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Editor's Note:

The following article was written by Amargi for the Charles
Cosimano web site. Cosimano is an author/psionics expert
who has written Psionic Power (out of print), Psionic Combat,
Psionic Gadgets, Psionic Magick and The Psionic Path (now in
press and soon to be available through Boogie Nation). Amargi
is President of Boogie Nation and can be reached at:



By Amargi

Copyright (C) 1996 by Boogie Nation www.amargiland.com

January 1997


Psychotronics are "mind machines." They are "spiritual
technologies." The are Prana powered electrical machines that are
run by your mind and heart. They are the links between the
physical and the etheric. They can be actual devices or machines
in your visualizing mind.

Psychotronics are the "hidden technology," and the "ancient
technologies." You can use wood, metal to make these machines or
you can use nature and animal to BE these machines. You can use
free Earth energies or you can run them off you wall socket.

Psychotronics are the vehicles that power "life-force" or "Light"
into your visualizations.

There are many technologies that are kept hidden from the average
person. The reason for this is that the potential that can be
acquired with these technologies is unlimited ... absolutely
unlimited! When I refer to the word "technologies," I am not
referring to massive electronics, hardware, computers or billion
dollars machines. These are not that type of technologies. But
rather they are mind-based, etheric connecting representations
and connectors. This probably doesn't make much sense at this
point but it soon will. In order to understand these
technologies, I will refresh you on the basics:

The world around you and all the things in it are more than what
you see. Your physical eyes can only see things which you
consider physical because of limitations imposed upon all humans
eons ago. That means that if you removed your limitations on what
your eyes can see, then you will see many other things other than
the physical surroundings.

Most people would think "Well what else is there to see?" My
response is ... "lots!"

The things you see around you (including people and especially
people) are not just physical in nature. They all have physical
qualities but they also have other qualities as well. They exist
on other levels. One level of existence is on this physical world
or more properly termed with the limitations of physical
language ... the third dimensional level. There are more levels
than this third dimension. Too many, in fact, to count. One thing
about these levels is that they all coincide or merge together
like all the ingredients to make a pie merge together to form the
completed pie.

With regards to radionics and other side-technologies of the same
family, the other level we are interested in is what is commonly
called the "etheric" level. In actuality it is not called this,
but this is an English world associated with this level and so it
has stuck. Another level that you might heard of has been called
the "astral" level. There are twelve overtones between levels (or
dimensions or octaves). As stated before, the physical world is
on the third dimensional level. The astral level exists on the
first and second overtones of the 4th dimension. This "astral
plane" is where you first go to when you leave your physical
body. The "etheric plane" is lower than this astral level being
more near and connected with the 3rd dimension.

Everything you see around you occupies higher levels other than
this physical plane. To get to the point, all physical objects
and structures (including people) have an etheric structure. Your
physical body is not the only thing moving and functioning. You
also have an etheric body; an invisible body that can been seen
when you move up to higher levels or train yourself to see this
level with your physical eyes. All objects have an etheric body
as well as a physical body. Cars, trees, books, food and even
things that you can't see with your eyes such as music
vibrations, smells and ... thoughts!

Thoughts exist on higher levels such as the "etheric" or "astral"
and can actually be seen when you access these levels. With
skill, practice and knowledge your thoughts can be seen on this
physical world so you can make an image of something appear in
front of people if you had the know-how. This might sound
bizarre, but you and everyone around you actually does this
already in a slightly different way. Remember ...

Every human-made thing you see around you once began as a
thought. Take a t-shirt for example. The design for the shirt
began in someone's thoughts. The chemistry of the inks or fiber
structure in the shirt once began and was created by someone
thinking about it; using their thoughts to design it. The
machines that made the shirt first had to be thought of by
someone (probably an engineer) who transferred their thoughts
onto paper or computer as a new design. When you look at this
concept of making your thoughts appear in front of people in this
sense, it won't seem so far fetched and this is the first step
for breaking down the limitations in your mind that you cannot
"manifest things out of the blue."

The music a musician creates first begins in their thoughts.
Whether it's the thought of how they want it to sound exactly or
the thought of maybe "I should try this to see how this sounds."
Once the CD is pressed, you have a physical object that once
began as thought: from the music, to the artistic designs on the
CD, to the actual machinery designed to make the CD ... all
components from thoughts.

This etheric level can be accessed in many ways from this
physical level. One way to do this is through radionics.
Radionics makes the connection or the link from the etheric plane
to the physical plane and visa versa. A radionic machine can make
a connection to the etheric body of a tree or to the thoughts
(etheric level) of a person. And since you and your mind exist on
all these levels at once, the radionic machine is really only
helping your mind and awareness to make the connection. It is
really your mind that is doing the work but with the help of the
radionic "machine" to make the connection between the nonphysical
world and the physical world. Compare it to reading a map. Your
mind is really doing the work but it gets its bearings with the
help of the map. The map is only helping your mind to sort and
arrange information in the correct way to get your bearings and
give you direction. The same applies with the radionic machine.
It is only helping your mind to sort and arrange information in
the correct way to get your goal working in the right direction
and the best way.

Since radionic machines are only mind/etheric connecting tools,
they do not have to be full of complicated physical components.
That is why this knowledge is kept hidden from people.

Radionics works with settings that makes links between
thoughtwaves to events/goals. Your mental link, in a part of the
machine often called the "well," allows the flow of Prana, Chi,
life force from the radionic device to reach your target or goal.
The setting ("rate") that you establish with the "stick pad"
increases the energy towards a specific action (your goal). The
rate is a representation of a specific action that you wish to
carry out. When you use radionic applications for the betterment
of humans and the planet (such as finding missing children,
preventing earthquakes, making soil fertile in dry Third World
countries) then the full truth of radionics comes to you in time
(as a reward from higher sources) as it did for me.

The highest form of radionics require the use of no physical
instruments or things at all (internal radionics). It is just
done by thoughts alone! This is my speciality and requires very
secret knowledge. Since your thoughts are real on a higher level
and not just some invisible wisp in your brain ... you can create
radionic machines that exist, run and are powered from a higher
level all completely invisible from this physical world! There
are many advantages to this; some being that you are not limited
to size, they are invisible to practically everyone on this
planet and they can be extremely complicated without having to
fork out any money to make the things. And since all levels are
existing together, someone in the physical world could pass
through a component of an etheric radionic machine and never see
or feel a thing! If I pulled you out of your body to the etheric
plane or taught you how to access this plane on your own, you
would be absolutely stunned at the massive, complicated, huge
radionic setup that hovers above, blends with, and goes deep
beneath my city. With the flick of my thoughts, I can instantly
"call up" other radionic machines in the same place where the
other one was or I can hook them all together (another advantage
of "internal radionics"). The secret knowledge of "Psionics" is
used to help with radionics.

Psionics have many different descriptions. Psionics are ways to
amplify and trap energy by using conducive patterns. A simple
circle can be considered psionic in nature because the circle
emits certain vibrations. A collection of circles creates even
more energy and more power. All sorts of designs can do this if
you know which designs. The advantage is that you can use these
energies for your own goals. The circular patterns below generate
a lot of energy and you can "charge" you goals in the center.

Since radionics are tools and machines for your mind/etheric
functioning, the possibilities of uses are unlimited to what you
can imagine.

A list could be endless in radionic applications but here is a
list of just some of the things you can do with a radionic
machine. After you read this you'll see why radionics is so
secret. This list does not necessarily represent my personal uses
for radionics since many are highly immoral and radionics is only
one branch of my work. Consider this a generic list of possible

- Healing yourself or others of illness, disease, etc.
- Removing pests from your home without chemicals.
- Removing pests from crops without chemicals.
- Teleportation (moving your body around
  the globe with your thoughts alone).
- Levitation (raising physical objects into the air, e.g.,
  pyramid stones, e.g., sound psychotronics).
- Assisting with creative artistic endeavors.
- Personal protection.
- Psychic warfare if you are under attack.
- Removal of alien implants in your body.
- Accessing other dimensions and realities.
- Gaining secret knowledge.
- Reading the minds of others.
- Remote viewing (invisible cameras inside places of your
- Telepathic communication between individuals.
- Wireless, invisible telephonic transmission (say good-bye to
  high phone bills and great if a disaster hits and all
  the phone lines are down).
- As an FM stereo.
- Military applications.
- Removal of harmful ELF, electromagnetic frequencies
  surrounding you.
- Broadcasting music or images.
- Taping into satellite systems.
- Remote viewing beyond the planet to other planets.
- Interdimensional warehouse construction.
- Making water taste better.
- Programming water to have particular qualities to enhance
  personal development.
- Invoking the Light.
- Spreading Love more creatively to anyone or anything.
- Winning the lottery.
- Dematerialization of physical structures.
- Breaking down time/space grids around your house for truly
  multidimensional living.
- Accessing higher levels of consciousness and help from
  higher sources.
- Inducing brainstates and altered states.
- Programming specific energy patterns into anything.
- Transferring the energy of ancient power
  sources into psionic, radionic devices.

The list could go on and on. As you see, the question of morals
comes up with many applications that are within your reach with
radionics. You will find that any knowledge that comes to you on
a higher level has to go through your conscious morals. Most
people think that because it is "higher knowledge" and awareness,
it is always on the positive side. This is not so. Higher
knowledge can be used for both good and bad depending upon your
choice. You can go to higher levels of awareness and dimensions
and be a totally "evil" person. The control structures on this
planet have been set up and implemented by negative beings on
reside on higher dimensions. A rule to follow is to keep your
radionic work centered around Love always, with no exceptions.
For example, use your radionic machine for remote viewing to find
missing children but don't use it to watch your favorite
actor/actress take a shower.

Radionics is a branch of psionics which uses instruments to
analyze and transmit information about and to etheric fields. The
main key in radionic work is what is known as the "rate." The
rate is nothing more than a language for translating psychic
(mental) impressions into numbers.

Everything in existence can be converted into numerical form.
This is very complex to get into so I'll keep it simple. Think
back to your high school mathematics about the mathematical
symbol called "pi." If you remember, this pi notation starts with
3.1416 ... and continues to infinity; it never ends. What your
math teacher didn't mention (because they don't know this) is
that everything in existence is contained numerically within the
decimal places of "pi". If you were to convert your name into
numbers, it would be found somewhere in pi. If you were to
convert your bodily cellular structure into numerical notations,
it would be found somewhere in pi. Your car's license plate could
be found in pie. The time and date of your physical death is
within pi. The memory and experience or a childhood trauma is
within the pi notation somewhere. Feelings, thoughts, emotions,
memories, goals, dreams, purposes, whatever, can be converted to
a numerical (thus GEOMETRIC thus MUSIC) form and found somewhere
in pi. The amount of atoms that you have breathed in your life so
far can be found in pi. The amount of atoms you will breath for
the rest of your life can be found in pi. A radionic
visualization can be converted into numbers and be found
somewhere in pi. You name it, it is somewhere in pi. That is why
pi is such a sacred mathematical notation and the pyramids are
all built from this notational formula.

When you take a "rate" in radionics, what you are really doing is
accessing this pi notation (and other things) on a higher level;
your mind is converting your thoughts or etheric structures into
a numerical form. You don't need a calculator to do this. Your
mind does it all since you are connected to all things on an
unconscious level.

There are many different types of rates depending upon your
radionic use. If you were to take a "contact" rate of a person
for healing purposes, then this rate or series of numbers places
you in contact with the person's etheric body. If you were to
take a contact rate for a population of people, then this rate or
series of numbers places you in contact with all the people's
etheric bodies. If you were to take a contact rate for a
television satellite in orbit around the earth, then this rate or
series of numbers places you in contact with the satellite's
etheric body. The contact will be maintained until you break it,
something like an open phone line.

