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NEWS FLASH: In June, "w00w00" was the 20th most frequently searched word on google.com, with 50,000 hits in a single day.

      w00w00 (WSD), with 30+ active members, is currently the largest non-profit security team in the world. w00w00 was created a little under two years ago and has since grown rapidly. We have members in 3 continents, and 8 countries (Australia, Canada, France, Russia, England, Spain, Sweden, Germany), and 11 states (USA). Each member is diverse in their abilities, location, and ethnicity. The team continues to grow because we accept all people with strong capabilities, and once people become involved, they usually continue their involvement. Our major affiliations, in no particular order, include eEye Digital Security, Associative Assurance, Inc. (AAI), Roses Labs, ADM, HERT, Technotronic, Napster, Inc., Wiretrip, el8.org, and attrition.org. This site has been visited by 45+ different countries.

Comments and code to shok@dataforce.net.
Thanks to Blake for his involvement.