Brown County Police Reconnaissance
    "Shut the f*ck up or I'll TASE you!"    

Any of these units coming to the aid of any Green Bay Police Officers should be considered a threat to both yourself and the security of a free state, and should be terminated immediately on contact.

Village of Ashwaubenon Public Safety

Unk. Elch			Ofc / A689 (1999)
Unk. Zynda			Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995 #8709
Unk. Steel.			Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995 #8771
Unk. Brock			Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995 #8752
Unk. Cuturia		Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995 #8768
Unk. Pansier		Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995 #8741
Unk. Fassbender		Ofc.
Unk. Gardner		Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995: 8757
S. Pelch			A689 (1999)
Don Riha			S695 / A695 (1999)
Victor Vue	Ofc. / 
Steven Cox			Ofc. / 631
Brady Hutchison 	Lt. / 1E722 / BC SWAT?
Robert Messer		Ofc.	I699	Investigator / 920-492-2995
Kyle Kubacki			1W733
Brian Amenson		Lt. / Captain of Investigations
Jeff Lade
Michael Haines		Lt.	688	DTF / Julie C. Phillips lawsuit / Kicked Jeremy Kellow in face / Rel. to BCJ CO Brian W. Haines?
Thomas Rolling		Cmdr. / A683 (1999)
Zach Jakel		Investigator 
Unk. Maas		CST
Aaron Dufek		Ofc. / Investigator / HQ: 920-593-4474 / LinkedIn
Unk. Wright		Ofc.
Unk. Wudtke     
Unk. Teske      
Unk. Roberts   Ofc.
Seth Cottrell   
Jeff Everetts	Ofc. / HQ: 920-492-2995 #8726
Melanie Lovato	Investigator
T. Rottier	Lt.		A694 (1999)
Don F. Penza			663
Jody T. Crocker		Lt.		male
Unk. Brown			719
Jackie Dunlap	
Angie Cali		Investigator
Kevin Buckley		Ofc.
Kris VerVaeren		Cmdr.
Unk. Demerath?
Alex Baez			Former GBPD?

De Pere Police Department

Ofc. M. Smith
Officer Anthony Lane
Det. Sgt. Hanson / 920-339-4080 #1279
Officer Aaron Alberts
920 339-4084 ext. 1208 for Detective Sgt. Steve Yedica,
Ofc. Giese / K-9 "Kurt"
Ofc. Jedd Bradley / / LinkedIn
Ofc. Grant Walsh
Ofc. A. Zietlow
Ofc. Ryan McShane 
Ofc. Jirhod Brennan
Taylor Pasterski
Ofc. L. Townsend / 920-339-4080 #1275
Ofc. Jennifer Renon / fem
Ofc. Macrander
Sgt. Walter Pappas / Pic
Ofc. Tyler Dawson / K-9 Handler / ("Tony")
Ofc. B. Price
Ofc. Nowak / 920-339-4080 #1380
Ofc. Kyle Phillips / 920-339-4080 #1382
officer Feng Moua
Sgt. Mike VandenBush
Sgt. Chad Watterud
Ofc. Christian Macrander 
Ofc. Kevin Witkowski
D. Younkle				D423 (1999)
Jeremy Schnurer			Sgt.
Unk. Holcomb			Ofc.
Aaron Hanson 			Det. Sgt.
Todd Kerkela			Sgt.
Matt Guth				Det. Sgt.
Joe Beiderwieden		Chief
Derek Beiderwieden		??
Corey Rodewald			Ofc. / Brown County SWAT
Matthew Guth			Det. Sgt.
Jacob Eberhardt         	Ofc.
Aaron Hanson            	Ofc.
Jacob Nowak             	Sgt.
Tyler Dawson            	Ofc.
Alicia Bagley           	Ofc. / fem
Anthony Phelps			Ofc. / D471 (1999)
Jedd Bradley			Ofc.
Thomas Schrank  		Det. Sgt.
Ken Stephenson  		Sgt.
Kelvin Zahurones	 	ret. / #453 / Zahurones,Kelvin,J,,(920)983-1019,,1043 COUNTRYSIDE DR,DE PERE WI 54115-1834
Unk. Winter				Jerk / Identity theft, didn't care (Jeff Noe) / Father of Jenny Conley, wife of GBPD Thomas Conley?
Unk. Ziegle?			Lt.
Steven Yedica			Det. Sgt. / 920-339-4084 ext. #1208
Nathan Mrstik                   Ofc.
Ryan Glime                      Sgt.
Benjamin Giese                  Ofc. / K-9
John Koser			Capt.
Unk. Phillips			Ofc. / 920-339-4080 ext. #1382

