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[Continued from part 1]


[1] It is curious that the quote from I. J. Good is about such an
intelligence. Good worked with Alan Turing during W.W.II on
MKULTRA, which broke the Nazi war codes with the Enigma machine.
A curious exchange happened between Good and myself. I wrote
another paper for Psychoenergetic Systems. Good sent me a copy of
his paper on super-intelligence. The two papers were remarkably
similar. So similar that Good suspected me of plagiarism --
though he did not go so far as to accuse me. In fact, I had not
seen Good's paper until he sent me a copy of it. I take this as
evidence for a close encounter with super-intelligence lending
some credibility to my 1952 phone call from the computer.

[2] Author of _Childhood's End_ about the kind of
super-intelligence I suggest actually exists and is in contact
with us.

[3] Author of the classic _Darkness at Noon_. Koestler
graciously invited Sharon and I to his home for drinks with his

[4] John Hasted, a jolly fellow, was head of the Physics
Department at Birkbeck. Birkbeck, created by J.D. Bernal, had a
reputation of being very left wing and sympathetic to the Soviet
Union. I never encountered this aspect directly in the physics
department. Bernal wrote a very important essay, "The World, The
Flesh and The Devil," in the 1930's about super-intelligence in
the far future.

[5] _Magic and Paraphysics in Science, Good, Bad and Bogus_,
(Prometheus, 1981). Gardner was an editor for Scientific

[6] Andrija Puharich M.D. worked for Army Intelligence in the
early fifties and wrote one of the first studies on psychedelic
drugs. Puharich was Geller's case officer in America with money
provided by Sir John Whitmore. Ira Einhorn worked closely with
Andrija Puharich as well as with Esalen's Michael Murphy and
George Leonard.

[7] Einhorn's biography is _The Unicorn's Secret_ by Steve Levy.
Einhorn is still at large as a fugitive from justice. He may be
innocent of the murder of Holly Maddux. Opening up KGB files
might tell the truth.

[8] I recall meeting Einhorn and Puharich in London when I stayed
with Brendan O Regan at Joyce Petchek's palatial mansion which
had its own olympic-sized swimming pool in the basement. Joyce
was a Jewish American Princess who "channeled" an ancient
Egyptian Princess. I may have angered her when it became obvious
I was more interested in her erotic body than her auric body
during her private seance with me. I felt like Groucho Marx in
_Animal Crackers_. Joyce, Brendan and I made a pilgrimage to
Paris to see Carlo Suares in the spring of 1974.

[9] A reporter for Jack Anderson who wrote _MIND WARS_ (St.
Martin's), which credits my help. Mc Rae spent a week with me in
North Beach researching his book.

[10] I was introduced to Richard Gere outside the Caffe Trieste
by my old friend Marcus Demian, who helped him get started in

[11] One time, at Franklin House (the equivalent of Hitler's
Brown House), Werner joked with me "I am the Devil!"

[12] Sharon was a witness to this incident.

[13] Blinded by the Light, The Einhorn-Maddux Murder Case, "...
Ira Einhorn was the foremost exponent and most celebrated relic
of the counterculture, which _Hair_ celebrated..."

-- Albert Robbins, The Village Voice, July 30, 1979; Front Page

[14] Michael Murphy told me that he and his brother were the
models for the brothers in John Steinbeck's _East of Eden_.
Steinbeck was a close friend of Michael's grandfather who owned
the coastal land that Esalen is built on. Michael gave me his
apartment on 2 Whiting Street on Telegraph Hill. Michael is very
charming and appears to be very naive. He was most likely a
"useful idiot" of the KGB in the "psychic war raging across the
continents between the Soviet Union and your country" (as Dennis
Bardens described it in the Blue Boar Inn) rather than a "Puppet
Master." On the other hand, Michael is well aware of the PSI WAR
and describes very well in his book _The End to Ordinary
History_. I had dinner with him recently at the Pelican Inn in
Marin at a party celebrating Lawry Chickering's marriage to
Serena Mondavi. Michael said he wanted me to return to Esalen
but he apparently is not a man of his word.

