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We have been reliably informed by people who
were directly involved that a US submarine
operated near our ship on June 8, 1967, at
about the time of the attack. This may have
been USS Amberjack as reported to us by
several Amberjack crewmen but denied by
others. It could also have been any of
several other US submarines that were
operating in the area.

A declassified Top Secret "Memorandum for
the Record" from the sensitive "303 Committee"
reveals that the United States authorized a
US Submarine to conduct a clandestine
operation code named "Frontlet 615" to be
conducted at about the time of the attack on
our ship. This operation is described in a
handwritten note on the released document as
involving a US submarine within UAR
(Egyptian) territorial waters.

The "303 Committee" was a small group within
the National Security Council whose
responsibility was to seek approval from
appropriate authorities of sensitive
intelligence operations.

Individuals who worked with some submarine
operations in 1967 have told us that one
submarine that was near the Liberty at the
time of the attack operated under a code
name "Project Cyanide".

FOIA requests for information about "Project
Cyanide," "Frontlet 615," or even about the
mysterious "303 Committee" itself have all
been fruitless except for the release by
the LBJ Library of the single memo from
the "303 committee" which specifically
authorized "Frontlet 615".

We believe that somewhere US government
files, probably files related to these
intelligence operations, reveal long
withheld records that could support our
recollections of the timing, duration
and circumstances of the attack.

We believe that some of those files may
contain periscope photography, sound
recording, or other material recorded
during the attack.

If you were involved with or have any
information about "Frontlet 615" or
"Project Cyanide" or if you know where we
might find such information, please
email Mr. Schmucker at richncva@juno.com,
or call him collect at 402 242-2161.

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Created by Jim Ennes and Joe Meadors
USS Liberty