Brown County Jail Reconnaissance
    "You need to contact someone, I don't know who."    

"I didn't sign up for this shit."

    --- Comment from a Brown County Jail CO who quit after the Jeff Tarkowski Alpha Pod suicide jump on March 9, 2017.

"I'm surprised the CO didn't tell them to drink some water and go lay on their bunk like I saw several times."

    --- Comment from Joe Farmer



Brown County Jail Correctional Officers

Name                    Badge # / Rank       Notes

Akerboom, C. A. 2311 / CO
Alvarez, S. 2331 / CO
Anderson, Misty / Cpl. fem / Ex-stripper?
Anderson, S. / CO
Baciak, T. / CO
Baker, B. C. 2007 / CO male / Security
Baker, J. / CO fem
Barker, Donald / CO
Barkley, Kerri / CO fem
Bea, Unk. / RN Nurse
Berendsen, Unk. / CO
Bergh, Zachary N. 2152 / Cpl.
Boerboom, N. / Cpl.
Bolton, Unk. / ??
Bowden, Edward M. 2077 / CO
Bridgebay, Unk. / ??
Brisbane, Scott P. / Lt. Assistant Jail Administrator Lt. Scott Brisbane began his career with the Brown County Sheriff's Office and Jail Division in 1998. A graduate of Ferris State University, Lt. Brisbane has his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. During his time with Brown County, he has been a Field Training Officer, member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Tactical Training Unit. In 2017 Lt. Brisbane was promoted to Security Lieutenant and in 2020 to Assistant Jail Administrator. He is a Certified Public Manager and class six graduate of the University of Wisconsin Command College. 143 Gwynn St. Green Bay, WI 54301-1005
Brock, C. 2260 / CO
Callaway, D. 2315 / CO
Campbell, Robert / CO
Carter, M. / CO fem
Catalano, Unk. / CO Court House
Charney, Beau /
Cieslewicz, N. /
Crowe, R. /
Dart, Kasey 2221 / CO fem / Rel. to Steve Dart?, 660 Jossart Rd, Luxemburg, WI 54217 (920-609-8323)
Davies, Matthew 2096 / CO Echo Pod
Delorit, Wade R. 2307 / CO Security
Dequaine, Nicholas J. 2162 / Cpl. Rel. to Cary Dequaine?, 5382 Bucktrail Dr., New Franken, WI 54229 (920-866-9084)
DeWinter, Gary C./L. / CO
Dimmer, Dustin 2180 / Cpl.
Donarski, Paul / Cpl.
Eggner, S. / CO fem
Eisch, Kyle 2336 / CO Master Control
Eitenmiller, J. R. 2328 / CO
Engles, Greg L. 2034 / Cpl. 1758 Ontario Rd., Green Bay, WI
Escalante, Silva / CO
Faith, Unk. / CO Juliet pod
Falk, Stephanie A. 2237?/ CO fem
Foss, Getty T. 2329 / CO/Cpl.?
Fox, N. 2243 / CO Looks up inmate's charges for others, potentially putting that inmate at risk. Plays on Facebook. / Grievance #: 2016-010073
Francis, Jared / CO
Free, Jason C. 2306 / CO
Frost, Eric W. 202 / Lt.
Fruzen, Unk. / CO
Fumelle, Nicole Lynn 2155 / Cpl. fem / Related to Scott Fumelle Nicole Lynn & Scott William 993 Stockbury Ct. Green Bay, WI 54313-7789 920-680-3953 [Nicole] 920-655-7877 [Scott]
Fumelle, Scott William 2071 / CO Related to Nicole L. Fumelle
Gardebrecht, A. 2089 / CO
Gerondale, F. D. / CO
Gospodarek, Unk. / CO
Goss, Matthew 2268 / CO Master Control
