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Editor's Note:

The author of the following article, physicist Jack Sarfatti,
lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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By Jack Sarfatti

Copyright (c) Jack Sarfatti, 1992, 1995

Update from Jan. 29, 1996


Jim Garrison and Tom Jenkins from Gorbachev Foundation hosted a
fun-filled birthday party for Nina Kucharev on this past Saturday
night on the third floor of my office at 3220 Sacramento Street
in San Francisco. Tom Jenkins is a former physicist who arranges
much of the logistics for Jim Garrison, such as Boris Yeltsin's
visit to the USA before he became President of Russia. Tom and I
had an interesting conversation in which we both noted the
amazing patterns of synchronicity linking physicists interested
in consciousness, extra-terrestrial intelligence, remote-viewing
and other fringe areas with the pivotal events that ended the
Cold War. Danny Sheehan, who also visits our office, was
co-founder with Garrison, of the now defunct Christic Institute,
a casualty of the Iran-Contra operation. Sheehan, has had
childhood "close encounter experiences" analogous to the one I
reported in "The Parsifal Effect." Evidently, it might appear
that Dan Sheehan, was also part of the "400" contactees mentioned
to me on the phone in 1952 by the alleged "conscious computer" on
the spacecraft from the future. Harvard Professor John Mack,
influential in the Esalen-Soviet Exchange Program, and under fire
from Harvard for his bold study of UFO abductees, is also, it
might appear, part of the "400."

Curiously, my writings influenced, in a sort of Forrest Gump way,
forces on the opposing side to Garrison and Sheehan. Now we are
all partying together like Tim Leary and Gordon Liddy appearing
on the same stage in their intellectual vaudeville act. It is as
if Umberto Ecco's _Foucault's Pendulum_ has passed from fiction
to fact in this latest version of Balzac's Human Comedy
orchestrated by John Lilly's "Cosmic Coincidence Control" from
the future. This is more than the random "Butterfly Effect" of
classical chaos theory. It suggests Fred Hoyle's idea that the
initial quantum fluctuation amplified by classical chaos is
intelligently manipulated and shaped by advanced starwaves from
the future. Indeed, Tom's role with the Gorbachev-Yeltsin
circles paralleled mine with the Reagan Administration via  Lawry
Chickering's Institute for Contemporary Studies and the  second
channel of influence opened by Cap Weinberger's son.

Michael and Dulce Murphy came to the party and I was impressed
with Michael's description to me of Dulce's recent efforts to
narrow the growing rift between Russian and US foreign policy by
catalyzing communication and dialogue between the future leaders
of both countries. Michael is the author of _The End To Ordinary_
History which covers some events similar to those described here.
As Jim Garrison accurately said, stabilizing Russia today is not
as "sexy" as it was a few years ago and, as Michael Murphy
pointed out "Russia still has 20,000 nuclear warheads." The
influence of former KGB in the new Russian Mafia is of course a
major fact to be reckoned with.

Update from Sept 25, 1995 San Francisco Chronicle, pp.A, 15-17.

By Edward Epstein

"... Gorbachev Foundation USA has organized the 'State of the
World Forum' ... a five year process of consultation that will
meet annually until the year 2000 ... About 500 people are
expected to attend .... these will include ... Milton Friedman,
... David Packard and Ted Turner... Jane Fonda... Jane
Goodall,... Carl Sagan ... princes from Saudi Arabia ... Deepak
Chopra.... Gorbachev will be joined by ... George Bush ....
Margaret Thatcher ... 'Gorbachev believes we are giving birth to
a new global civilization,' said Jim Garrison, executive director
of the Gorbachev Foundation which occupies waterfront offices in
San Francisco's Presidio.

"Leaders of mainline Western religions or philosophies are mostly
absent from the speaker's lineup, while unorthodox describes many
on the list. These include ... Willis Harman, President of the
Institute of Noetic Sciences ... he conducted experiments on the
effects of psychedelic drugs on human creativity .... Jerry
Mander, now an anti-technology author ...."

