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Microsoft Responses

  • 2/14/98 Clarification on the L0phtcrack 2.0 tool
    All of these security enhancements are due to the availability and high performance of the L0phtcrack and similar tools. We like to think that we have played a major role in securing Windows NT since Microsoft only seems to improve security after their weaknesses are publicly demonstrated.

    We think Microsoft might have finally fixed the problem due to LANMAN hashes travelling over the network with SP4 but we have not tested this yet. Up to SP4 even all-NT networks have been vulnerable LANMAN hashes being sniffed. Of course networks with Win95 on them are still vulnerable.

    In the fall of 1997 Microsoft released a post SP3 HotFix to protect NT machines from divulging their LANMAN password hash over the network, the so called LM-FIX. The problem was that this fix broke DCOM among other things and was subsequently pulled. So your NT network has been vulnerable to this problem until SP4. We will be researching SP4's NTLMv2 over the coming weeks and will publish our findings.

Microsoft Patches
  • SP4 - Windows NT SP4 supports NTLMv2 Security
  • SP3 - Windows NT System Key Permits Strong Encryption of the SAM
  • lm-hotfix - How to Disable LM Authentication on Windows NT
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