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Editor's Note:

The following article originally appeared in _Crash Collusion_,
No. 7, Spring 1994.



By Adam Gorightly

December 1993


Phillip K. Dick, the late schizoid, Sci-Fi author and Ira ("The
Unicorn") Einhorn, sixties radical activist turned seventies New
Age networker cum fugitive axe-murderer, began a correspondence
in early February of '78 centered around Dick's firmly held (on
shaky ground) belief that the Russians were beaming psychotronic
transmissions via satellite into his already somewhat disturbed

According to Dick -- often known for his far-out flights of
paranoiac fancy -- these "microwave-boosted, telepathic
transmissions," as he called them, commenced on March 20, 1974,
showering Dick with endless reams and streams of visual and audio
data. Initially, this overpowering onslaught of messages Phil
reluctantly received were extremely unpleasant and, as he termed
them, "die messages." Within the following week he reported being
kept awake by "violet phosphene activity, eight hours
uninterrupted." A description of this event in a fictionalized
version appears in Dick's brilliant, though demented, anti-drug
novel _A Scanner, Darkly_. The content of this phosphene activity
was in the form of modern, abstract graphics followed by Soviet
music serenading his head, in addition to Russian names and words
appearing there as well. The ever speculating Phil conjectured
that a radical drop in GABA fluid -- in his brilliant but balmy
brain -- might've accounted for these strange voices and images,
though he was at a loss to further explain exactly what would
have precipitated such a drop in his GABA fluid, which
conveniently lent more credence to his original theory, as crazy
as it sounded to even his own buzzing ears, tuned into -- as
they were -- this foreign frequency that had invaded his mind.

In recent years various info on remote mind-control technology
has filtered into the conspiracy research community through
various fringe publications such as _Full Disclosure_,
_Resonance_ and countless others including a Finnish gentleman by
the name of Martti Koski and his booklet _My Life Depends On
You_. Over the years Mr. Koski has been sharing with our mind
controlled world at large his horrifying tale, documenting as it
does the discovery of rampant brain tampering committed upon
himself and others, including documents concerning one Robert
Naeslund, another victim of brain-research. The perpetrators of
these evil doings included, allegedly, the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police (RMCP), The CIA and Finnish Intelligence among countless
other covert intelligence agencies. (In _Secret and Suppressed_,
edited by Jim Keith, a remote mind-control testimonial appears
entitled "An Open Letter To The Swedish Prime Minister Regarding
Electromagnetic Terror", authored by the aforementioned R.

Another legendary figure in the arcane annals of conspiracy
research -- and ranter extraordinaire -- Kerry Wendell Thornley
claims that while serving in the Marines with his buddy Lee
Oswald, he became subject to just this sort of mind-control
scenario; having had planted -- unbeknownst to him at the
time -- into the base of his neck, some sort of high tech implant
which enabled Thornley to receive malevolent transmissions from
military intelligence or others of that ilk, who were tampering
with Thornley's brain for reasons far too complex to even attempt
to broach at this time, as it would swerve us away from the topic
at hand into even weirder realms concerning a genetic breeding
experiment which Thornley believes he fell prey to at the hands
of Nazi controllers. (Refer to the Kenn Thomas' audio interview
of Thornley available through _SteamShovel Press_.)

Along this same twisted line, I'm reminded of an incident
related to me a few years ago when a close friend of mine
suffered a nervous breakdown, and was diagnosed a paranoid
schizophrenic as a result of malevolent voices he was hearing
in his head. My friend believed that a group called "The Laser
People" were trying to drive him bonkers (and perhaps
succeeded) via lasers, which were perhaps, more accurately,
psychotronic devices beaming these voices his way. He's doing
better these days, I'm glad to say, due to a medication that
quiets these voices in his mind. But I often wonder if, in fact,
my friend was the unfortunate recipient of a mind-control
experiment. And if this is the case, then did his malevolent
controllers meet their objective, in that they now have another
narcotized subject under their control, who poses no threat to
their power control-structure? I'm not implying my friend was
some great threat to this power structure, but he was indeed a
rebellious character, and if they could do this to him on an
experimental basis, then maybe it would work on others whom the
"invisible government" deems dangerous.

