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w00w00 on Heap Overflows - Matt Conover (Shok)
This is an article on why heap overflows are significant, methods of exploitation, and examples/demonstrations of exploits. We have a version in Chinese available here.

Linux Kernel Module (LKM) Hacking - Nicolas Dubee (plaguez)
This is an article on how to weaken the Linux kernel. It was published in Phrack and used by other groups (such as THC) as a reference.

Linux Console IOCTLs - Matt Conover (Shok)
This is an article on various Linux console IOCTLs, their uses (with source), and a few programs to go along with it (ACS - Auto Console Switching, CAP - Console Access Protection).

See also: w00giving '99 (advisories) and w00w00 file/project archive.