Attack of the Robotic Poets May 6th, 1999
Malicious spam threatens to destroy the Internet's original killer app. Is it time to call in the Feds?

Chaos Theory

Backlash April 28th, 1999
Geek kids are now being targeted as time bombs.

Relief, anger greet Mitnick plea March 29th, 1999
The hacker's captor hopes there's no sequel -- but the 'Free Kevin' band vows to fight on.

exile.com January, 1999
Five years behind bars for hacking wasn't punishment enough. Meet the Amazing Modemless Man.

Wired 7.01

Let's See Some ID May, 1999
Intel's Pentium III, with its embedded security ID, opens the door to greater security or to invasion of privacy, depending on your view

Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper Beyond Ethical Hacking

Wired 6.08 The Y2K Solution: Run For Your Life!!

Hacker at Work: home decorating


Unsolved Mysteries

Letter to the Judge

The Watchman

The Littman


Condor Brief


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