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You must read this whole section and agree with it's disclaimer for your license to view this disc to be valid. If you do not agree with this disclaimer please contact Group 42 to exchange your disc for a full refund.

General Disclaimer

This Disc contains information and descriptions of acts that could be Dangerious, Illegal or both; if implemented. For Informational Purposes Only. DO NOT attempt to use any material found on this disc unless you are certain it is both legal and safe. Group 42 and their agents assume NO liability for any dameages which may result from the use or misuse of any information contained on this disc. Furthermore, Group 42 reitterates that we do not in any way advocate the implementation of the information containded on this disc and such will not be held responsible for any use or misuse of the information contained on this disc.

This disc, is Copyright (c)1984-1996 by Group 42. No part of this information archive can be reproduced, copied, offered on an online or information server device. Each CD-ROM disc carries a licence to be used on one machine by one person at a time. The above can conditions can be altered on a case by case bases only with written permission from Group 42.

Certain programs on this CD-ROM Disc can potentially damage your equipment, cause loss of data, and interfear with the correct operation of other software. Group 42 will not be held responsible for damages incurred through the use of this disc, or any programs, information or data contained on this disc.

All efforts have been made to insure that this disc is 100% Virus Free. No Known Executable Viruses (this disc contains virus source code only) are on this disc. Similarly we have tried to insure that No Known Commercial Software is present.

Strong Cryptography Warning

This Disc is not for export outside the U.S. or Canada. It contains strong cryptographic software that is illegal to export.

18 or Over only

This Disc contains material suitable only for an adult. Not for sale in any way, shape, or form to those that are under 18.

Shareware Notice

Some of the programs included on the discs are shareware programs. This means that if you use the programs for any length of time and find them useful, you should register them. The registration usually includes a nominal fee to the author of the program. Shareware is copyrighted software that is distributed at minimal cost. It offers "try before you buy" concept based on a "user honor system." If you try a program from this CD-ROM Disc and you decide to continue using it, the shareware author asks that you send him or her a nominal fee. Shareware fees are substantially lower than prices you normally pay for software, some fees are as low as $5. Payment is made by you directly to the author listed with each program. By paying and registering with the author, you will get updated versions of the programs, manuals, technical support, etc. Because of the value offered by these shareware authors to all of us, we fully support and encourage users to register directly with the program's respective that they will create new, exciting and affordable shareware programs in the future. Public Domain is software where the author has given up all intellectual property rights and his or her right to control the use of the product. You do not have to pay a registration fee to use this software.

In a world that is uncertain.

from the movie strange days

Copyright © 1984-1996, Group 42