Haines, Brian/Bryce W. 2303 / CO Intake (Lima)
Halasi, Michael C. 162 / Lt. 1359 View Ln. Green Bay, WI 54313-5627
Hallet, Brooke. 2265 / CO fem / Brooklyn?
Hambly, Nichole Danielle 2266 / Cpl. fem / Nikki 610 Johnson St. Pulaski, WI 54162-8823
Heimann, R. J. / CO
Helebrant, Scott / CO Court House
Higgins, Ian / CO
Hiller, Unk. / ??
Jadin, John M. / Capt. Jail Admin (ret.)
Jensen, D. / HSU HSU Head
Johnson, D. / CO
Johnson, J. / CO
Johnson, N. / CO
Jolly, Kristy F. 2145 / Lt. fem
Jones, J. / Cpl.
Jorgensen, Jeff J. / CO Let an inmake who was not on his proper meds poke out his own eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kennedy, Unk. / CO Echo Pod / Security
Kershek, Unk. 2149 / CO
Klarkowski, B. / CO ret.
Konrad, Karen / Chaplain fem
Kopidlansky, T. / CO
Kozak, Unk. / CO Derek? / Jail to patrol Dep.?
Krause, F. / CO fem
Krenz, Unk. / CO ??
Krings, Alan / Cpl.
Kroll, Nicholas M. 2208 / CO Punk / Eats @ Arbys, near Algoma/Town of Scott exit. Wife and two daughters? Gives out 800+ tickets a year!!! Nicholas M. & Katherine Rose Kroll 3501 Blackwolf Run Green Bay, WI 54311-6120 920-544-0543
Kuchta, Kayla / Cpl. fem / Housing Cpl.
Kujava, C. 2058 / CO
Langan, Brian 549 / CO Cool / Former Cpl. and nurse
Lanser, Blayne L.? 2322 / CO
Larmay, Joshua / CO Came to work drunk!
Lauder, C. J. 2234 / CO Also with Sturgeon Bay Sheriff Dept.?
Laurent, Brian 2033 / Cpl. Juvenile / Related to M. Laurent #375 at BC Sheriff front desk?
Laux, Michael J. 2304 / CO Related to drunk BC Sheriff Christopher Laux? / Related to GBPD John C. Laux?
Lelinski, Jeff / CO ret.
Lemke, Mitchell W./M. / CO Mitch
Leyendecker, Ralph R. 2022 / Cpl. Cool / Gets shit done.
Longsine, Roberta 2037 / Cpl.
Malcomson, Lawrence / Capt. ret. / Larry
Malueg, Ryan / CO Didn't care about inmate bleeding after surgery!
Martinez, Unk. / CO fem
Martin, Unk. / Cpl.
McClevitt, Unk. / Cpl.
McComb, Unk. / CO
McMillian, Lisa / CO
Mekash, Jeffrey 2154 / Cpl. DOB: 09/23/????
Meyer, Brian T. 2242 / CO Big brother / Looks through legal work during cell searches. Jaw broke while at GBCI? Gives tickets for petty things like using the intercom, unbuttoned uniforms, laughing too loud. Tore up Billy Yang's sketchbook in front of other inmates with a smile on his face. Stomped on a bowl during a cell search because the person had two bowls. Knocks loudly on cell doors at night when giving out mail, waking everyone up.
Meyer, M. 2247?/ CO Little brother
Michel, Heidi J. / Capt. fem / "Sandy?" / Jail Administrator / 920-448-4250 / 920-391-6802 [fax] The Brown County Jail is led by Captain Heidi Michel. Captain Michel has been with the Sheriff's Office for 27 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Captain Michel has worked in each division of the jail, including juveniles, females, Huber, and lock up, as well as a field training officer. In 2001 she was promoted to intake corporal and in 2010 she was promoted to