[15] As editor of Look in the 60's, Leonard wrote the article
that launched the Haight Ashbury "Flower Children" as the
advance wave of a coming "Transformation" of world
consciousness. Leonard also wrote the first major article on
alleged psychics in the Soviet Union. George was definitely
fooled by the KGB because all of the Soviet psychic claims were
transparent disinformation. It is interesting that the Soviets
knew what was going to be in _Space-Time and Beyond_ before it
was published. Bill Whitehead of Dutton asked me to credit some
Russian with the discovery of "bio-gravitation" which, in the
Soviet formulation, was a bogus idea.

[16] Owners of Seagram's Liquor.

[17] Vallee gives us a very important clue about the occult-Nazi
connection to UFOs and Jenny and The Nine at Esalen on pp. 192 &
193 of _Messengers of Deception_: "...contactee George Adamski
had prewar connections with American fascist leader William
Dudley Pelly, who died in 1965, was the leader of the Silver
Shirts ... Dr. Laughhead, who ... launched Dr. Andrija Puharich
on the tracks of the mythic SPECTRA, is also thought to have
associated with this group." SPECTRA reappears as Jenny O Conner
and THE NINE brought to Esalen by Werner Erhard and Puharich's
patron Sir John Whitmore.

[18] a) "Rose ... advocates launching a 'Manhattan Project type'
effort to develop the [psychic] weapons. 'The Soviets are up to
their ass in this stuff,' he told Mc Rae, 'and we shouldn't fall

-- Paranormal Pentagon, Discover, (March 1981, p.15 )

b) "The witnesses Rose would call include CIA officials, who,
Rose said, 'know this remote-viewing stuff works but who have
been blocked by publicity-shy superiors.'"

-- William K. Stuckey, PSI ON CAPITOL HILL, OMNI p.24

[19] I met Hazel Henderson again when we were both speakers at
the San Francisco Art Institute along with Angela Davis.

[20] Sirag spent the first five years of his life in a Japanese
prison camp on Borneo where his parents were Missionaries. He
played Mr. Spock to my Captain Kirk in the Physics Consciousness
Research Group until George Koopman torpedoed it. Sirag then
lived with Barbara Honegger in a flat provided by Henry Dakin.

[21] Honegger worked with Jim Hickman, Michael Murphy and Brendan
O Regan. Barbara told me of a strange encounter with Brendan O
Regan in which trance medium Ingo Swann spoke with a cold
metallic voice and said that it was a computer from a hundred
years into the future. She actually was doing some interesting
work in synchronicity. Barbara sued Stanford Professor Karl
Pribram in an assault case and won. She went to work for Martin
Anderson at the Hoover Institute and followed Anderson to
Reagan's white House in 1981. I warned Lawry Chickering that
Barbara was a loose cannon. Sure enough she quit the White House
saying that the Reaganites were unfair to women. She has accused
the Reagan team of the "October Surprise." Barbara says that Bill
Casey arranged that the American hostages in Iran not be released
until Reagan was elected. Stephen Schwartz says Barbara is lying.
Knowing Barbara I do not think she is consciously lying, but,
perhaps has been misled. She is quite idealistic, but naive.

[22] In fact Phil Kaufmann's remake of _Invasion of the Body_
Snatchers set in San Francisco imitates the behavior of the hard
core estoids. I would not be surprised if some of them were
androids off a flying saucer. :-)

[23] I also met Bulgarians doing "psychic research"visiting Henry
Dakin's laboratory where Michael Murphy and Jim Hickman were
doing their psychic-Soviet project. An army friend, in a position
to know, told me that all the Bulgarians in America at that time
were KGB agents. Stephen Schwartz of the neo-conservative
Institute for Contemporary Studies, who is an expert on Soviet
Communism, confirmed my friend's statement. Werner and Michael
Murphy have spent lots of time in the Soviet Union before and
after it fell. In fact, Werner has appeared to run back to Moscow
now that the IRS indicted him for multi-million dollar tax fraud.
Will Werner become a political power in the New Russia?

[24] Wheeler worked with Einstein and Bohr and was Richard
Feynman's thesis advisor at Princeton. Wheeler is the Merlin of
Physics, and a lot of my ideas were inspired by his visionary
writings. I suspect Wheeler is channeling messages from the
future telepathically as are some other physicists like his
former student Kip Thorne and also David Deutsch. Of course
Wheeler and the others may have no idea that they may be caught
in the Destiny Matrix!

