The future of secure anti-emanation computer environments is here.

-=Project History=-

The Anti-TEMPEST Project was originally started at by The Clone and his crew. The Project looked like it would be a big success, but it quickly died down due to hardware problems and the team rarely assembled to work on the project. In mid to late 2004, The Clone decided that the project just was not going forward and decided to get rid of the Anti-TEMPEST machine. In January 2005, The Clone gave the anti-TEMPEST machine to Cybur Netiks, who is continuing the project right here at hackdaplanet. The project was more recently bumped up from “Anti-TEMPEST Computer Project” to “Anti-TEMPEST Network Project”. This is due to the fact that the original TEMPEST machine doesn't have enough resources to handle the workload by itself, so a second computer will be shielded and linked to it to share the workload. Welcome to the future of secure anti-emanation environments!


March 27, 2005: some (older) pics of the tempest 2 case being built are in the pics section! (note: i am much farther than what is shown here, the finished product will be a surprise!)

March 23, 2005: I began construction on the tempest 2 machine's case about a week ago. It is made of wood and covered with a tin foil undercoat (to help catch leaks) and a aluminum outer casing, it is about half done. Pics soon!

March 12, 2005: Cygnus donated 256 mb ram to the project, thank you cyg!

February 26: 2005: The Anti-TEMPEST Computer project is now the Anti-TEMPEST Network Project! WoRd!

February 23, 2005: finally got some pics of the 'finished' (still a lot to do) machine (in the pictures section)

February 21, 2005: Due to some confusion, I moved the updates to the index page.

February 18, 2005: 2 updates: Some more pre-project pictures of the case are in the picture gallery! And a very large leap in progress for the Anti-TEMPEST project, i got my hands on a pentium 166 motherboard, 64 mb of RAM, 2 gigs hdd, and I have it all set up in the TEMPEST case! (very awkward setup, case wasn't meant for traditional hardware. used a lot of tape and styrofoam to hold things in place, pictures soon!)

January 31, 2005: The first Pics of the TEMPEST are in the picture gallery! (sorry there aren't that many, my battery started to go on me while i was taking these)

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