Moody has, that they were
"possessed by aliens" which made them commit murder. Anything
which might contribute to an overview of these cases to show the
similarities to Moody's case would be most useful. Any records of
the court cases involving "alien possession" and aliens that have
been channeled are also welcome. Anything which might show a
pattern of belief, if not of law.


A history of the surveys of public opinion shows a growing belief
in UFO's and extraterrestrial visitations. One of the latest
polls shows that 50% of the American public believes in the
reality of extraterrestrial visitations. Send in your examples

Any clippings or documentation which shows a possible emerging
trend in the development of an "alien legal defense". Any
evidence or articles on the pattern of reports of physical
evidence from UFO landings and alien encounters which show that
they are real is balanced by equal and opposite plausible
explanations of why they are not real. Anything on the number of
hoaxes which, it is reported, are small. Recent examples of the
U.S. government being caught in "disinformation" or outright lies
about UFO encounters. Government threatening witnesses for the
purpose of shutting them up in order to create the effects of
cognitive dissonance.


Evidence that the CIA has funded research into ESP, telepathy,
and most recently "remote viewing". Evidence that the cryptocracy
has, at the same time, funded a debunking campaign of its own
positive results.

We're looking for solid scientific evidence which suggests that
there could be such a thing as telepathy -- thus giving some
credence to those who've claimed telepathic communication with
aliens . Any clips which shows telepathy would be the alien's
favorite form of communication.

We also need evidence of "channeled" alien information which may
fit the Moody story.


Any new information to complete a history of alien encounters
from the early "contacts" to the "abductees."

Any supporting documentation on The Report from Iron Mountain.

The question is raised: To what extent does the government
orchestrate the UFO phenomenon?


If the cryptocracy has a plan to spoon feed the public, little by
little, allowing them access to more and more information about
the hidden truth that we are not alone in the universe, and that
we've been contacted for centuries if not millennia by hundreds
of different alien races, and that telepathy -- mind to mind
communication -- is the intergalactic language, and that we
humans are descendants of one race or several similar races of
intergalactic civilizations who have lost their birthright to the
stars and to the oneness of the cosmos, then Moody's story could
be part of their plan to educate us. Your comments please.


What do serial killers who have been molded by the military have
in common? Is there a pattern to these killings? What is the
government's liability in all this? If the Pentagon is going to
make killers of ordinary men, shouldn't it unmake them before
returning them to civilian life? What changes need to be made in
Federal Torts Laws?


We need to look at "need to know" compartmentalization and the
rogue elephant aspects of the National Security State, the
history of Nazi research in mind control and its
institutionalization as information control in an information


We must examine the infighting of the mental health
professionals. Where do their ideas come from and how do new
ideas become accepted? What evidence do we have that The False
Memory Spindrome Foundation is an intelligence backlash -- a
limited hangout to help keep the secrets of
compartmentalization? What new evidence do we have of
government "spychiatrists" who created the technology for
planting false memories suddenly revealing ( fifty years too
late) that false memories can be implanted by hypnotists, and
in the normal course of psychotherapy?

Moody filed a motion for a new trial on November 9th. His
sentencing is scheduled for late January 1996. His phone use has
been restricted. He needs contributions to get a diagnosis.
Psychiatrists are charging $350 per hour for jailhouse

W.H. Bowart is the author of the seminal work OPERATION MIND
CONTROL. Published internationally in 1978, it was reissued by
the Freedom of Thought Foundation in a revised and vastly
expanded limited numbered Researcher's Edition in 1994.

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"There is no "alien" defense for murder in this county,"  Judge
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