Hacking The Original 915 MHz WaveLAN

NCR 915 MHz WaveLAN (2 Mbps DSSS) pictures and IC descriptions.


Most schematics are in their native Xcircuit PostScript format for ease of printing and modification.  To use PostScript under Window$, you'll need to install the Ghostscript & Ghostview packages.  Set Media to A2 for ease of viewing.

  1. Bi-Directional 915 MHz Amplifier Schematic  Original design - reference only - don't build
  2. New Bi-Directional 915 MHz Amplifier Schematic  Newest design - confirmed to work
  3. Pictures of the above amplifier.  Each of the sections was built as an individual module.  This makes trouble shooting much simpler.

Datasheets & Notes


900 MHz Antenna Ideas / Designs / Schematics / Suppliers

Yagi antenna gain can be approximated by counting the number of elements and then using this formula: 10 log (number of elements).  Example, a 8-element Yagi has an approximate gain of 9 dBd.

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