r00t 0wnz 3w3

Las Vegas
Imagine you are a r00t hacker; you are hungry and you are in town for a convention. So you round up the r00t-sters and you head over to Ruth's Chris Steak House for an evening of the old munchies.

There are sixteen of you and the prices on the menu are pretty steep. You see that a New York Strip is $28.95 and baked patato is sold seperately for $4.75. You don't sweat the prices because, well, you are r00t. So you order your grub, along with $200 worth of appetizers.

During the course of dinner you talk about hacking name servers at the Internic, body augmentation, and riding on the big arch/swing ride in Las Vegas at $25.00 per head.

Eventually, the bill comes and Cantor reads off the total. It is $871.73 plus a mandatory 20% tip which brings the bill just over $1000 -- Ouch.

But hey, it is no big deal. Everyone throws in the money they spent and you come up more than four hundred dollars short. So the hat is passed around the table again and this time the party is only $200 short. The difference is, now, r00ties are starting to claim they have run out of money.

To this, we had to laugh. Here are some pictures from that evening...

Hi. My name is Nirva. These are my implants.