Lieutenant. In 2018 Captain Michel was promoted to her current position as Jail Captain. $8 for shampoo. $5 for toothpaste. Denied doctor-prescribed medication. Unclean and immoral cell conditions. Psychopath COs. Covering up suicides. Blood stains on the dayroom carpet. Absolute garbage for food. Nothing to do but fight. Destroy people's lives over petty non-sense. Appeal a ticket, only to be ignored and covered-up (again). COs who only job is to say, "Fill out a request slip." Canteen companies PAY the County to provide their over-priced garbage to the inmates. $1.63 the first minute, 63 cents each additional minute for phone calls (the County gets a cut). Pay-to-stay. $30 booking and warrant "fees." Half the population is on probation holds and not for committing any crimes. Three people to a cell in India Pod. New CO every week as they keep quitting (LOL) Tickets for trading food, having two blankets, or too many books (really). Let her know what you think: Robert H. & Heidi J. Michel 1201 Saint Agnes Dr. Green Bay, WI 54304-2259 920-562-0453 Aaron Nathaniel Michel 920-429-1950
Mills, T. / CO
Mitchell, John William / Lt.
Molitor, Emily / CO
Moua, T. / CO DOB: 01/28/????
Nelson, Charles C. 2297 / CO Master Control / Patrol Dep. now?
Nelson, Jeremy I. 2197 / Cpl. Turns red when mad, yells across dayroom. / Intake Cpl. / DOB: 12-28-1983
Nemo, Unk. / CO ret.
Nies, Brian / CO
Nissen, Melissa A / CO fem / Security / Field Training Officer
O'Connor, Brigit / CO ??
O'Connor, C. 2174 / Cpl.
Olsen, Lawrence A. / CO
Olson, C. / CO ??
Olson, David D. 2136/ CO Intake Security (Lima)
Olson, Zachary 2323 / CO
Ostrenga, B. W. 2301 / CO
Owen, Greg / Cpl.
Pagel, Jennifer Jean / CO
Patterson, Christopher / CO
Pauls, A. 2213 / CO Security
Pecor, S. / CO fem
Pedi, A. F. / CO
Peerson/Pearson, Unk. / CO "Ofc. Peerson call 17." / "CO Peerson, call 6848."
Pelischek, Clint 2209 / Cpl.
Petersa D. / CO
Phanke, Unk. / Lt.
Pillar, Unk. / CO Piller?
Pleau, Danielle 2324 / CO fem
Pollen, Raymond J. / CO
Pratt, P. / CO fem
Prindle, Joseph 2330 / CO
Proctor, J. 2232 / CO Security Team
Pryzbelski, Atalie / HSU fem / Psych
Ramirez, Jose C. 2285 / CO Cool
Raye, K. P. / CO
Reed, Douglas P. 2092 / CO Fat Jerk / Doug / Wife left him, takes it out on the inmates. / ret. Literally spins around watching inmates making sure they don't trade food, gives out tickets if they do. Spies through the windows too. Makes inmates get up off the toliet and come to the door if they are on the toliet and have paper up on the cell window when he does his rounds. This is a quasi-PREA violation. If an male guard did that to a female inmtate there'd be outrage. ????????????????? N9204 Deep Woods Ln. Gresham, WI 54128
Reese, Unk. / CO
Rhode, Jamie Thomas 1303 / Lt. Aaron Jacobs v. Rhode 15-CV-167-WED lawsuit 1631 Ponderosa Ave. Green Bay, WI 54313-6062 4521 Church Rd. New Franken, WI 54229-9734
Rodgers, B. A. / CO
