Contacting Kevin

Kevin L. Poulsen

Apologies. At present, Kevin cannot be contacted via snailmail.

For all general inquiries, comments and feedback,
please email rOTTEN below.

For legal inquiries, contact Kevin's attorney, Jennifer Granick.

Kevin's Attorney, Jennifer Granick

While Kevin does NOT have access to a computer, it IS possible to contact him through the talented underworld artist, rOTTEN.

HEY, READ THIS! rOTTEN is NOT Kevin Poulsen, and vice versa. rOTTEN is an ARTIST, not a hacker. If you need hacking, phreaking, cracking advice, try ALT.2600. Neither rOTTEN nor Jennifer Granick provide tutorials on the above topics, or serial numbers for bootleg software. Learning to use a search engine properly is the first step to a world of information. Any person requesting hacking advice/tips will be verbally abused and laughed at.