It was the night before the first Birkbeck test of Uri Geller.
Brendan was visibly nervous. He asked me to go with him to see
the Soviet science fiction film _Solaris_. Brendan had mentioned
that Olaf Stapeldon's science fiction story _Star Maker_, about
a time traveling super-intelligence, was based upon real
experiences that a high member of British Intelligence [1] had in
the nineteen thirties. The big day arrived. Arthur C. Clarke [2]
was there with a high official from Rolls Royce. Arthur Koestler
[3] was also there along with John Hasted [4], David Bohm and a
few others. These events have been described by Martin Gardner
[5] and I will not discuss them here. What happened after the
tests is more important. If I remember correctly, Brendan and I
went with Uri to his hotel room where I met Andrija Puharich [6],
Sir John Whitmore and, perhaps, Ira Einhorn [7]. I could be wrong
about Einhorn [8]. I startled Uri by asking him if he could
trigger a nuclear weapon by psychokinesis. I later found out from
Ron Mc Rae [9] that some of our intelligence people were greatly
concerned about that possibility. I may have initiated that
concern because I had mentioned it several times to large groups
of people at several meetings.

I was back in Paris several weeks later with Sharon. Fred Wolf
said: "Jack, I'm going to introduce you to a man who will change
your life." Fred took me and Sharon to the swank Ritz Hotel. We
waited in the lobby and a guy who looked like Richard Gere [10]
in a jump suit walks in with a woman. He says: "Hi, I'm Werner
Erhard." I had never heard of the guy. I said, "What do you do?"
Werner replied: "I make people happy." I thought, "Why am I
wasting time with this yo yo?" And, hoping to make a quick exit,
said in a sassy Damon Runyon manner, "Oh yeah, I think you must
be some kind of an asshole!" Werner's face became positively
radiant and he cracked a Mephistophelian [11] smile, embraced me
saying: "I will give you money when you come to San Francisco." I
was taken aback by an unexpected offer I could not refuse. I was
under contract with E.P. Dutton by then and was planning to go to
Chicago to finish _Space-Time and Beyond_ at Bob Toben's place.
Werner then outlined his plan for me to set up a sort of Ghost
Busters team of physicists to research psychic phenomena and in
his words "the physics of consciousness." Werner said that he was
very interested in physics and that he wanted me and Fred Wolf to
tutor him and his "trainers."

We flew to New York. Sharon and I spent a few days with Uri
Geller, Ira Einhorn, Bob Toben, Sir John Whitmore and Andrija
Puharich at Puharich's large house in Ossining. Puharich gave me
his book _URI_. I did not have time to read it but I gave it to
my mother in Brooklyn a few days later. My mother was reading the
book [12] when she suddenly exclaimed: "Jacky, Jacky, this is
what happened to you!" "What happened to me? What are you talking
about Ma?" "The computer in the flying saucer that called you on
the telephone when you were a little boy. Don't you remember when
you got all those phone calls?" An electric shock went through me
-- I only remember one phone call. "What do you mean phone calls?
I only got one call." "No you didn't! Jacky, what's the matter
with you? You got three weeks of these crazy calls. You were on
the phone for hours at a time walking around glassy-eyed. I got
worried and grabbed the phone away from you. I said, 'Who is
this? Why are you calling my son?' I heard that voice. It said
it was a computer. It wanted you to come back to the telephone. I
 said, 'Don't you call back here again,' and hung up and that was
 that." Not even a super-technological conscious computer on
board  a flying saucer from the future can argue with an irate
Jewish Mother!

Bob Toben drove Sharon and me down to Philadelphia. We stayed
with my literary agent Ira Einhorn and his doomed girl friend
Holly Maddux [13]. Ira took us to the mainline mansion of  Arthur
Young. Young was the inventor of the Bell Helicopter and was a
close friend of Charles Lindbergh. Young's wife was an heiress of
the Forbes Steel fortune. Young financed the Institute for the
Study of Consciousness in Berkeley California. He invited me to
stay there. Einhorn told me he would introduce me to Stewart
Brand, Michael Murphy [14] and George Leonard [15] when I got to
San Francisco. He was very concerned about what he called "Soviet
breakthroughs in psychotronic weapons of mind control at a
distance using ELF and sound waves." He said he had support from
the local telephone company and from the Bronfman [16] in Toronto
to link up visionary scientists like myself. He also said he was
working with Jacques Vallee [17] and Brendan O Regan on a UFO
data base. Ira mentioned that he was working with Congressman
Charlie Rose (D. North Carolina) of the House Select Committee on
Intelligence [18]. Rose confirmed his connection to Einhorn in a
telephone conversation with me.