Rogers, Heather / CO ??
Rose, Logan A. / CO Master Control
Rupnow, A. R. 2253 / CO
Saldana, C. A. 2289 / CO Cool
Schartner, Adam M 1377 / Lt. Watch Commander 1389 Spring St. Sobieski, WI 54171-9414 Rel. to Sgt. Mary Schartner?
Schiefelbein, I. J. 2305 / CO
Schultz, A. / CO
Schwartz, Bradley J. 2283 / CO Delta Pod
Shartner, C. / Lt.
Sickle, Joseph / CO
Sisco, Toney / CO
Smith, Kevin M. 2072 / Cpl. Intake Corporal / Dickhead - Threw away canteen items an inmate left for others when he left for Dodge.
Steffen, Phillip M. / Lt. Called "sadistic" by a former jail nurse, who is willing to give a statement! Phillip M. & Diane M. Steffen E5898 Fremont Rd. Algoma, WI 54201 920-487-2384 920-366-1419
Straubel, Sara / CO fem / Intake / ret.
Sturm, David 2170 / Cpl. Notary
Sullivan, Michael / CO
Tatom, J. 2316 / CO
Thoney, Nicole 2100 / CO fem
Timreck, Shane R. 1309 / Lt. TASER'ed an inmate who was in a restraining chair. Drinks at the Haystack Bar. 1852 Baltic Cir. Green Bay, WI 54311-6358
Treml, J / CO Made this comment to an inmate: "Maybe you shouldn't come to jail!"
Trinkner, Jason / Lt.
VandenLangenberg, Kristin L. 2147 / CO fem / Intake (Lima)
Vanegren, T. / CO Van Egeren?
Van Matre, Adam M. 2325 / CO Jail to Patrol Dep.?
Vanness, D. T. 2250 / CO 2258? / Dominique?
Van Schyndel, Jim 2326 / CO Big Jim
Velleman, Kim / ??
Verdegan, Jesse / Lt.
Verheyen, A. M. 2317 / CO fem
Vetsch, Mitchell Ray 2252 / Cpl. Mitch - Total Punk / "Bobby Hill" look-a-like Picked-on in high school and beat-up at Red Granite? How the hell did he become a Corporal? Very rude, smiles and laughs when giving tickets, sits on tables. Should have been fired years ago. Banned from handing out food trays because he was harassing the inmates!!!! Grievance #: 2016-010062 847 Shawano Ave. (2012) Green Bay, WI 54303-285 712 Elmwood Ave., Rm. 410 Oshkosh, WI 54901-3517 417 Kelly Jo Dr. Green Bay, WI 54303-4500 920-471-5677 He's with Ashwaubenon Public Safety now!!! I guess they are desperate.... Facebook
Vokolek, G. R. 2251 / CO Takes 50 minute breaks, screwing up visits. Looks up inmate's charges for others, potentially putting that inmate at risk. Grievance #: 2016-010074
Von Haden, L. Jennifer 559 / CO fem / Mail Bitch / VonHaden / Vonhaden / 2009 Ontario Rd., Green Bay, WI 54311-5033
Voster, K. 2070?/ CO
Warren, Rebecca A. / RN fem / Nurse
Weed, Rob 548 / Cpl.
Wells, S. 2312 / CO Security
Werner, Unk. / CO
Wertel, Joseph/Jamie / CO Thrown off tier at GBCI.
West, Matthew S. 2235 / Cpl. Intake Corporal / TASER'ed an inmate who was in a restraining chair, who said he couldn't breathe. There is video of this.
White, Ken / CO
White, M. 2188 / CO
Wolf, N. / CO ?? fem
Wollner, D. / CO Related to BC Sheriff Dep. Derick Wollner?
Wolter, Eric / CO ??
Wondra, J. W. 2314 / CO
Wotachek, Jennifer / CO
Wrolstad, Eric 2017?/ CO Cool
Xiong, C. 2318 / CO
Xiong, N. T. / CO ??
Ziegle, Unk. / Lt.
Zeratsky, Mark / CO Court House