Dick initiated his correspondence with Ira Einhorn due to a
letter written by Einhorn that Phil read in _CoEvolution_ in
early '78, which examined the work of Nicola Tesla vis-a-vis the
transmission of electric energy through the ethers without aid of
electrical power lines. From the mid to late seventies,
Einhorn -- also known as "The Unicorn" -- had constructed a vast
network of contacts in the intent of creating, as he described
it, "...an international conspiracy to make the planet more
livable." Among these contacts was Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden,
author of several books including _Fer-De-Lance: A Briefing on
Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons_, which contends that the
Russians -- through the use of this hidden technology that Tesla
discovered around the turn of the century -- had been not only
modifying US weather patterns with electromagnetic waves but as
well had developed a "death ray" which they were using in the
late seventies/early eighties in Afghanistan.

Ira Einhorn -- a sixties radical -- first emerged to major media
prominence as master of ceremonies for the first "Earth Day" in
Philadelphia, in 1970. This instant recognition gave Einhorn
immediate access to the best minds of his generation.
Furthermore, his networking and consulting skills not only
enamored him with those in The New Age movement, but also
captured the imaginations of such corporate giants as AT&T who
hired Einhorn as a consultant to better tap them into the New
Age information highway that was just then underway.

Shockingly -- on April 28, 1979 -- the remains of Einhorn's
long time girlfriend, Holly Maddux, were found in a steamer
trunk in Einhorn's apartment, the victim of an axe-murder.
Einhorn was subsequently arrested, but denied murdering Maddux,
saying -- in essence -- that The CIA had set him up because of
certain information he'd become privy to through his vast
network of Aquarian conspirators. Einhorn hired former Warren
Commission lawyer Arlen Spector to represent him, which takes
this tale on another sordid twist, in that Specter was the
infamous creator of "The Magic Bullet Theory" which convicted
a defenseless Lee Oswald from the grave. While out on bond,
Einhorn skipped the country, and has been seen in recent years
in Ireland -- among other foreign countries -- assuming a
false identity with a new girlfriend. When in Ireland someone
discovered his identity, The Unicorn promptly left for parts
unknown, and the last I heard is still at large to this day.

Did The Unicorn perhaps stumble upon certain dark secrets
regarding psychotronics and mind control that led him into a
frame job by intelligence agents? The evidence against
Einhorn -- according to Steven Levy in _The Unicorn's Secret:
Murder in the Age of Aquarius_ -- seemed quite incriminating.
Even some of Einhorn's staunchist supporters -- who, when
informed of the Maddux murder, stood unflinchingly by his side
-- afterwards came to doubt Einhorn when the evidence became
apparent that in fact he was most likely guilty of the crime.
The one person who seems to have stood by Ira Einhorn all the
way down the line was Tom Beardon, who -- as stated before --
shared many of the Unicorn's conspiracy theories regarding the
use of psychotronics to monitor and control human behavior and
modify weather patterns. Unfortunately, we'll probably never
know the full story of what happened to Holly Maddux, and if
this whole sordid tale was spun around a tangled web of
psychotronics, murder and mind control with Ira Einhorn
made the ceremonial scapegoat to a tragic conspiracy.

In all my readings of Dick, I've never once seen mention of
anything in regards to brain implants, which I find rather odd
in that all the other cases where I've researched this sort of
brain tampering, implants seem always to play a pivotal role.
Personally, I believe Phil might've received a brain implant
during dental surgery which occurred just prior to his fabled
first visit from VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence
System) chronicled in his novel's _Radio Free Albemuth_, and,
of course, _VALIS_, the fictionalized accounts of these bizarre,
though real life occurrences which began in March, 1974. (Also
see the autobiographical account of this documented in Dick's

As the story goes, Phil went one day to have some major work
done on his teeth, and later -- when he arrived back home -- a
delivery was made from the local pharmacy of a pain killer to
soothe Phil's aching mouth. The deliverer of this bottle of
relief was none other than a hip, foxy chick, with a "Christian
fish" hanging from her neck. I'll not pursue now the deep
significance of this Christian fish symbol, but suffice it to say
it's impact upon Phil was enormous in respect to the events that
transpired after this fish swam into his life over rolling waves
of breast and cleavage. The young lady in question said a few
cryptic words then mysteriously disappeared forever into the
ocean of human life. Phil theorized that this young lady -- who
claimed to be a Christian -- delivered unto him at this time
some sort of veiled gnostic knowledge, which proceeded to unfold
it's answers gradually to a whole host of hidden metaphysical
secrets for several years afterwards.

