I would think your suntan is more in jeopardy than your prowess given your proclivity for working with silicon life.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

(recent digital snapshot of myself with part of Paranoia for NewsCorp MCI)

I administrate the Paranoia.Com machines, several 386/486/Pentium based systems (linux!) in Austin, Texas for the purpose of research into networking in its many forms. It's also quite a kick.

My main hobbies include anything related to graphics, video, linux, and networking. I know this is pretty broad, but I'm just that type of guy. Oh, I used to bowl (hit around 180 a few times) occasionally, but employment puts such a strain on a man's bowling time. I'd like to go bowhunting and visit the Carribean, Australia, and Europe someday.

I'm not married, but I have a beautiful daughter (who you can see at eight , nine , ten , fifteen , or eighteen months old) named Anastasia Noelle who I love very much. She just reached 19 months (happy and healthy) on July 4.

Of course, you can mail me at kevintx@paranoia.com. Mail offering donations for the network here will be given particularly close attention.. be it a Sun, SGI, anything with a PowerPC or Alpha, or an offer to pick up the tab on installing a T-1.. I'm not picky!

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