[25] Fuller arranged a series of expensive junkets for famous
physicists as part of Werner's plan to gain respectability in his
megalomaniacal drive for influence and world power. Rev. Moon
does exactly the same thing. San Francisco Chronicle science
reporter Charles Petit wrote on Wed. Jan 28, 1981 (p.32):

"An unusual closed-door meeting of more than a dozen of the
world's foremost physicists , including at least three Nobel
Prize winners, has been held under the sponsorship of est-founder
Werner Erhard in San Francisco..."

The list of physicists included Murray Gell-Mann, Stephen
Hawking, Leonard Susskind, and David Finkelstein. I had
introduced Finkelstein to Werner when I brought Finkelstein to
Esalen. Susskind (who is now a professor at Stanford), Jonathan
Glogower and I had worked together in 1963 as students at Cornell
on the problem of coherent phase in quantum mechanics. I had
formulated the problem when I worked for Tech/Ops in 1963. In
fact I mention my work with Susskind and Glogower in a paper I
published in Il Nuovo Cimento (March, 1963). I had arranged for
Glogower to get into Cornell as a graduate student through Phil
Morrison even though Glogower never got a BA degree (Susskind
also did not finish his BA degree). Glogower and I were friends
since age eleven. He was a Westinghouse Science Finalist. I knew
him when I received the UFO phone call in 1952. Glogower never
did anything other than that one paper with me and Susskind.
Susskind said that that paper is the only one he may be
remembered for. It is extensively quoted. I went off to work at
Ford Aeronutronics in California. In the meantime Susskind
finished and published the work we had started together and never
even gave me an acknowledgement as would have been proper but not
expedient. Oddly enough, the phase paper appears in the same
issue that published John Bell's paper on nonlocality, which is
the key idea of the physics part of this book. Petit continues:

"The meeting chairman was theoretical physicist Leonard Susskind
of Stanford University ...An est spokesman, Doug Bell, said
Susskind wanted word passed that 'it's not like there is anything
to hide here. It's just a few fellows having a meeting. But where
it's at for them is that it doesn't want or merit the kind of
attention that you are going to give it.'"

[26] Heidegger's passive collaboration with Hitler is well known.

[27] Corey used to hang out at Enrico's Cafe where I spent a lot
of time with Marshall Naify, Chairman of the Board of United
Artist Theaters. Werner started est in offices above Enrico's.

[28] He is now President of Cal Tech.

[29] Garvey, who lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, near the Army
War College, has collected all kinds of data on Werner and other
cult figures. Garvey came to see me in North Beach years ago. He
was concerned about New Age penetration of the US Army.

[30] Carter met Uri Geller on a State Visit to the President of
Mexico. Geller fooled Carter like he fooled me, Bohm and Hasted.
An intelligence friend of mine told me that Geller was having an
affair with the wife of the President of Mexico at the time. I
had been contacted by an American intelligence agent for an
evaluation of Geller before Carter made the trip as part of the
security for the trip.

[31] Former Naval Intelligence Officer and Jack Anderson reporter
Ron Mc Rae told me that the Navy had been fooled by phony data on
remote-viewing of Soviet submarines because someone had leaked
the actual data to the phony psychics. Mc Rae seems to have
omitted this story from his book _MIND WARS_. Barbara Honegger
said that policy decisions on the basing of MX missiles were made
 by the Reagan staff under the belief that remote-viewing worked.
Harold Chipman believed that it worked and told me that he had
used it successfully in his business. Indeed, he introduced me to
a glamorous private detective, V, as one of his best performers
in remote-viewing operations. V and I became lovers. She
confirmed that she had participated in experiments with Chipman.
V was like the Princess in Cocteau's _Orfee_ "une espionne
chargee de surveiller un homme et qui le suave en se perdant,"
in Cocteau's words.

[32] Robert Anton Wilson, who was part of our Esalen Seminars,
quotes Sirag extensively in his books.

[33] Shirley MacLaine quotes me in her book _Dancing in the
Light_. She got the title from Gary Zukav's _Dancing Wu Li
Masters_. I always had a crush on Shirley. Shirley if you read
this get in touch! I want Mel Brooks to do the screen play of my
story with Gene Wilder playing me. :-)

[34] 1155 Jones St.

[35] Liberal movie actor.

[36] NASA astronaut who was on moon trip.

[37] CEO of Warner Brothers Studios.