Another scenario might have been that this young lady was on an
intelligence mission, delivering some kind of drug to not only
soothe Phil's pain ridden mouth, but that would also help
activate the hidden devices that'd surreptiously been inserted
into his head during the dental surgery. Another possible
explanation is that the short cryptic sentence "The Fish Lady"
uttered was in reality some sort of codeword which triggered
this mind-control apparatus into operation. Oddly enough, it
was later, on this very same day, that Phil's "visions" first

To suggest that a dentist might have planted psychotronic
receptors into the mouth and head of the greatest science
fiction writer of all time might seem utterly preposterous, but
nonetheless connections of certain dentists to mind-control
implants is not a new one, and the opportunity to insert said
devices during dental surgery -- while the patient's anesthetized
mind is off dancing in the merry land of nitrous oxide -- is most
definitely there, and one that wouldn't readily be suspected by
his/her patient/victim.

According to master conspiratologist John Judge, Uri Geller's
"...dentist was the person who first developed the patents on six
different of the earliest mind-control devices for the CIA and
military intelligence, which were actually radio transmitter
implants into the jaw and teeth so that instructions could be
heard through the teeth..." quoting Judge verbatim.

Coincidentally, (or maybe not so coincidentally) Ira Einhorn had
formed an intense relationship with not only Uri Geller but with
his mentor, Dr. Andrija Puharich, whose respective characters in
recent years have both been called into question in regards to
suspicious intelligence contacts and the spread of disinformation
and hoax proliferation vis-a-vis UFO's and psychic phenomena.

What interest, one might ask, would intelligence agencies have
had in Phil Dick? Well, one area might have been his anti-war
stance, where -- in the late sixties -- Phil signed a petition
which appeared in _Ramparts_ opposing America's involvement in
Vietnam. Shortly thereafter, his apartment was ransacked and a
safe blown open, and various documents stolen. Phil at the time
suspected the CIA and/or FBI to be responsible for the break-in.

Even though at the outset, Phil felt the emanations invading
his mind were of a malevolent nature, in time he began to believe
they were something entirely different. In a letter to Einhorn
dated February 10, 1978, Phil went into more depth on these
psychotronic transmissions, claiming that they "seemed sentient."
Phil felt that an alien life form existing in some upper layer of
the Earth's atmosphere had been attracted by the Soviet
psychotronic transmissions. Apparently, this alien life form
operated as a "station," tapping into some sort of interplanetary
communication grid that, "...contained and transmitted vast
amounts of information." Initially, what Phil received were the
Soviet transmissions, but eventually this alien life form -- whom
Phil called "Zebra" (and later, VALIS) -- became "...attracted or
potentiated by the Soviet microwave psychotronic transmissions,"
which paralleled similar experiences Nicola Tesla had had with
ETI's, where Tesla had been contacted by "...what he believed to
be signals from another planet," quoting Einhorn from

Over the years that followed, this alien entity -- according to
Dick -- vastly improved his mental and physical well being in a
number of ways. It (Zebra) gave Phil "...complex and accurate
information about myself and also about our infant son, which,
Zebra said, had a critical and undiagnosed birth defect which
required emergency and immediate surgery. My wife rushed our baby
to the doctor and told the doctor what I had said (more precisely
what Zebra had said to me) and the doctor discovered that it was
so. Surgery was scheduled for the following day -- i.e., as soon
as possible. Our son would have died otherwise." (Phil wasn't
just blowing smoke about this incident. His wife Tessa, and
others have since confirmed this story regarding the medical
conditions of himself and son, Christopher.)

Phil felt Zebra was totally benign, and it held great contempt
for the Soviets and their psychotronic experiments. Furthermore,
Zebra informed Phil that the Earth was dying, and that spraycans
were "...destroying the layer of atmosphere in which

Some have questioned whether in fact Phil had created an immense
hoax re: Zebra/VALIS, or if he was, actually, "crazy as a
soapdish," as Harlan Ellison recently stated in an interview
with Larry King. Were his visions simply delusions -- as many
believe -- which Phil tried to make some sense of throughout
his many entries in the _Exegesis_? From a clinical standpoint,
a condition known as "frontal lobe epilepsy" might explain these
visions which appeared to Phil. Or could it all have been
exactly as Phil first assumed: Psychotronic mind-control
transmissions beamed at him from Russia, or God knows where

Or was ol' Phil just pulling our gullible legs? The same could
be asked of Kerry Thornley, and his many tall tales of sinister
spiders spinning conspiratorial webs.

My response is, well, yes, they both probably have pulled our
legs a bit, but so what? It's sure made the world a helluva lot
more interesting place to live in -- has it not -- what with
the twisted tales they've shared of alien and foreign
influences beaming microwave missives into their abstruse

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