* Tommy Thompson's wife - Swanson Canteen

* Gives out expired "Dawn Mist" toothpaste

* The Kool-Aid is fake, it's just the flavoring liquid used for Sno-Cones

* Press-Gazette article of girl who killed self at jail was posted in one of the big pods, and the guards took it down.

* Around 2012, someone at the jail died of an heroin overdose (smuggled into jail) - no media coverage.

* GB Packers Sam Shields smokes crack.

* To bypass outrageous phone call fees, install TextNow or Sideline apps or use a Google Voice account.
  Use apps to create an out-of-state phone number, then it's only 21 cents a minute for each call.

* Extortion: the jail sells carton milk they get for free for 50 cents a carton.

* Inmate Kevin Gillispie was given expired insulin and wrong anti-biotics which resulted in him getting a serious infection 
  in his hand requiring surgery.

* Fox Pod / 11-26-2017 / F206 or so: "This is jail... Behave in society and you can eat at your own pace." - Might have been Mitch Vetsch

* Can only call the public defender at certain times (from 3 to 4 pm)  - and it's always busy..

* Brown County Jail sends people to Outagamie County Jail because of overcrowding, but they send them back because
  they are overcrowded too.

* BC Jail privately run?  County in the process of buying it back

* BC Jail federal holding facility - they get paid to house federal inmates!

* Built with a large kitchen to handle things like Meals-on-Wheels - so they do have decent food there...

* Food marked "For inmate consumption only" in the kitchen.

* Black mold and thousands those little flies in the kitchen.

* No metal detector for the food.

* Having an allergic reaction? tell you to drink water

* Food from Aramark - lowest bidder / horrible quality. No nutritional value fake meat - soy based

* Even COs complain about low quality of the food / CO B. Langen - rotten, smelly food

* The jail cleans up before OSHA inspectors show up.

* They often house 3 inmates to a cell (one on the floor) which is illegal.

* Dec. 12/13, 2016, Fox Pod inmate "Eric" killed himself - female COs crying

* When leaving the jail, the ask for your name, address, birthday, etc. and last 4-digits of your Social Security #

* Good PI: Clyde Cribb / CCI Investigative Service / 920-405-0445

* "Boom Boom Room": Ask for toilet paper and the CO said "Use your fingers."

* Local phone calls from the jail: $1.63 the first minute, 63 cents each additional minute.

* Sturgeon Bay Jail even thinks the Brown County Jail is corrupt.

* There is toilet paper place next to the jail, Huber inmates often work there for $7.25 an hour and the 
  business gets a tax break and the jail gets cheap toilet paper.

* 4-22-2018 Female inmate had visit from her parents from Escanoba, MI denied because "they weren't on the visitor list."
  There is no reason to having a stupid visitor list, it's not the jail's job.

* 7-23-2018 Inmate David Short had his father die while out on Huber and he missed his bus so he was late to get back to jail.
  They revoked his Huber privileges so he lost his job also. (Couldn't call business with the jail phone system)
  PO was a "Mr. Norman

* The jail's inmate phone system is NOT setup for people still using answering machines, you can't leave a message as the 
  system responds with a "No positive acceptance" message and the guards WILL NOT help you.

* Susan Wagner - Good public defender for revocations

* BC Jail: turn key to left to open doors

* Play DVDs on the weekends, TV channel 7 (NTSC)

* Inmate Jeffrey Noe: Tumor, no help

* Inmate Clint Peterson: TB, denied meds

* Pod Officer can open cell doors and "inside" door, Master Control opens the hallway doors? Override with key. 
  Master Control can open the doors at night. / "Master Control, can you open Bravo 109?"

* PO Liaison is Casey Breaker and he is completely useless.  He'll only help the POs and NOT the inmates.

* Window material: InsulGard Corp. Detention Glazing 1/2-inch thick

* Judge Marc A. Hammer's daughter is a CO at Huber?  redhead female

* Typical radio transmission: "XXX pod is sending one back to Echo."

* No pain killers when seeing the dentist, just numb and pull teeth!!!!

* Other jails allow clock radios, have real fruit, hot breakfasts, real milk and coffee.

* Cell doors use same key.

* Not allowed 1 hour of rec during lockdown.

* Pysch Doc. Babatunde Okuleye = useless

* The little dark gray remote control looking device with the red side button is a remote-controlled alarm.

* Give tickets for having too many books - really.

* Give Tylenol only 3 times a week, and you need to sign-up for it each time.

* Denied Mail: No unsigned cards, all cards must be signed
               No unstamped envelopes
               Embossed envelopes only
               No marker on back of photos
               White or yellow lined paper only - other is contraband
               No hardcover books
               Books must be shipped directly from bookstore or publisher
               Greeting card refused for not having a return address
               No scented paper / perfume
               Stick-on mailing labels
               Crayons / markers

* Gulf Pod Terminal:

* Charged person $3200 to attend mom's funeral (cost for 2 sheriffs deps)

* Check cell key locks first week of the month

* Take snaps off uniform, remove back ring. Has sharp spikes which can be used
  as a weapon or to jam lock keyways.

