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    The Question

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 The next time you think, think Hack Canada.


    There exist a great number of misconceptions about Hack Canada and the people responsible for its existence and persistence. We trust that this document will not serve to clear up any of those.

    It all started with CYBØRG/ASM; the enigmatic kingpin of this etheric sideshow that you either love or hate. Or first love, then hate for a little while, but then ultimately love again. Dissatisfied with the quantity and quality of relevant 'underground' information available he, as is his style, took matters into his own hands. At the time the BBS exodus was in full swing and the "World Wide Web" was "The Next Big Thing". So it was toward this burgeoning public forum that his effort would be aimed. Development of what came to be dubbed "Hack Canada" began sometime around 1997 and was both rapid and explosive.

    In 1998, CYBØRG/ASM and The Question liberated a Northern Telecom Meridian Applications Module off a wall somewhere, purged its circuits with the Fires of Hell, surreptitiously had some needed parts fabricated, slapped in a drive, consecrated it with UNIX, performed the Black Mass, and was unleashed upon the Earth.

    Soon after, the mass media was crawling upon it like a fat chick on a cheeseburger, trying to harness our 'leet flavour in an attempt to reach "Generation-Whatever" with their bilious corporate bullshit. Which is fine, not everyone needs self-respect to face the day.

    It didn't take long for certain governments to take an interest in our offerings either. Of course their Praying Mantis style has never been a match for our Flying Cloud technique and we have this to say to them: You have built up an artificial system which is good for nothing but to swindle the public and to prey upon the pockets of the poor. Your safety is due to the fact that your legal and contractual gibberish is unintelligible to the masses, who fancies that it must have meaning, and the consequence is that no one can come near you without being cheated. Your art does not consist in helping the masses but in working yourselves into the favour of the rich and enslaving the poor. You live upon imposture, and the aid and abetment of the legal system, the central banking cartel, and the military/industrial complex enables you to carry on your impostures. You are sworn to use diligence in your governance, and all your boasted policy is nothing but an invention to cheat and deceive. Led by your all-consuming greed and lust for total control you will go on robbing, enslaving, and killing people in nomini Domini as you look down from your crumbling house of cards. In the meantime, hackers will play by their own rules, and your system of control shall be both our playground and our canvas for expression.

    h410G3n joined Hack Canada in 2001 and took over security administration. His ultra-elite UNIX and coding skills, quite simply, are matched by no one. Those foolish enough to cross him in our righteous Temple of 'Net will find their routers no longer route and their switches laying asunder, belching smoke and ash, packets strewn across the floor.

    Today, in this era of bloggery and bullshit, Hack Canada stands as a pristine jewel among the detritus of the World Wide Wasteland. Pure. Unpolluted. Right up in your grill.

    So what is Hack Canada? Hack Canada is exactly what we want it to be. Hack Canada promises nothing. It makes no demands. It simply exists. So there.

    If you still have questions, read the FAQ.



    From time-to-time we do things that get attention from the dinosaur media... and sometimes the media just makes shit up about us. Hack Canada's media coverage is documented here. Bear in mind that corporate media is an 'elitist'-contolled brain-washing apparatus where truth is irrelevant and bullshit propaganda reigns. Media inquiries shall be directed at who may or may not feel like talking to you.


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