[38] Famous yippy in Chicago 1968. Rubin, recently killed by a
car, became a loyal estoid on Wall Street. I worked with his girl
friend, Estelle Resnick, in forming the Peace and Freedom Party
in San Diego in the late sixties.

[39] I was in the position of the actor in the German film
_Mephisto_. You will see later how this ties in with Rashi
Zarfati's relation to Godfroi de Bouillon, Margherita Sarfatti's
relation to Mussolini and Putzi Sedgwick-Hanfstaengl's relation
to Hitler.

[40] Author of _Messengers of Deception_ about UFOs and _The
Network Revolution_. It describes est influence in Silicon
Valley computer firms.

[41] I met a friend of Trauffaut's at Esalen, a young French
playwright named Jean Reisser Nadal. He was investigating the New
Age movement for French National Radio. He stayed with me in San
Francisco and told me he had discovered some disturbing political
connections including a plan to assassinate Nelson Rockefeller. I
took him to the airport. A few months later I received an
invitation to his funeral at Pere La Chaise cemetery. I had
Michel Roure speak to Jean's girl friend. She said that Jean kept
saying, "contact Jack Sarfatti," before he died. His death was do
to a sudden onset of bone cancer. This is the way Harold Chipman
also died. I am told that radioactive poisoning has been used for
murder by intelligence organizations. Trauffaut is also dead.
Nadal told me that he and Trauffaut were planning to write a
screenplay or documentary based upon his research. I alerted a
friend in American intelligence about the threat to Rockefeller
and Nadal's death. Rockefeller did die soon after under odd

[42] I was told that John Updike used me as the model for Daryl
Van Horne in _Witches of Eastwick_. Nicholson played this role
in the movie. I had been dating Suky Sedgwick and Updike uses
the name Suky in the book. Eastwick sounds like Sedgwick. Updike
knows the story of the Sedgwicks and apparently knows about my
work in the new physics since he alludes to it in both Eastwick
and his book _Roger's Version_. If, on the other hand, Updike
did not know about me and Suky then we have a remarkable
meaningful coincidence suggesting a sense of humor in what John
Lilly calls "Cosmic Coincidence Control."

[43] Hans Syberberg has made two films, _Our Hitler and
Parsifal_. Francis Coppola distributed Our Hitler in America. I
watched this six hour film with Syberberg in Francis's private
theater. Although I did not realize its significance then, _Our
Hitler_ has Putzi Sedgwick-Hanfstaengl as a central image. I  met
Putzi's grandson at around the same time.

[44] Stephen Schwartz was a red-diaper baby turned
neoconservative. Edie Sedgwick's niece, Leila Minturn Dwight,
introduced Stephen to A. Lawrence Chickering at the Caffe
Trieste. Chickering's grandfather had worked with Leila's great
grandfather, Henry De Forest, who had run the Southern Pacific
Railroad at the turn of the century. Schwartz became a force at
Chickering's Institute for Contemporary Studies. His most recent
book is _A Strange Silence_ about the rise of democracy in
Nicaragua. Both Schwartz and Chickering write for the San
Francisco Chronicle.

[45] Hinckle took me drinking several times at a policeman's bar
on Kearny Street in the Barbary Coast near Coppola's building.
Coppola's office is designed to look like Captain Nemo's
submarine in Jules Verne's _Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the
Sea_. In some ways Francis is a genius kid who never grew up. He
likes to collect all kinds of toys. He has the power to make his
fantasies real.

[46] "George A. Koopman Dies in Car; Technologist for Space Was
44 ... an entrepreneur in space technology who founded the
American Rocket Company lived in Malibu. ...Mr. Koopman's career
included being an intelligence analyst in the Vietnam War, a
maker of military training films for the Government and the
coordinator of spectacular stunts in the 1980 movie _The Blues
Brothers_.... the activity that gained Mr. Koopman the most
attention was stunt coordinator for _The Blues Brothers_, which
starred John Belushi and Dan Akroyd ..."

-- New York Times (OBITUARIES, Friday, July 21, 1989 p.A11)

[47] A partial list of participants in the Esalen
Physics-Consciousness Seminars while I was director includes:
Werner Erhard, Timothy Leary, Ira Einhorn, Jacques Vallee,
Fritjof Capra, Gary Zukav, Fred Wolf, Bob Toben, Jean Lanier,
Michael Murphy, George Leonard, the late Richard Price, Dr. John
Lilly, Dr. Stan Grof, Dr.Joan Halifax-Grof, Bob Toben, Saul Paul
Sirag, Nick Herbert, David Finkelstein, Russell Targ, Henry
Dakin, Robert Anton Wilson, Karl Pribram, Brian Josephson, David
Finkelstein, Barbara Honegger, Jagdish Mann.

