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"Keep pr0j3kt m4yh3m alive!"
- gayh1tler

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"Back to da beat, droppin more heat than 9/11
Put ya bitchez in a casket in a stairway to heaven
We ain't the kids that backdoored u with sub7
It's da whitehat holocaust, please step into my oven!
It's P H to the C, takin this shit to another level
Sniffing your pass, deep in your ass - as malevolent as devil
Fuck your academic gibberish to the bone and back
Your mouth is loud but your action is wack
Ya dun kno how to hack so take two steps back
I'ma rip your face off: 0day or a baseball bat!
Fuck Lance, fuck Theo, fuck iDefense
Fuck Bugtraq Security and that whole lameness
Fuck CISSP, yah, that's you Richard Johnson
I'ma come to CCC and rip your face off, son!
SNORT can't help u, i'm as stealth as Krahmer
You and your IDS look like Dumb and Dumber
We're on an owning spree, "PHC IS A MON-STER!"
Rm'ing them whitehats, wez not but disaster!"

-by anonymous

Breaking News

23/11/2005 -- "Return of the PHC" aka "You've got no excuse now!"

24/11/2005 -- "... Star 'Hack'ademy Hackers are exposed"

26/11/2005 -- "PHC proudly presents John D. Nunes mailspool (mission #2 accomplished)"

27/03/2006 -- "The 'Hack'ademy 2nd round"

25/11/2005 -- "22C3: Private Investigations"

25/11/2005 -- "Targeting John D. Nunes"

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