In order to keep the contents so that web search tools
do not overexpose them, the newest index is within this zip file.

The word 'BETA' below refers only to the fact that the orcpak cannot be complete until the
new class of the +HCU has been installed and all of the essays have been graded.
The final deadline is late November

I now have an OrcPak FTP SITE (Norway)
It would be nice to have several mirrors, I am sure you will agree.

A New FTP Site has opened up as well. It is quite larger than the one listed above
so I will be putting more files here that I could not fit on the above site.


Some of the below links were down due to censorship, but this is no longer the case.
All links are active now.
If one link does not work properly, try one of the alternate links listed next to it.

Even a new OrcPak 9E with NT stuff
and some stuff that tend to be on my website that needed to be there
(Intlist, HelpPC, PowerC Compiler)

orcpak1.zip - 829,117 bytes orcpak2.zip - 2,238,644 bytes
orcpak3.zip - 3,704,834 bytes orcpak4a.zip - 2,783,420 bytes
orcpak4b.zip - 3,807,641 bytes (BETA) orcpak5.zip - 4,160,445 bytes
orcpak6.zip - 1,346,340 bytes orcpak8.zip - 2,555,785 bytes
orcpak9a.zip - 2,595,540 bytes orcpak9b.zip - 3,851,294 bytes
orcpak9c.zip - 3,881,804 bytes orcpak9d.zip - 3,493,778 bytes
orcpaka.zip - 3,073,759 bytes orcpakc.zip - 2,203,027 bytes
* New! * orcpak 9e - 5,315,354 bytes


Tutorial 4.2 Solve this one soon, it has a deadline for late november!
THE LOADERS PAGE - unconventional types of program shell for assembly

JOEPAK Uncle Joe's Crackbook (excellent!)

All +ORC Tutorials (Texts only)


+ORC has shown himself!

He will respond only to current or new members of +HCU
Contact him to post your entries for lesson 4.2 in text form
or download orcpak 4.2b which includes the text

E-Mail +ORC!