* Charge $140 a week for Huber, $30 booking fee, $30 warrant fee

* Clock hands for lockpicks?

* TV AC power cord / F-to-F cable for tool/weapon

* Mold in kitchen

* AT&T offered to provide free cable TV, but the jail declined - too much fighting over channels already

* not providing seizure medication

* InsulGard Corp. Detention Glazing - 1/2" thick, mesh screening is 1" x 1" (on visitor windows)
  M-GCP1516HS (outside windows, no screen mesh)

* "Third Floor call 57"

Securus Tablet Info
Customer Site 07481
Build: 011019	Sep 29, 2021 / 3.26.10

CO	L. R.   #2286
CO	T. K.   #2061
CO	        #2295
CO		#2095
CO		#2354?
CO	D. B.   #2146
CO	Sanders/Saunders (new)
CO 	Lancer / Lantern?
CO	Smits
CO	Dennis?
CO 	Tyler ????
CO	D. Albert #2015
CO	Wright #2114
CO	Collar
Cpl	Adams #545
CO	Prel
CO	R. Hammer #2091 (dead)
CO	Malcore	(Classification Ofc.)
CO  "Pecore" (fem)
CO	Brooks #2076
CO	Kaepernick #531
CO	R. M.	#2139
CO	M. Z. 	#510
CO	Wall
CO	Van der Hogan?
CO      T. Stewart (#556)
CO      Braun
CO	DuBois?
CO	Connely? (fem)
CO	Aleksandra Kleis
CO	Anthony Muro
CO	Courtney Wittig
CO 	Tyler Vanden Hoogen
CO 	Solomon Yang
CO 	Ashley Berth
CO	Patrick Beyer
CO	Tyler Fager
CO	Brooklyn Wolosyn
CO	Lisa Falish
CO	Jacob Berner
CO	Alex Lau
CO	Tyler Bartles
CO	Casey Langenberg
CO	Nicholas Herlache
CO	David Gustafson
CO	Matthew Abegglen
CO	Brandon Lohrentz
CO	Shane Johnson
CO	Kyle Messer
CO 	Trevor Tilot
CO	Veronica Rouse
CO	Gina Danielski
CO	Cheyenne Sarver
CO	Mark Milbrandt
CO	Anthony Sorensen
CO	Keith Baker 
CO	Nate Smith
CO	Van Lanen? (fem)
CO	McMillen
CO	Reeves / Security
CO  Skenandore / Security
CO	Lee?
CO	Powell?
CO	Scarver?
CO	Garbeck? / Security
co	Miranda? - female / Translator
CO 	Bergh? or Burke? - (fem)
CO	Pigeon?
CO  "Stevenson"? - (fem)
CO  Wendy? (fem)
Cpl. Bartels?
CO  VanSistine? 14020 / (fem) / Security
CO  Robinson?
CO "Day"? / Security
CO "Petrowski"?
CO Kessler?
CO E. Yang? (fem)
CO S. Yang?
CO Lue Lee
CO Thongli Lor
CO Rebeka Knutson (fem)
CO Adolfo Sierra
CO Aaron Mutterer
CO Garrett Garton
CO "Baglund"?
CO "Schnell"?
Cpl. "Wasser"?

Paula M. Golden: they wouldn’t give me sugar when I was having a diabetic low.. co said that I needed to sleep it off cause I was slurring my speech.. told them repeatedly I was a diabetic..

Kroll Notes
* Purposely slams dayroom doors when he does rounds.

* No food trade (tickets for trading food or having food in cell), turns off TV during meals.

* During cell search, tore up a picture an inmate made and left it floating in the toilet.
  He also stole canteen items.

Intercom Drama:
Inmate: "If I was your kid, I'd smack you."
Kroll:  "My kids wouldn't be in for what you did." (sex case)
Inmate: "Buzz my door right now!"
Kroll:  [Buzzed (opened) cell door]
Inmate: [Threw a garbage can lid at windows, then told Kroll to come into the dayroom]
Kroll:  [Called down a Cpl. and CERT saying the inmate had "escaped," when it was Kroll who let him out!]