Werner was as good as his word and promptly had his EST
Foundation write me an initial $5,000 check (Autumn 1974).
Einhorn did his job as my literary agent and arranged a meeting
at Arthur Young's Institute in Berkeley that included Michael
Murphy, Hazel Henderson [19] and another physicist, Saul Paul
Sirag [20], who was Barbara Honegger's [21] lover. Werner gave me
free run of his organization which I found rather odd. The
estoids all seemed to be glassy-eyed and very creepy [22]. One in
particular, Raz Ingrasci, talked about Werner as if he were
God-incarnate. One day Raz said he would jump out of a high
window if Werner ordered him to. One day I noticed a table with a
sign that said "Bulgarian Desk" [23]. There were a lot of pretty
young women who were easily available since I was known as one of
Werner's special friends -- a Prince of the Court. Werner was
always very warm with me and invited me to many dinners both at
Franklin House and at expensive restaurants. He never carried any
money or credit cards. We were always escorted (in a Mercedes) by
a security team, who also paid all the bills.

A former student of physicist John Wheeler [24], Robert Fuller
was head of Werner's Foundation. Fuller had been President of
Oberlin College but had suffered a mid-life crisis and had fallen
under Werner's influence. Fuller now heads the World Watch
Institute in Washington. Fuller [25] was jealous of Werner's
fondness for me and that this was a factor precipitating my
falling out with Werner. I was worried about the crypto-Nazi feel
of the est-org, but I had hoped that Werner would get his
intellectual act together and say something of genuine interest
in terms of physics and philosophy. I was not at all subservient
to Werner in his presence like most of the academics that
surrounded and apparently adored him. Some of them called him the
"new Heidegger" [26]. Professor Irwin Corey [27] made more sense.
There was a lot of talk of Werner running for President one day.
Werner said he would appoint me to be head of the National
Science Foundation. Werner's brother Nathan Rosenberg was in the
Navy as an aide to President Carter's Secretary of Defense Harold
Brown [28]. Kevin Garvey [29] told me that Werner had fifteen
loyal estoids in the Carter White House. Werner was very active
with the training of government people in Washington D.C. Carter
[30] had created Project Scanate [31] for remote-viewing of
military targets by psychics. Werner used remote-viewing in his
training, and he also contributed money to SRI for that project.

Sidney was a close friend of the late Bishop Pike. Werner had me
meet with several Stanford and U.C. Faculty before he set up the
Physics Consciousness Research Group at Esalen with me and
Michael Murphy as co-directors. Michael arranged all our
activities in Big Sur. Saul Paul Sirag [32] was my chief
assistant. Michael arranged for Jean Lanier to supply me with
money. Jean, who resembled Shirley MacLaine [33], was the widow
of the late Chairman of the Board of Stone-Webster Engineering.
Her current husband was an Episcopal Priest, Sidney Lanier.
Sidney was a close friend of the late Bishop Pike. He was active
in New York off-broadway theater. Sidney was also a close friend
of Jose Ferrer, who I resemble. Jean rented a five bedroom suite
for us on top of Nob Hill [34]. She was a close friend of
Laurance Rockefeller who would telephone the Nob Hill flat
looking for her.

I attended the EST April Celebrity Training of 1975. The list of
trainees included Ellie Coppola, Sterling Hayden [35], Michael
Murphy, Buzz Aldrin [36], Ted Ashley [37], the late Jerry Rubin
[38], Fred Wolf, Saul Paul Sirag and many others. Sterling Hayden
quickly walked out calling Werner a "Nazi" as he pushed away some
estoids who tried to block his passage. Michael Murphy was
visibly upset and angry at his close friend Werner. I was sitting
with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was having a severe kidney
problem. Werner got all confused when he tried to talk about the
new physics. He let me explain to the group in ordinary language
what he was trying to say in his hypnotic _estspeak_.

