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Welcome to the CrackStore, almost the largest archive of cracking stuff in the internet. My page was started on 21 February 1998 and known as "Cr4cK z0n3" and was a typical site with crackz and warez. Since 12 July 1998 is known as "CrackStore" and its popularity was growing up reaching 100.000 visitors per day. It was caused by the biggest collection of game cracks in the net. Now the site is dedicated to crackers and people who want to be crackers. I'm supported by many cracking groups and a lot of independent crackers, so I always have the newest stuff for you.

I have many tools, tutorials and sources, including SoftICE (the best cracking tool on Earth), W32Dasm (a nice decompiler), and Hiew, my favourite hexeditor. In the tutorials section you can find a great collection of +ORC and tKC tutors.

Finally I'd like to thank my all host for all support with servers and for defence my site.

Enjoy the crack!



01.01.2003: 106 game cracks already online !
01.01.2003: game cracks are online again !
24.10.2001: added 1 tool
18.10.2001: added 8 game cracking tutorials and 1 tool

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