Door logs should show it was Kroll who opened the cell door!
Warrants Transports Van: [Plate: 918-THF] [VIN:1FTNS24L28DA99585] / 2008 Ford Econoline E250 - Bronze 

Takes different routes, but usually the same near the Jail (down Curry) and at court house (coming in from rear)

Carry two-way radios, probably with standard BC jail freqs

Gun safe up front, between seats. The beeps you'll hear are from the keypad entry code

Court house guards don't know when coming.

Randy - Ex-Chicago PD

Ex-cops, make more money doing transports than they did as cops

Smith & Wesson M-100 handcuffs + waist strap and leg chains (standard key)

Sometimes leave rear swing doors unlocked, use standard auto locks and remote controls

Band-It: Shock bracelet, Velcro strap to ankle, 10 kV for 8 seconds, push button,
hold-down to activate - leaves two burns marks about 3.5-inches apart

radio checks around 6:15 pm

Garrett CS5000 walk-through metal detector (120 VAC)

Billy Brew 4 oz. - $7.23 (Swanson)
Carmex 0.35 oz - $2.52
Tums 12 tabs - $1.49

Ruth Freiwald - suicide - stepped in front of truck, denied meds at Jail

SP1 Door - Sally Port Main Entrance door
intercom button to get in.
S18 - Huber Enterance / Alternate intake
S17 - Alternate Sally Port Enterance

Wisconsin Lock and Load Prisoner Transports, LLC / REDI Transports

Headquarters: 1015 Challenger Ct, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54311, United States
Phone: 920-434-5399
Employees: 29
SIC Code 73,738
NAICS Code 4859,485

Crystal Marie Haney Cook  (Gregory J. Haney's Daughter)

1463 Cardinal Ln.
Green Bay, WI 54313-7114

17089 Reagan Ln.
Lakewood, WI 54138-9547

Lance Steidl
Vice President at REDI Transports

N549 Robinhood Dr.  (Lance William Steidl)
Sherwood, WI 54169-9616
Alicia Stevenson
Vice President at REDI TRANSPORT INC

3842 Church View Ct.  (Alicia Mae Stevenson)
Greenleaf, WI 54126-9497

918-THF Van
Court guards don't know schedule when coming/going
Randy - ex-Chicago PD
Employees ex-cops - make more doing transports than as cops.

Maintenance Cart (Kennedy-brand): 18V Makita Drill, Brakecleen, top drawer door wiring schematics!
Maintenance worker names: Brian, Tom
[Inmate Name]
3030 Curry Ln.
Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone Numbers
  920-391-6800    Hearing Room #1
  920-391-6801    Jail - Public Main
  920-391-6802    Jail - Public Fax
  920-391-6809	  CO Pigeon?
  920-391-6817    Master Control? / "Security team, call 6817." / "Call 17."
  920-391-6818    Master Control / "Security, call 6818."
  920-391-6822    Delta Pod?
  920-391-6825    ??
  920-391-6826    ??
  920-391-6829    ??
  920-391-6830    Intake / Property Room / "..., call 30."
  920-391-6831    "Watch Lt., call 31."
  920-391-6832    Intake Cpl.? / "Security, call 32."
  920-391-6836    "Call 36." / Police call this number.
  920-391-6838    Fax
  920-391-6845    Visiting Officer (#8888 voice mail passcode)
  920-391-6848    Watch Commander
  920-391-6855    Intake Corporal?
  920-391-6859    Housing Corporal / "Call 59." on the radio.
  920-391-6860    Delta Pod?
  920-391-6863    Delta Pod?
  920-391-6864    "Call 64." / Echo Pod?
  920-391-6871    "Call 71."
  920-391-6877	  Bravo?/Charlie?/Gulf Pod?
  920-391-6878	  India Pod?
  920-391-6881    Juvenile Housing
  920-391-6883    Brian Laurent
  920-391-6884    Gulf Pod?
  920-391-6886    HSU / "Security, call 86." 
  920-391-6888    Hearing Room #2
  920-391-6889    Atalie

  920-448-4667    Jail Video Booth #1
  920-448-4250    Jail Video Booth #2 / Tele-Psyche Video Booth
  920-448-4257    Property Pick-Up

Hearing Room IP: + ##### (5-digit extension)
       Video IP:
       Video IP: ( /

$ nslookup	name =	name =

They use Cisco 7650 VoIP phones.

