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w00w00 Pictures

w00w00 '02

w00dinner @ California

(12 in all) vacuum, dmuz, napster, pm, silvio, ...


napster and Shok
jessie and nocarrier


Shok speaking on computer security (University of Utah)

w00w00 '00

w00w00 at Hard Rock Cafe (35+ people)
w00w00 team at Defcon '00

Defcon '00

(Left to right) Sangfroid, Blake, Fyodor, and Conde-Vampiro
K2 and Shok
Conde-Vampiro and Fyodor

w00dinner '00

Gathering for w00dinner '00 (35+ people)
Interrupt, Dugsong, Hiverworld people, et. al.
Dugsong, Nirva, Hiverworld people, et. al.
w00dinner moved onto Rio (Dugsong, Nirva, lst, von Hausser)

w00suite '00

(Left to right) Joey, Conde-va, Fyodor, Horizon (John McDonald), Vacuum
K2, Cheez, Joey, Interrupt

w00w00 '99

w00w00 at Luxor (20+ people)
w00w00 and OpenBSD development team (15+ people)
w00w00 team at Defcon '99

Defcon '99

dmess0r, Jeff, Minus, Awr, rfp
Minus, Awr, Dugsong (doing the "w00"), Yan
Awr, Dugsong (and his chick), Kitetoa, Core S.D.I. guy
Dugsong, Remmie, Shok, Yan, Awr
Yan and Brian (setting up on the network)

w00dinner '99

dmess0r, Awr, Minus, Yan, Brian (Yahoo! guy)
(Clockwise at left) Remmie, Jeff, Jduck, J (Defcon's only deaf guy), Alex, Minus
(Clockwise at left) Alex, Fyodor, Kitetoa, Vacuum (Rhino9), Jeff, Remmie
Yan, Brian, Minus, dmess0r
w00w00 and OpenBSD development team (18 people)
OpenBSD development team (top left is Theo de Raadt, the others are unknown)

w00suite '99

w00w00 and its groupies
w00people relaxing after a long day
Fyodor, rfp, Interrupt
Joewee, Minus, Jericho, dmess0r, Alex, Jeff, Remmie
Mike/Interrupt, Fyodor, Vacuum, Shok
Joewee and Shok
Alex and Remmie
Shok and w00groupie
Jduck and Yan
Jeff, Remmie, Shok (too much alcohol)


Awr (with some chick) at defcon
Remmie (tonguing pie)
Remmie (showing her pierced tongue)
Joewee and someone defcon
rfp (at defcon '99)
Conde-Vampiro (on the left)
Shok (doing the "w00")
Shok (showing ear piercings)
Shok (at defcon)
n1ck (the official aussie)
symp (the official swede)
Interrupt (in his room)