The trick of est is to seduce your consciousness by subverting
the English language with dominating psycho-babble. It was right
out of George Orwell's 1984. The est-training did get every one
high. It must have been how the SS officers felt after being
indoctrinated as leaders of the Master Race.

I was introduced to Ellie Coppola during a break in the training.
She had just read _Space-Time and Beyond_. Ellie invited Fred
Wolf and me to her home at 2800 Broadway at 2am after the
training. We met her husband Francis Ford Coppola. The first
thing Francis said to me was that he did not like Werner Erhard
but that he would not tell his wife what to do. Francis has fine
moral instincts. I was getting suspicious of Werner [39]
especially after I heard the rumor that he said he changed his
name from Jack Rosenberg to Werner Erhard to "give up Jewish
weakness for German strength."

I started to spend a lot of time at the Coppola's house. I
introduced them to Uri Geller and to Einhorn's friend, French UFO
scientist Jacques Vallee [40]. I think Steven Spielberg and
George Lucas were there as well that time but I am not sure.
Vallee became technical consultant to _Close Encounters of the
Third Kind_ as a result of that introduction. Francois Trauffaut
[41] played the role of Jacques Vallee in the Spielberg film. Ira
Einhorn had introduced me to Vallee. Einhorn and Vallee were
working together on a computer network project that anticipated
the Internet. Einhorn originally introduced me to Hazel
Henderson, Arthur Young, Stewart Brand and Michael Murphy.
Einhorn at Esalen is described by Willian Irwin Thompson in _The
Edge of History_. Congressman Charlie Rose (D. North Carolina) of
the House Committee on Intelligence confirmed to me by telephone
that Ira was involved in National Security operations. Ira, like
O.J. Simpson, always claimed he was framed by "the KGB." It is
curious that he was never found. Ira spent weeks at Esalen after
he was indicted for the murder of Holly Maddux. Senator Arlen
Specter was his defense attorney and one of the Bronfmans from
Toronto allegedly paid his legal fees.

I met Jack Nicholson [42], Michael Douglas, Milos Forman, Saul
Zaentz and Hans Syberberg [43] at various parties at the
Coppola's Broadway mansion and at Tomasso's Restaurant in North
Beach where Francis would bake the pizza in the wood-burning
oven. Francis was running CITY Magazine. Ellie had Raisa
Gustaitus do an article about our Esalen Group called "Faster
than the speeding photon." I first met Stephen Schwartz [44] at
CITY where he was assisting Warren Hinckle [45]. I once walked
into the Caffe Trieste with Francis when Steve Turner walked up
to him and aggressively pushed him calling him a "dirty dog."
Francis floored Turner with one punch. My meeting with Hans
Syberberg at Francis's showing of _Our Hitler_ is of particular
importance because it involved a man named "Putzi."

I received a phone call from a man named George Koopman [46]
during one of our Esalen seminars in 1976. He asked if he could
come to Big Sur. I said yes. Koopman soon became a financial
patron of my _Ghost Busters_ [47] at Esalen. Koopman was a  close
friend of Dan Akroyd [48], and my group was the  inspiration for
the film Ghost Busters. He provided money  through military
contracts with the Air Force and the U.S.  Army Tank Command
funnelled through his company Insgroup in  Irvine, California.

Koopman was addicted to cocaine and would talk freely when high.
He told us that he was related to Arthur Krock, the publisher of
the New York Times. He said that he had blown the whistle on U.
S. Army Intelligence domestic spying to the New York Times.
Koopman said that he had worked on the "kook desk" for the
Defense Intelligence Agency and that they were very interested in
the kind of new physics we were working on. They were especially
interested in machines that could tell the future [49] and in new
kinds of aircraft propulsion systems. Koopman liked to show how
he could open locked doors with his burglar tools that he always
carried in his brief case. He showed me a letter from the
military giving him permission to have the tools.

Koopman was very interested in Werner Erhard's tax structure. I
took Koopman to meet Werner. Werner was in a room with a large
blackboard. On the board were several references to "UFOs" and
"extra-terrestrial contacts." Werner did not seem to trust

I found out through one of my girlfriends [50] that Koopman
succeeded in spying on the Arica organization. Koopman, Sirag and
I had heard weird stories from Jan Brewer at Esalen that Arica
was started in Chile by high ranking fugitives from the Third
Reich who were masters of the occult. Many of the regulars at
Esalen, including some of our group like Dr. John Lilly [51] and
Claudio Naranjo [52] had been in the first Arica training in
Chile. Timothy Leary was released from prison. Leary became part
of my group at Esalen. Leary was a close friend of Michael
Murphy. George Koopman arranged for Leary and me to lecture
together at the Arthur Young's Institute in Berkeley. Koopman
spent a lot of money hiring a professional T.V. crew to record
us. Robert Anton Wilson, Nick Herbert and Saul Paul Sirag
participated in this event. Koopman became Leary's business
manager and publisher. Leary's message was SMI2LE (Space
Migration Intelligence Increase Life Extension) which is also the
message of this book.

Koopman sabotaged me at Esalen by suddenly breaking his contract
and stopping the cash flow he had committed. The ostensible
reason was that I had insulted the New Age seminarians at Esalen
by calling them "idiots and morons," which I did. Werner would
say much worse in his trainings. Koopman was very high when he
confronted me with this supposed sin. Koopman would show up at
the Caffe Trieste on several occasions years later. Koopman was
apparently ordered by higher ups to cut me out of the Esalen
picture because I was too much of a "loose cannon" that they
could not control. They replaced me with my assistant Saul Paul
Sirag and with Nick Herbert who continued to run the Esalen
seminars. It may be that Koopman's death in 1989 was no accident.
That's just a hunch. Chipman's death around the same time as
Koopman's may also not have been from natural causes.

I walked into the Caffe Trieste one day in 1979. A young girl,
Maiti, said she had written a poem about me. We soon started
dating. She said her father was a "senior policy planner" in the
government, but she did not agree with his politics and had
briefly been in the Weatherman. She showed me a photograph of her
Grandfather, who was a German General (Rudel) during World War
Two. Her father had met her mother while on Army duty after the
war. One day her father telephoned and said that he heard that
the Philadelphia Incident [53] was really true. Maiti mentioned
that her father had ET contacts as a child like I had. Her father
was an Arabic-speaking expert in Middle-East affairs with high
level contacts. He once sent me a manuscript on the Qabala and
the mystical union between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. One
day Maiti showed me a copy of a letter that her father, Robert
Dickson Crane [54], wrote of his friend Anthony Weiner at the
Hudson Institute. The letter [55] says in part:

"Another individual, who may be just plain crazy but also has a
slight chance, in my view of being another Einstein, is Jack
Sarfatti, who is plugging his 'faster than light' quantum physics
... The reason I am interested in Sarfatti's ideas is that the
full potential of negentropy in human thought can be realized
only if Sarfatti is right. ...Assuming that Sarfatti is wrong ...
the insights of Minsky and of your own cerebration offer about
all that the state of the artificial intelligence art can handle
for the next decade anyway. If Sarfatti should ever prove to be
right, then our work on negentropy in human thought would have
created the tools for tapping whatever potential there is in the
'new physics.'"

I recently had breakfast with Maiti in the Haight-Ashbury. She
said her father had recently converted to Islam and wanted to be
the first US Army Islamic Chaplain. She also said that her father
was a close friend of conservative Pat Buchanan. Herb Caen, in
the March 4, 1996 San Francisco Chronicle, cites a wag on the GOP
"First they gave us a guy who says 'Read my lips," now they give
us a guy who says "Read _Mein Kampf_.'" :-)

Crane's remarks are not that different from Martin Gardner's [56]
published statement:

"In recent years Sarfatti has been promoting an invention ....
designed to transmit coded information faster than light. I know
of no other physicist who thinks it will work. If it does,
Sarfatti will become one of the greatest physicists of all time."