Contact rates change each time you wish to get in touch with the
structure, so there is no point in recording them for future use.
If you are trying to make a connection with something, then you
would take a contact rate. A rate is done with the dials on the
radionic machine.

"Analysis" rates are used when you want to analyze something or
to take a rate for something that will not change. This rate
never changes and can be recorded and used for future use.

Other types of rates are pattern rates, broadcast rates, balance
rates, light rates, orgone rates, telepathic rates, just to name
a few out of hundreds. Remember that I'm trying to introduce you
to something very advanced, repressed and powerful so I am just
revealing the basic.

The more rates you take with your radionic use, the more
intricate of a connection you will make to the etheric energy and
more success you will get with your radionic machine. Eventually,
when you get very skilled at internal radionics, rates can be
taken in the thousands just by your thoughts alone and
connections will be made without you having to deal with any
numbers. How could you possibly do something like this
automatically? It's simple ... make a radionic machine that will
do it for you and tap into it whenever you need to deal with
massive amounts of rates (being creative)!

A rate can be taken with your radionic machine very simply;
almost too simply to believe that it works. It's done with the
use of what is known as a "stick pad." A pendulum can also be
used after some preliminary practice but the stick pad is just as
good. This pad can be made from anything flat and smooth. Even
though plastic and rubber are not natural, they work extremely
well and that's why the top of a coffee can is sufficient. Copper
and gold are the best. The procedure is to pass or rub or stroke
your right thumb on the flat surface with just enough pressure to
move smoothly but with some friction. When you make the numerical
connection your thumb will seem to stick or stop on the pad. A
"stick" is hard to describe but you will know it when you feel
it; it's different for each individual. Essentially, the pad
seems to "grab" the thumb and stop it. This is the connection.

What is really happening is that you are consciously asking your
subconscious mind to access the pi notation by giving a sample
number to try. As you stroke the pad, your subconscious mind is
determining if the number that you have asked to access is the
correct number to use. If it is not the correct number, your
thumb will continue to pass over the pad as you stroke it. If it
is the correct number, your subconscious mind responds by
releasing minute amounts of etheric energy from your thumb to
"grab" the etheric particles of the pad. You don't worry about
the technicalities of this. Your mind takes care of it all. Just
the action of you rubbing the pad slowly and asking your mind if
it is the correct number, and knowing that your thumb will stick
if it is the correct number, is all you have to do. Your
subconscious mind takes care of the rest.

You know that when you eat something, the food will get digested
in your stomach and pass into your body but you don't have to
think about all the chemical, biological, neurological,
physiological responses and mechanisms within your body to make
this happen. You just eat and your subconscious mind takes care
of the details. If your conscious mind says that is how you will
take a rate for the numbers and what will happen if the correct
number is found, then leave it up to your subconscious mind to
make it happen.

Just rub the pad and your thumb will stick for you at the correct

Radionics were one of the type of technologies that was used in
ancient civilizations, except they were far more advanced than
ours. The mind/machines were much different than current radionic
machines. Most were powered by natural earth grid energies and
earth source energies found in crystals, stones, etc. They were
also powered by thought, sacred geometry, sounds and more.
Radionics have changed form and use throughout the ages. Medieval
times revealed different types as well as some native aboriginal
rituals (dancing, art, chanting, etc) were radionic in nature
(much different than modern radionics). Radionics is like
languages, there are so many different types, variations,
branches, levels and uses. I know some people that can move stone
with just their voices. I've seen it many times. They have a
great knowledge of sound and harmonics but also they use the
Earth as a type of radionic machine and dance a certain way which
is their "rate". Their beats and steps upon the ground give them
the "numbers" to make the connection between their mind, voices
and their intent. Their movement upon the ground reflects sacred
geometry enabling them to generate even more power (what a
tribe!). This stuff can get very heavy duty and that is why it is
rarely known and why you probably won't even believe this
chapter. If all this seems pretty far fetched, that's OK. This is
nature's way of ensuring only certain people get this knowledge.
But despite the rarity of this knowledge, you will be surprised
at just how many people are involved in radionic research because
this is the hidden technology.

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