Soviet Radars

NATO Code Name		Description

Ground Radars

BACK NET		S-band Ground-Controlled Intercept (GCI)/search radar

BAR LOCK		2.695/3.125 GHz GCI/search radar

BIG BAR			S-band BAR LOCK derivative

BIG MESH		S-band BAR LOCK derivative

CAKE series		2 GHz height-finding radars

DOG HOUSE		100 MHz Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) radar

FAN SONG series		Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) command radar
			FAN SONG A - 2.965/3.050 GHz
			FAN SONG E - 4.910/5.090 GHz

FIRE CAN		2.7/2.9 GHz Anti-Aircraft (AA) radar


FLAP WHEEL		I/J-band AA radar.  Similar to GUN DISH

FLAT FACE		810/950 MHz acquisition radar
			Used in conjunction with LOW BLOW.

GAGE			3 GHz acquisition radar.  Used with SA-1 SAM.

GECKO			SA-8 SAM system incorporating G/H-band
			surveillance radar and J-band tracking radar.

GUN DISH		J-band AA radar.  Used on ZSU-23 vehicle

HEN EGG			E-band early-warning radar

HEN ROOST		500 MHz early-warning radar

HEN NEST		800 MHz early-warning radar

HEN HOUSE		150 MHz AMB radar

KNIFE REST A		70/73 MHz early-warning radar

KNIFE REST B/C		83/93 MHz early-warning radar

LONG TRACK		I-band surveillance radar.  Used with SA-4 SAM.

PAT HAND		6/8 GHz surveillance radar.  Used with SA-4 SAM.

SCORE BOARD		IFF interrogator

SPOON REST		147/161 MHz early-warning radar.  Used in conjunction
			the FAN SONG radar.

SQUINT EYE		UHF-band acquisition radar.  Used with SA-3 SAM.

STRAIGHT FLUSH		5/10 GHz guidance radar.  Used with SA-6 SAM.

TOKEN			S-band GCI/early-warning radar

WHIFF			E-band AA radar

YOYO			3 GHz control radar.  Used with SA-1 SAM.

Naval Radars

BAND STAND		Search radar.
			Used on Nanuchka class.

BIG NET			D/E-band air surveillance radar.
			Used on Kresta I/Kashin classes.

BOAT SAIL		D/E-band search/surveillance radar.
			Used on Whisky/Canvas Bag picket submarines.

CYLINDER HEAD		Gun-director radar.

DON			I-band navigation radar.

DRUM TILT		I-band AA radar.
			Used on Osa/Shershen/Stenka classes.

EGG CUP			Splash-spotting radar.

EGG BOWL		Missile guidance radar.
			Used on Krivak class.

FAN SONG E		4.910/5.090 GHz missile guidance radar.
			Used with SA-N-2 SAM.

FLAT SPIN		E/F-band air surveillance radar.

HAIR NET		Search/surveillance radar.
			Used on Kirov/Tallin/Kotlin classes

HALF BLOW		I-band torpedo guidance radar.
			For use with surface ships.

HAWK SCREECH		I-band fire-control radar.

HEAD LIGHT		G/H-band missile radar.
			Used with SA-N-3 SAM and fitted to
			Moskva/Kresta II classes.

HEAD NET series		E/F-band air surveillance radars.
			HEAD NET C used on Kresta/Moskva/Leningrad

HIGH LUNE		2 GHz height-finding radar.

HIGH SIEVE		Surface search radar.

HORN SPOON		Navigation radar.

LOW SIEVE		Surface search radar.

LONG BOW		I-band target designation radar.

MUFF COBB		I-band fire-control radar.

NEPTUNE			Navigation radar.

OWL SCREECH		I-band fire-control radar.

PEEL GROUP		I-band missile control system using 4 radars.

PLINTH NET		Search radars.

POP GROUP		H/I/J-band fire-control radars.
			Used with SA-N-4 SAM.

POST LAMP		I-band target designation radar.

POT DRUM		I-band surface search radar.

POT HEAD		I-band surface search radar.

SCOOP PAIR		E-band radar.
			Used with SS-N-3 missile.

SEA GULL		UHF air surveillance/search radar.

SIDE GLOBE		Electronic Warfare system associated with
			TOP SAIL radar.

SKIN HEAD		I-band target designation radar.
			Used on MTB.

SLIM NET		E-band surveillance radar.

SNOOP GROUP		Submarine surveillance radars.

SQUARE TIE		I-band search radar.
			Used with SS-N-2A/-11 missiles and fitted
			to Osa I/II classes.

STOP LIGHT		ELINT system associated with BOAT SAIL

STRUT CURVE		S-band air/surface search radar.

SUN VISOR		H/I-band fire-control radar.
			Used on Krupny/Kotlin/Tallin/Sverdlov classes.

TOP BOW			Target-acquisition radar.

TOP SAIL		1/2 GHz air surveillance radar.
			Used on Moskva/Leningrad classes.

TOP TROUGH		Fire-control radar.

WASP HEAD		H-band fire-control radar.

Airborne Radars

BIG BULGE		I/J-band radar fitted to Tu-95.

BIG NOSE		I/J-band Airborne Intercept (AI) radar fitted to Tu-28.

BEE HIND		J-band tail-warning radar fitted to Tu-22/Mya-4/II-28.

FAN TAIL		Tail-warning radar fitted to Backfire.

HIGH FIX		I-band AI/ranging radar fitted to Fitter A and C.

JAY BIRD		12.88/13.2 GHz AI radar fitted to MiG-25.

JAB BIRD B		Fitted to MiG-23 Flogger B.

LOOK TWO		I-band bombing/navigation radar.

MUSHROOM		I-band helicopter radar.

PUFF BALL		I-band search radar fitted to Tu-16.

SCAN FIX		E-band AI radar fitted to MiG-17 and MiG-19.

SHORT HORN		14/15 GHz bombing/navigation radar.

SCAN ODD		I-band AI radar fitted to MiG-19 Farmer B.

SCAN THREE		I-band AI radar fitted to Yak-25.

SIRENA series		Radar-warning system.
			At least 4 models.

SKIP SPIN		I-band AI radar fitted to Su-11 and Yak-28.

SPIN SCAN		I-band radar fitted to MiG-21 Fishbed D and F,
			and Su-9 Fishpot B.