Offender Management System (OMS) v4.6

Upper and Lower Break Room - 5 "beeps" on lower break room door keycode?

"Master Control, can you take over Bravo." - When a CO goes to lunch or use the bathroom, Master Control takes over.  They have a key "lock" on the computer at the CO station so the imates can't play on the computer.

"Security team, Gulf has two between the doors." - When inmates are coming or going, there are two sets of doors to the pods.  The pod CO at the station controls the inner-doors and Master Control controls the outer-doors (hallway side).  Inmates wait "between the doors" for jail security staff to escort you to another place.

"Fox, one returning from tele-psyche." - Scam using Zoom tele-medicine so the jail can officially say you saw a "doctor."  Those doctors are usually are not qualifed or can even speak proper English...

"Attention all units, 10-90 in xxx pod" - Code for an emergency, usually a fight.

"Master Control, one male release, door S-29-A." - S29A is an inmates favorite. It's located by the plastic chairs in Intake and is the door you go out of (to the lobby) when released.  It's a set of double-doors next to the commissary machine in the lobby.  Yes, they use the same locks & hardware as the regular cell doors...

Court security, can you open the Huber garage door for a transport? - To open the big garage door at the court house so REDI transports can bring in more victims.

Upon Release: "Property bag number xxx."

S8B door

On Oct. 29, 2023 around 1 am - 22 year old male PNB  in India pod, did cpr - did he die?  (Update - Died)

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Door Overview
The cell door windows is held in with FOUR L-backets and secure Torx bolts, remove them to remove the window.
The cell's lock and lock panel are on the left.
Cells are keyed they same (per pod?) and are operated via 28V relays and Allen-Bradley PLCs controlled at the CO station or Master Control.

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Trap Door Open

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Trap Door Lock
All appear to be keyed the same and are attached using FOUR T15/T20/T25 secure-Torx bolts.

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Door Window
Window is secured using FOUR pieces of L-bracket and T15/T20/T25 secure-Torx bolts.

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Door Open
Showing edge of L-bracket to hold door window in.

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Door
Showing edge and bottom L-brackets to hold door window in.

Brown Co. Jail - Unknown Pod, Bravo?

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Bunk Without Sheet
Probably in Intake or India.

Brown Co. Jail - Unknown Keys, Intake or India?

Brown Co. Jail - Unknown Keys, Intake or India?

Brown Co. Jail - Cell Door Overview
The door's lock and lock panel are on the lower-right and is secured using T10/T15/T20 secure-Torx bolts.
Remove the lock panel to bypass the cell lock!

Brown Co. Jail - Unknown Cell
Looks like a cell at the courthouse or Huber downtown.

Brown Co. Jail, Courthouse, & Huber (WRC) - Camera Locations
Using internal private IPs.  Login and pasword are censored.  :(

Brown Co. Jail - Sallyport #1

Brown Co. Jail - Sallyport #2

Brown Co. Jail - Sallyport #3

Brown Co. Jail - Sallyport #4 (Entrance)

Brown Co. Jail - Intake Station & Bench

Brown Co. Jail - Bravo Pod

Brown Co. Jail - Sallyport Entrance
The van in the upper-left is the transport van to the courthouse.

Brown Co. Jail CERT Response - Fox Pod

Brown Co. Jail CERT Response - Kilo Pod

"Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

"(But who will guard the guards?)"

    --- Juvenal, D. Junii Juvenalis Saturarum libri V, Mit erklarenden Anmerkungen von Lugwig Friedlaender, Erster Band (Leipzig: Verlag von S. Hirzel, 1895), book II, satire 6, 347-48, p. 325.

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