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"Designed by Motorola, FLEX is the highest speed paging protocol available today.
It's quickly become the worldwide paging technology, and has set a new standard for the future of paging.
FLEX defies technological barriers created by other paging protocols (ie. POCSAG, GOLAY)."

The FLEX Technology: Paging Protocol page, is designed as a resource for everyone
in the telecommunications industry and "underground" scene to learn more about the
less known paging protocol. Over the years the POCSAG protocol has become an
interest to many hackers and phreakers which started it off by the infamous hacker
Erik Bloodaxe who wrote the extraordinary guide to the POCSAG protocol titled
'The Wonderful World of Pagers' (in Phrack 46-08).

Now there's a new breed of techno-junkies who thrive on knowledge. We know that
project POCSAG is finished. It's been done. But what about FLEX Technology?

This protocol has taken over where other pager protocols left off.
We see that over the past eight years FLEX has grown at an
astronomical rate and very few people appear to be exploring it.

That's about to change...

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Companies who utilize FLEX Technology

Bell Mobility
Cantel (now Rogers Wireless)
TELUS Mobility

T H E  F L E [X]  F I L E S

A variety of miscellaneous files pertaining to FLEX Technology.
My hopes are that this sub-section will one day be the largest
resource for information for the FLEX Technology paging protocol.

When you scan and you come across a one-tone signal, followed by
bursts of data, listen to this FLEX frequency and compare. (27KB/WAV)

Research Documentation
  • An Intro to Paging Networks and POCSAG/FLEX interception
  • FLEX Technology Paging Frequencies
  • FLEX M1010 Transmitter Specifications

    Tips & Tricks
  • Motorola Pager Codes; To Know. Now.
  • WinFLEX - FLEX Technology pager decoding software. (98KB/ZIP)


  • Perfunctory Page on Paging. produced by Tom Farley
  • The Interfaces for Digital Signals Monitoring (excellent resource!)
  • Spectrum Analyzers: Projects

    News: Past & Present -NEWS- about FLEX Technology

  • Motorola, Ti in race with FLEX Decoders - September 7, 1999
  • Motorola aims FLEX at portable comm systems - August 17, 1999

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