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Joseph Konopka    Joseph Konopka

Nintendo Dr. Chaos    Professor Chaos


His mother is Gloria Pulyeart, and he didn't know his father well.  He went to Elmore Elementary School in Green Bay, WI when he was younger.  His 5th grade science fair project (around 1986) was a 7400-series digital counter with a LED display, to give you an idea how ahead of everyone he was.  He moved to his grandparent's farm out in De Pere, WI after that.

His aunt Audrey J. Konopka, put up the $15,000 bail for his initial arson charges.  Uncles are Daniel J. and Steve Konopka?, who is a engineer at WBAY TV and also super smart.

On computer and electronics technology, he is one of the smartest people you'll ever meet.

He is definitely NOT a "terrorist," like the corrupt FBI and media like to portray, but there is no excuse for his random arson and property damage.

Those Dumpster fires around Green Bay in the late 1990s where him and a few others, LOL...  From and Green Bay Police MDT intercept:

FROM:  D_GRAF                           UNITS BE ON THE LOOKO

The "iNNER CiRCLE" was his BBS/warez/crack/courier group.

The "Cove of Chaos" was a BBS located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It ran from December 30, 1992 to May 10, 1996.

Steve Kolb

Steve Kolb was the sysop and also played guitar in the industrial rock band Broke Box.  They were famous for playing at Concert Cafe in Green Bay, and actually being pretty good!

He did the original byte patches to bypass the hardware dongle checks.  Every other crack out there is a copy of his code.

  1. AutoDesk 3D Studio Release 4 Crack  README  (Autodesk 3D Studio - Wikipedia)
  2. AutoDesk 3D Studio Release 4 Crack  .EXE
  3. Blue Wave v2.0 Crack  README  (Blue Wave was a popular offline BBS mail reader)  (Image Version to Show ANSI Characters)
  4. Blue Wave v2.0 Crack  .EXE  (Video Clip)
  5. QEMMHACK v3.0  README  (QEMM was an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS by Quarterdeck)
  6. QEMMHACK v3.0  .EXE
  7. QEMMHACK v3.0 - FILE_ID.DIZ  ZIP file's included FILE_ID.DIZ  (Image Version to Show ANSI Characters)
  8. QEMMHACK.ZIP  Original .ZIP file from the BBS.
  9. GAMETOOLS V3.23  This is a TSR utility for cracking software protection, by Wong Wing King  (Manual, V3.21)

Media Lies

The "cyanide" thing is perfect example of the government and media turning what would normally be a low-level event into, well, chaos.

Notice no one talks about why almost a pound of sodium cyanide and four ounces of potassium cyanide were just literally laying around in a broken-down water treatment facility for anyone to grab, since at least the late 1980s.

How much money do you think that company bribed corrupt Chicago officials to look the other way?

Do you know water treatment plants extract the cyanide (and other hazardous chemicals) from the water and then turn around and SELL them do the same public the government is locking up?

What the the corrupt FBI and media WON'T tell you, is that sodium cyanide can be bought at many chemical supply companies, as it is commonly used to extract gold from ore.

Isn't it funny that Chicago is a crime-ridden, insanely corrupt, third-world shithole just on the account of the people who run it and the idiots how keep voting for them?

Wouldn't THAT make a good story instead?

Lori Lightfoot

Over a single weekend in Chicago during June of 2020, at least 106 people were shot with 14 fatalities.  Voting "Democrat" or flooding your city with Black people is clearly MORE DANGEROUS than having a little bit of cyanide...

Welcome to Chicago    Welcome to Chicago    Welcome to Chicago

Democrats hold every position in that city.  They have a "Black (insert every administrative office)."  By all neo-liberal metrics, Chicago should be a veritable Wakanda.  Why is this happening?  LOL!

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