YIG Oscillator and Filter Notes


Random collection of notes, schematics, datasheets, and pictures for YIG-based oscillators, multipliers, filters, etc.

Notes & Resources

  1. Standard Oscillator, Filter and Multiplier Driver Adjustment Procedure  Micro Lambda Wireless, Document No. 201.202  (428k PDF)
  2. YIG Drivers - Application Note  Micro Lambda Wireless  (415k PDF)
  3. YIG-Tuned Oscillators - Definitions  Micro Lambda Wireless  (110k PDF)
  4. Drive Circuit for YIG-Tuned Devices  U.S. Patent 4,581,594  (62k PDF)
  5. YIG Filters  Philips tech. Rev. 32  (1971)  (2.7M PDF)
  6. YIG Oscillator  A really cool homemade YIG oscillator project by Donald Benson & Ali Tatari, San Jose State University Fall 2009, EE 172  (3.4M PDF)
  7. Teledyne YIG Filters & Oscillators  (1.9M PDF)
  8. A Systematic Way to YIG Filter Design  (311k PDF)
  9. YIG Filters and Envelope Limiters  (1.5M PDF)
  10. HP 5086-7314 YIG Oscillator Datasheet  (62k PDF)
  11. Phase-Locked Sources for LMDS and MVDS Applications  Microwave Journal, April 1997  (33k PDF)
  12. A Simple Approach to YIG Oscillators  by Bernd Kaa, DG4RBF.  VHF Communications, 4/2004  (1.7M PDF)
  13. Designing_YIG_Drivers  by A. S. Nagarajan & R. Prema.  Def. Sci. J, Vol. 32, No. 3, July 1982  (784k PDF)
  14. Avantek Octave-Band YIG-Tuned Oscillators - Datasheet  (202k PDF)
  15. Dual-Loop YIG Control Schematic  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  (PDF)
  16. Teledyne Microwave YIG Oscillator Product Catalog  (822k PDF)
  17. EIP Comb Generator - Tuning Curve
  18. YIG-Tuned Bulk GaAs Oscillators  Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes, Vol. 1, No. 5, September/October 1974  (3.3M PDF)
  19. Six-Stage YIG Filters  Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes, Vol. 15, No. 5, September/October 1988  (4.5M PDF)
  20. Wideband YIG-Tuned Oscillators  Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes, Vol. 13, No. 5, September/October 1986  (4.2M PDF)
  21. Watkins-Johnson WJ-5224-3 YIG Filter Operating Instructions  (903k PDF)
  22. YIG Driver #526b  by Dick Plambeck.  Circuit designed by Doug Thornton, 1986.  (354k PDF)
  23. An Introduction to YIG-Tuned Oscillators  by Dave Castetter  (73k PDF)
  24. OMNIYIG YIG Harmonic Multipliers & Comb Generators - Applications Notes  (1.8M PDF)
  25. Varian VSL9061AE YIG Warmup - With No Heat Sink  (With Heatsink)
  26. Watkins-Johnson WJ-6708-7DF YIG Oscillator Information
  27. Watkins-Johnson Launches New YIG Oscillators
  28. Watkins-Johnson WJ-6713-1 Tuning Curve
  29. Notes on Stellex YIG Synthesizer Performance and Control  by KE5FX
  30. 10 GHz... Almost There!  Stellex control using the LPC11U14 MCU for the NXP LPCXpresso toolchain, by Dave Donley (KK6UQN)
  31. How Does a YIG Tuned Oscillator Work?  In this video, Kerry Wong explains the operation principle of a YIG tuned oscillator and demonstrated the tuning of an HP 5086-7023 YIG oscillator (2.7-4.2 GHz).
  32. Connecting the HP 5086-7023 YTO  by Joseph Haas (KE0FF)  (314k PDF)
  33. Design of a YIG-Tuned Oscillator  by Tien Liang Jin  (4.5M PDF)
  34. Power Op-amps Rock - Driving a YIG Oscillator  With a L272 dual op-amp which can source or sink 1A continuously.
  35. YIG & YANG  Yet ANother yiG Drivr, by Dimitri Stolnikov, OsmoDevCall #5  (3.8M PDF)

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