Attention K-Mart Shoppers!
Five of the original large JPGs are available at the Con photo archive.
Don't be the last one in your state to see 'em! *grin*

One Stripper Photo

This page accessed 647,850 times in 1995! What's up with that?

This used to be the location for both GIFs and JPGs from the fabled (in some strange, twisted circles) Saturday night strippers of HoHoCon 1993.

Due to the large portion of the horny guy population that has recently begun trying to using the WWW instead of just getting a dirty magazine or watching Cinemax on a Friday night, even poor scans of dim snapshots where you have to squint to sort of see a titty can be popular! For those of you who haven't seen the pictures, before, I'm leaving one in as an example of what you didn't miss. (grin)

Please don't mail me and beg to get the pictures sent to you. Learn how to get nasty pictures from Usenet (don't ask me) and a lot of you would probably never use the WWW again.

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