[48] Comedian from Saturday Night Live and star of _Ghost

[49] a) "Interest in the military potential of ESP... has grown
in recent years. Some of it stems from the search for reliable
and jamming-free modes of communication. A popular wave of
interest in ESP stemmed from a boom in the occult and
supernatural phenomena in the late 1960's and early 1970's, a
time when ESP research in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
also attracted popular attention. Some scientists in the West
have feared that the mounting fascination with ESP, in league
with the resurgence in the occult and mysticism, threatens
science itself ... The Russians have long recognized that if ESP
were an actual effect and could be harnessed, it would have great
strategic potential. In 1973, stories appeared describing
CIA-sponsored probing of Soviet and Chinese secret installations
by individuals with high psi ability. By the mid-1970's, Stanford
Research Institute appeared to be carrying the ball. Evidence of
interest and research, however, does not necessarily mean serious
acceptance or commitment to programs ... nations involved in
disarmament talks may interject 'jokers' or 'riders' into
otherwise serious and rational proposals to make sure that their
opponents will not accept them. Those thus maneuvered into the
role of rejectors may seem in the eyes of technically unaware
publics to be foes of peace. A corollary to this is the strategy
of mounting shadow programs to draw an adversary's attention --
and resources -- into a dead end, the essence of Soviet efforts
in the field of 'disinformation'. It is not clear at this point
if both sides are really just playing with each other, or if
there is something really developing in the realm of ESP..."

-- Cnth?: On the Strategic Potential of ESP by Dr. Roger A.
Beaumont (SIGNAL, Jan, 1982, pp. 39-45)

b) "It is generally believed that the Soviets and their allies
are well in the lead in parapsychological research ... Telepathic
behavior modification, which includes the ability to induce
hypnotic states up to distances in excess of 1,000 kilometers,
has been reported. ...The ability to mentally move objects has
also been repeatedly demonstrated under scientifically controlled
conditions. ...test subjects, targeted against strategic sites in
both the USSR and the People's Republic of China, were able to
penetrate secured areas to retrieve desired data via out-of-body
travel ..."

-- The New Mental Battlefield by Lt. Col. John B. Alexander, US
Army (Military Review, The Professional Journal of the US Army,
Dec. 1980, pp. 47-54)

c) "... the Navy has 34 psychics under contract to track Soviet

d) Ch 2 of Howard Blum's _OUT THERE_ describes a Project Scanate
session of remote-viewing of Soviet submarines and Mikhail
Gorbachev's country dacha as late as 1985 in the office of George
Keyworth, President Reagan's Science Advisor. "...this new
channel is employed by focusing on specific latitudinal and
longitudinal information ... the demonstration centered on the
possible use of psychic powers in antisubmarine warfare."

-- Paranormal Pentagon, Discover, March, 1981, p.15

[50] In 1979.

[51] Lilly has written an important book called _The Scientist_
in which he describes his contacts with super-intelligences from
the future while under the influence of ketamine. The kind of
world Lilly describes is the world that I am arguing for in this
book. Lilly was a close friend of the great physicist the late
Richard Feynman. Lilly was at Esalen when high ranking Soviet
officials were there. To what extent have the events leading to
the fall of the Soviet state been caused by the Esalen drug
experiences of Soviet leaders? Both Yeltsin and Gorbachev are
closely tied to Esalen as is Werner Erhard. Even Lawry
Chickering of ICS has mentioned the importance of Esalen in the
neoconservative movement. This is the same Esalen that gave
seminars by an alleged discarnate group of extra-terrestrials
called "The Nine". Andrija Puharich writes about "The Nine" in
_URI_. My ex-book agent Ira Einhorn spent six weeks at Esalen
after he was indicted for the murder of Holly Maddux.
Congressman Charlie Rose who believed the KGB disinformation  on
PSI WARS has also given seminars at Esalen -- strange  goings on
for sure. Esalen's Jim Garrison? was also a co-founder  of the
Christic Institute. How did Dr. John Mack of Harvard  Medical
School get involved in this? Mack was tech advisor for  CBS mini
series on UFO abductions. Mack is a founder of  Physicians for
Social Responsibility and has a Pulitzer for a  book on _Lawrence
of Arabia_. Mack told me that he heard that  Gorbachev has had a
UFO contact experience.

