white rhesus monkey full head transplant by Dr. Robert White circa 1970       w e t w a r e  h a c k i n g

"The modern man of wisdom melds the old with the new, the alchemical with the electronic ... blending the most arcane elements of science in an effort to enhance, reprogram, and redesign his own wetware, his very mind and body ... bending it to his will, and in so doing, bending the will of that which surrounds him ... thereby achieving a post-human state ... something greater than human ... and something somewhat less." — CYBØRG/ASM, 2000

Brain-wave Machine - Experiment with biofeedback and altered states of consciousness. Hardware construction and software control of your own brain-wave manipulation machine is covered here. CYBØRG/ASM, 1999-2007

Hacking the Voodoo Magick Box - Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) - Learn about the amazing therapeutic benefits of CES as we hack the World's first 'digital drug'. Hacks, mods, how-to's, and more. CYBØRG/ASM, 2002-2007

Electronic Mind Control - remotely altering our lives - A look at the CIA, microwaves, and ELF waves. The Clone, 2000/10/10

Telepresence Bi-Autoerotic Intercourse - Go phuck yourself. CYBØRG/ASM, 2001/02/21

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