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DISCLAIMER: The owner of this account is hosting my site at the requirement that I am doing things the right way and that he not be held responsible for my contents, so if there are any problems regarding said contents, email me at and I will discuss them with you and change anything that may be a problem - if it is a legitimate situation of course. I am not an unbending or difficult person, so I will take all serious emailings with deserved consideration.

In case you are looking for the What's New section, I am no longer working on it - I keep working on the site regardless and it is 40-50mb now actually... so there is plenty here - basically in economics it is often necessary to cut the support for a project when it comes to light that the project is extra work and results only negatively --- thus you will have to just search the site as - is (my site is easy enough to navigate so this should not be a real problem - as it has worked fine for the last several years exactly the way it is)

CONTINUING PROJECT: Assembly and Cracking from the Ground Up!
(This is in the works, so keep checking back. Donations are welcome,
See the Tutorial for more information)

Considering my partner and I tend to post articles on his page,
I do not desire to duplicate efforts - so for the newest tutorials, go to his site:
Fravia's Page of Reverse Engineering or his mirror

Please mourn the loss of from the fun people of SPA
(Software PUNISHERS Association in my opinion...)

More essays can be found on My Old Gateway which still stands
despite hackers, hacker trackers, SPA, and the test of time

here (lesson 9.4) is one that fravia and i think was given to someone for making a submission to orc, and has found its way to us through roundabout channels... and so we can not verify its origins, as orc is not in direct contact with us at the moment - and may not be for quite some time


Do stop by occasionally, I tend to enjoy adding to my site ;)

Lately there has been a rash of attacking someone's IP
on the net or their IRC server
Here are files that attack and files that defend: Net War Files
Have fun with these, this is quite a page!

Port Scanner in Java
Online Telnet Applet!

This place lists hacks for many many different systems!

If you do not have a unix machine to decompress .tar, .gz. or .tgz files,
download TAR.EXE, GZIP.EXE and the INSTRUCTIONS here.

And Visit Fyodor's

(Yet another incredible site for hacks!)

And don't miss the GEEK-GIRL's BugTraq archive...
(only the best hacker/security mailing list on the net)

Greythorne's Mega Search Form

...And Another Interesting Crack/Serial Search Engine:

For those of you who like creative searches, try
scanning with my nph-test-cgi script that allows you to do a directory
of any apache web servers that have nph-test-cgi in their
cgi-bin directory (anyone wanna use the same technique to automate
other security checks or breaches? I would love to hear about it!)

PS - A warm thank-you to all of you who have expressed your appreciation
for the work we have done, and for the contributions you have made to make
our sites possible.

For some mindless fun.. draw some nifty cards
(sorry if it is a bit slow)

Though I am by choice
not in any group other than the +HCU,
I have some good Friends in #cracking
and #cracking4newbies on IRC (EFNET)
Stop by and pay them a visit!

And no visit to the IRC would be complete
Without a visit to My friends in #cracking or #pc97 (Phrozen Crew)
And Lord Caligo and Mammon (Don't Miss These For Tools and Texts!)

For fun, here's version of 10 Oscar by Phrozen Crew:
(These guys really know how to put out a useful app!)
Password For The Zip File Is: phrozen
(Just Enough Security To Avoid Web Spiders)


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