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The standard "you're only offended if you want to be" disclaimer applies!

My endless duties with paranoia.com (and real.life too!) mean that I don't have the free time for putting together nifty WWW pages that I wish I had.. so don't expect anything tremendous in this section. I spend all my free time online working on system-level things, helping users, and trying to answer the neverending pile of mail. When I am messing around with pages, it's always the server's main pages and those really aren't all that much fun! I have played around with a couple of things here and there just for me.. feel free to visit anything that tickles your fancy..

Here's what I've got up here..

Can you say half-baked side projects? Linkaroos for you to grind your teeth on:

Feel free to glance over some of my (unfortunately disorganized right now) 300 or so various links.. perhaps WWW wandering will help you put off the need for sleep a while longer.

[TV set]

Television is the number one tool for both mass marketing and light sedating brainwashing in the United States. It's time to turn it off and start doing a little thinking for ourselves. A little fact sheet brought to you by the Society for the Eradication of Television puts a few numbers to the predicament that so many people have found themselves in. I'm sure that the television addicted among us won't have the attention span for its 200 words.

Particularly if you're a Citizen of Texas, please be aware of the Republic of Texas WWW pages. The Republic of Texas movement seeks to free the people of Texas from the chains of the unconstitutional federal power structure currently in place within the U.S. This is just one group among many who are working against the evil that's taking place in this country. Only through organized resistance to the tyranny of evil men will we we be able to free themselves from it. We all work in whatever ways we can and it all adds up to make a difference.

Since Mitch Kapor's page (with excerpts from Jefferson's writings that I've had linked for a coon's age) isn't available for the time being, I've added a few new Thomas Jefferson links! With 1500 excerpts from Jefferson's writings on my favorite topic of his, Politics and Government, this site is definitely my favorite and highly recommended. Since his writing is all that we have to benefit from today, this site uses a collection of quotes to let you Ask Thomas Jefferson about a variety of topics. Ben Franklin didn't corner the market on wise sayings.. our hero had some of his own such as Thomas Jefferson's Ten Rules. Last but not least, I'll link a letter circa 1789 written to James Madison about A Bill of Rights.

There's also my business card and the obligatory page of personal information about me if you want to get up close and personal. For what good it might do you, my horoscope is only a click away.

Not that I would actually use something as non-politically-correct as encryption, my PGP key is right here if you've got super-dooper top secret stuff to mail me about.

The Magician stands at a table bearing the icons of the Tarot, which he manipulates to suit his design. The Magician's power is knowledge and craft; he stands with his brother, the Fool, whose power is innocence, as the foundation of the Tarot. In a divination, the Magician dignified represents skill, confidence, and will; ill-dignified, the failure or perversion of those qualities.

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