[52] Naranjo, Fred Wolf and I were in Brasil together in 1985 as
keynote speakers at the First International Congress on the
Mind/Matter Interaction paid for by IBM Brasil. I met many
wealthy and powerful people in Brasil including Army Generals.
They all think Uri Geller has real paranormal powers and none of
them doubted the reality of UFOs. A retired general showed me
elaborately twisted pieces of metal that he claimed he saw bent
psychokinetically by local versions of Uri Geller. He also
claimed to have seen UFO landings in the Amazon jungle.

[53] A Navy ship in WWII allegedly went through what Kip Thorne
calls a "traversable wormhole time machine".

[54] A cousin of Congressman Phil Crane (R. Ill).

[55] Crane's letter to Weiner is dated November 18, 1979.

[56] P. 111, hard cover edition of _SCIENCE, GOOD, BAD AND
BOGUS_ (Prometheus, 1981).

[57] The third alternative is that I am nuts and my physics is
right. When I look at photos of myself back in the 70's and 80's,
even I say: "That guy must be nuts!"

[58] Still another strange encounter in the mid-80's was with M B
who claimed that she was in the international arms business with
her "well-connected" dad from Texarcana.

[59] It is odd that Esalen sponsored Yeltsin's visit and also
runs the Gorbachev Foundation since Yeltsin and Gorbachev are not
on the best of terms.

[60] Excerpts from "The Nine, channelled by Jenny O'Conner" at
Henry Dakin's laboratory, 3118 Washington St., San Francisco,  on
Monday, July 30, 1979. Jim Hickman, Saul Paul Sirag, Roger
Macdonald, Steve Donovan, Trever Alston, Russell Rae and others

Saul Paul asks Jenny "Have you ever interacted with Jacques
Vallee?" Jenny says, "We were supposed to. We met Hal Puthoff..I
met your friend." Dakin's transcript reads "discussion of Jack
Sarfatti, and Jenny's meeting with him." The Nine then intervene
speaking through Jenny "Main facilities Houston, Texas."
[transcript incomplete here] Someone asks, "Any other
facilities?" The Nine respond: "A total of 85." Roger Macdonald
asks, "Any other extremely large, not as large as the facilities
in Houston?" Michael Murphy's partner, Jim Hickman says, "There
is NASA, but NASA isn't supposed to be with the military." The
Nine says, "Wilmington ... Byrom, Little Hampshire [piece of
transcript missing], The Mars Project, 1944, 1945, 1948." Roger
Macdonald asks, "What Agency or department of the United States
is the Mars Project?" The Nine, "NSS." Saul Paul says, "It could
be some Navy thing." The Nine, "You called it National Security
Service. They called it just the SS." Saul Paul says, "Secret
Service?" Jim Hickman says, "I can believe that." Hickman asks,
"You talked about Project Henry ..." The Nine, "All CIA
involved." Hickman, "All?" The Nine, "Yes." Later on in
transcript Hickman says, "... Solvitschg'otsk, which is north
east of Moscow, where a great deal of secret military research
is being done. The Nine, "This facility is highly armed and
Soviet's most important work goes on there. Room B12." Jenny,
like Barbarella, takes over her own mind and says, "Can I ask
you about ... and hooking up with the brainwave machine?"

[61] Member of Institute U.S. & Canada (IUSC) and First
Secretary, Soviet Embassy, Washington.

[62] Chairman, Ideology & Politics, IUSC.

[63] Chairman, Internal Politics, IUSC.

[64] Vice-Chairman, State Committee TV & Radio, USSR Council  of



[67] Oddly enough, a novel called _Speed of Light_ was published
in Berkeley in the late 70's by a woman. The plot was similar to
the Brewer story and it involved a character resembling Werner

[68] Chipman started funding my work in 1985. He said he had
secretly funded part of the SRI work in remote viewing. He also
introduced me to V. He was involved with a Texas Company TLC and
a man named Joe Peeple's who was indicted for selling arms to
Iran in the mid-80's.

Copyright (c) Jack Sarfatti, 1992, 1995

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