I now think that the actual designs I had for faster-than-light
communication devices back in 1979 would not have worked. I was
remote-viewing my future design with a low signal to noise ratio.
Nick Herbert also published a design that would not have worked.
I think that today in 1992 I do have a design that will work that
I will explain later on. Only experiment will decide. The point
here is that if my weird physics turns out to be right, then it
is evidence for my being a contactee of either alien
extra-terrestrials or advanced humans or artificial intelligences
from our future. If my physics turns out to be wrong, then I am
just plain nuts [57], and you wasted your money on rubbish -- but
perhaps you had fun on the way. I feel like Zorba the Greek in
this matter -- if you remember the last scene of the movie you'll
get my meaning.

My adventures with two more women during this period are worth
mentioning before moving on to the next Act. One named Crystal
picked me up in the Caffe Trieste. She was a statuesque blonde in
a low cut green evening dress. Crystal said she belonged to a
Coven of Beautiful Witches [58], who wanted me to be their
Warlock. This was not so crazy in Frisco back then. After we made
love she introduced me to a real nut who called himself Damian
Zarrow. He said he was from Esalen and that he was in contact
with extra-terrestrials and that he was testifying before a
Senate Committee. I later found out that Crystal knew another
girl friend of mine from Esalen named Betty Andreason. I have
since heard of a woman by that name, who claims to have been
abducted by UFOs. I don't know if its the same woman.

In view of the present-day Esalen-Erhard-Yeltsin-Gorbachev
connections [59], the 1979 Esalen-UFO connection is significant.
Even though I had split with Werner Erhard by late 1977, EST's
Raz Ingrasci phoned me and asked me to meet with Jenny O Conner.
Raz said that Jenny had been sent to Werner by Sir John Whitmore
who had funded Andrija Puharich's collaborations with Uri Geller
back in 1973. Jenny claimed to be channeling messages from "The
Nine" -- the same extra-terrestrials that Puharich wrote about.
In view of my own contact in 1952 I should have been more
diplomatic with Jenny when she came to my apartment at 2 Whiting
Place -- the apartment that Michael Murphy had given me. Jenny
impressed me as total fraud, and I practically kicked her out. I
was verbally very rude. Jenny and The Nine [60] was promptly
installed at Esalen for quite some time overlapping with visits
by the late physicist Heinz Pagels, Congressman Charlie Rose,
Ira Einhorn, and high ranking Russians from Georgy Arbatov's
Moscow Institute of US and Canada, which was influential during
Gorbachev's watch.

Soviet Officials at Esalen in late 70's and early 80's:

* Valentin M. Berezhkov [61]
* Yuri A. Zamoshkin [62]
* Andrey A. Kokoshin [63]
* Henrikas Jushkevitshus [64]
* Vladimir M. Kuznetsov
* Victor M. Pogostin [65]
* Vlail P. Kaznacheyev
* Joseph Goldin [66]

This list is not complete. Vladimir Posner is an important fellow
in all this according to Schwartz and Tinkerman. The fact
remains, the iron post of observation that a bunch of apparently
California New Age flakes into UFOs and psychic phenomena,
_including myself_, had made their way into the highest levels of
the American ruling class and the Soviet Union and today run the
Gorbachev Foundation.

Did these influential Russian policy pundits get high in the hot
tubs of Esalen as has been alleged by right-wing theorists? My
current lady friend, who was living near Esalen at the time, and
spent a lot of time there with Richard Feynman, says that drugs
were not used in the Soviet-Esalen Exchange. If they got high,
it was the magic of Esalen and the meditative serenity of the
incredible natural environment and spiritual stimulation that
Michael Murphy has catalyzed over the years.

Was Jan Brewer telling the truth about the Fourth Reich using
Arica to influence the New Age? Brewer was part of the original
Esalen group of forty that went to Chile for the first Arica
training with Oscar Ichazo [67]. Arica was big at Esalen at the
same time that the Soviets were soaking in the hot tubs. Was I
pulled out of the operation by George Koopman because in his
opinion I was unpredictable and uncontrollable? Or is the truth
still even stranger than even I can imagine? Was Michael Murphy a
brilliant Puppet Master or merely a lucky charming "useful
idiot," a Forrest Gump character like me? Was Ira Einhorn framed?
Was Jean Nadal murdered? Was Francois Trauffaut murdered? Was
Harold Chipman [68] murdered? Was George Koopman murdered? Is
this all my Walter Mitty paranoid exaggeration? What do you

[Continued to part 2]
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