Oneida Tribal Police Department

Approx. 20 officers - deputized by Brown County Sheriff.

Currently, the Oneida Police Department consists of a Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, Lieutenant, three Sergeants, one Detective Sergeant, 12 Patrol Officers consisting of a Community Resource Officer, a School Liaison and D.A.R.E. Officer, five Dispatchers-including a Dispatch Supervisor, one Office Manager and one Administrative Assistant.

Eric Boulanger, Chief of Police /
Rich VanBoxtel                  Chief
Latsiklanunha Hill      	Ofc.
Nathan Ness             	Ofc.
Cletus Ninham           	Ofc.
Dylan Wheelock           		#839  / Falsified police report on June 24, 2015 (Jeff Noe)
Leonard Webster				#834
Dakota Oskey			Ofc.
Unk. Smith

Pulaski Police Department

Kyle Betzner    		Ofc.
Mark Hendzel    		Chief
Paul Grunert        		Ofc.

Village of Wrightstown Police Department

Ray Reimann		        Chief
Heather Martin           	Investigator

Hobart-Lawrence Police Department

HDPD Pictures

HLPD Autographs

Randy Bani				Chief (ret.) / #500 /
Michael Renkas			Chief / #517
Matthew Michael Prokash			Ofc. / DTF / 920-606-6191 / / XKEYSCORE: 8605 Franks Ln., Pulaski, WI 54162-9635
Randy Radloff       	Sgt. / #505
Dan Van Lanen         	Lt. / #501 / Investigator
George Peterson			Ofc. / #512
Jeff Kola           	Ofc. / #504
Jon Radke          		Ofc. / #510 / Facebook
Christopher Tremel      Sgt. / #506 / K-9 "Bax" / Award + Wife
Samuel Schroeder        Ofc. / #508 / "Sam" / Shot Himself / Related to GBPD Ofc. Kyle J. Schroeder?)
Zachary Cambray				Ofc. / #516 / "Zack"
Ian Schiefelbein	Ofc. / #514 / BearCat Operator / SWAT / Drone Operator
Unk. Olson
Mark Stary			Ofc. / #518
Sarah Manning	Ofc. / #513 / fem
Angel Van Noie	Ofc. / #502 / Training Coordinator / School Resource Officer / fem
Casey Breitzman		Ofc. / #515


Bob Heimann		IT Director - Brown County
Kevin Raye		Network Manager - Brown County
Beth Rodgers		Project Manager for Public Safety Systems - Brown County
Paul Berndt		Information Technology - Brown County
Jim Nickel		Director - Brown County Public Safety Communications
Dave Panure		Shift Supervisor - Brown County Public Safety Communications
Kurt Wiese		IT Technician - City of Green Bay IS Dept.
Steve Meadowcroft	IT Technician - City of Green Bay Police Dept.
Roger Snyder, Sr. 	Systems Technician - BayCom
Roy Helms, Sr. 		Systems Technician - BayCom
Jeff Roemer		Fire Chief - Town of Suamico Fire Dept.
Jeff Stauber		Fire Chief - Green Bay City Fire Dept.
Randy Christopherson    Chief of Police - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Tom Madigan	        CEO/Director - County Rescue and Eagle III Headquarters
Steve Gerbers		Gold Cross Ambulance Service, Inc.

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