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Version September 1999

The main intent of my 'Anonymity Lab'

The main intent of this section of my site is to SCARE YOU TO DEATH about the huge amount of data and private information33 you are 'smearing' around without even knowing it.
Tears fill my eyes when I see so many good and nice Internauts fall prey of crooks of all sorts (from nasty software producer like Micro$oft, who hide snooping secret functions inside their applications, through the main search engines you use, that gather your searching patterns and store them without warning you to the outright 'dirty' crooks that search and lure gullible simpletons in order to sell them fake religions or fake tits or whatever fake they have to push). Matter is that the NASTY aspect of this nether world of us is never enough explained. There is no law here. Only reversers, like we are, can eventually help the gullible and simple ones (and damage the crooks, which is great fun :-)

We fight of course more 'active' battles, as you'll learn on my [antismut] section, yet even the simple spreading of 'passive' knowledge can be very useful (knowledge, as Master +ORC has always said, is indeed a most powerful 'good' weapon), and we help, in this section, throwing our light on some of the 'hidden', 'dark' and 'mysterious' aspects of the Web.

You'll learn here some must-know anonymity concerns and some elementary counter-measures, yet, as you will see, the data you are leaking around are so many (and so valuable) that there is not really much that you can do, short of going undercover with a completely bogus identity... which is something that you will probably want to do after having read all this :-)

Where d'you wanna go, bud?

Wanna [trace] your visitors or learn how much info you are [smearing] around? Would you like to [snoop] their profile or [search] anonymously on the Web? You may even get acquainted with some [cookies] little tricks or [lure] your enemies into a trap. If you do not understand much, you better read first just how many [traces] you leave when you browse and how you can simply [send mail anonymously] on the web... you'll understand all the rest later.
There are also some [Anonymity essays] that you may find interesting, and of course you may enjoy the [Ah Ah! Die cookie die!] section of this page as well :-)
Else you may enjoy having a look at some [things that happen].

No anonimity, I regret

This section of mine about the traces you leave on my own servers was growing bigger and bigger and has been moved to my
What Fravia knows about you
page, where all (scary) tracking possibilities used today will be discussed and some countermeasures will be analysed.

You leave traces, I said
Ahi! Your precious data!

The harddisk problem
Some of the files that are on your computer (and that recent browsers can send over the Net WITHOUT telling you anything about it :-) might become interesting for adversaries, or the plain curious, or the bastards that want to sell you beer, or tits, or religions or cars: