Overview of the GBPD's "Nuisance Abatement" Vehicle


ZOG's latest surveillance toy comes to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Instead of actually doing their jobs, corrupt police)are now parking this monstrosity around various parts of the city in order to keep a "video eye" on things.

You can imagine how this going to work out...

General overview.

They call it a "Nuisance Abatement" vehicle or the "Armadillo."

It's an old SWAT-type vehicle (Bearcat, I think - Peacekeeper) with four cameras mounted on top, presumably connected to some type of digital video recorder and probably a large battery source.

Passenger-side overview.

The four video cameras are mounted on top of the vehicle in aluminum housings with a clear polycarbonate cover.

Each camera faces a different direction: front, rear, passenger-side, and driver-side.

There is P.A. speaker and a winch mounted on the front bumper.

There are also a couple of rotatable spotlights mounted on top of the vehicle... and even a turret!

There is also a short piece of exposed (orange) AC power cord.  I thought this was just a standard block heater connection, but it may be a source of external 120 VAC power from an inverter.

If it is, connecting a resistive load - like a space heater - to this power source will help to drain the internal batteries...

Driver-side overview.

Might have to tack weld the door hinges just to piss them off...

Rear overview.

Call 920-432-STOP (920-432-7867) and ask them why employees within the Green Bay Packers' organization are creating LLCs (to hide behind) which they are then using to buy up property surrounding Lambeau Field.

These employees then sell that same property (through their LLC) back to the Green Bay Packers' organization at much higher prices!

Let them know this source of insider real estate trading is illegal, especially when they are begging the taxpayers to fund their little stadium projects...

Don't expect to get an answer!

Rear-underside view showing the armored fuel tank.

Oh, the joys of union mechanics...

All the rust means you'll need to increase your voltage if you plan on disabling the vehicle using direct high-voltage pulses.

Closeup view of the stock viewports, which appear to be faded over.

I don't believe they are used for any video cameras.

Overview of the top-mounted gun turret.

This is where you'd want to place the thermite...

Unless they mount a gun on top which shoots out one-way tickets back to Africa, all this nonsense will just result in a never-ending cycle where we will all lose our freedom.

Driver-side interior view.

You can probably start the interior on fire using a large parabolic mirror.

It may even be possible to remove the windshield by fiddling with those exposed bolts...

Overview of the top-mounted antenna.

Appears to operate in the UHF/800 MHz band.  Yes, the coax is exposed!

Passenger-side camera is to the left and a spotlight is in the rear.

Under the front passenger-side showing the exposed wires behind the P.A. speaker.

Might be fun to hook a scanner up to the speaker and broadcast police radio traffic.

Overview of one of the cameras.

All the cameras appeared to be the same.  They are nothing special, and the taxpayers paid WAY too much for them.

The GBPD claim it contains "$8,000 worth of video and audio surveillance," but anyone with an I.Q. greater than a cop could have installed much higher quality hardware for just a few hundred dollars.

The cameras are surrounded by infrared LEDs for active illumination at night.

The camera housings have their mounting bolts exposed, should you wish to further explore the camera's wiring...

You can identify the active cameras by viewing their infrared illumination LEDs.

Do this by using a video or still camera with its internal infrared blocking filter removed.

You can also use the 1059 Preamplifier and 1059IR Detection Probe to "listen" for the noise attenuation caused by the active infrared LEDs.

Now, the part you wanted to see... how to disable the cameras!

Use a small piece of black cardboard to cover the camera's view and hold it in place using the magnet from an old microwave oven magnetron.

That's it!

The white label says "Tyranny Protector."

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