Radio Scanner Modifications and Information
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Random collection of notes, schematics, software, etc.

Notes & Resources

SDR Information

Trunked Radio Information & Software

Bill Cheek & COMMtronics Engineering Scanner Notes / FAQs / CE-232 Interface

World Scanner Report Archive

HB-232 & CE-232 Interface Information

RadioShack PRO-83 Scanner Utilities

Uniden BCD966P2

Frequency & Protocol Data

Miscellanous Hardware

Data Slicer

Used to convert 2- or 4-level FSK information into 1's and 0's

Fed Monit: Scanner Audio Recorder

Total hack to record audio from your scanner using your computer.

Descrambling Cordless Phones

How to descramble speech inversion cordless phones (those Donald Duck-sounding ones)

Operating & Service Manuals / Schematics


Knowledge is Power

GBPPR Projects