GBPPR vs. Obongo


Because GBPPR 'Zine editors were denied press passes to Obongo's "townhall" debacle in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 11, 2009 - we've decided to steal some photos off a local news website and add our own notes and observations.

Also, since there is really no proof that Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a., Barry Soetoro) can legally hold the Office of the President of the United States, we'll be picking out some potential security flaws in what was obviously only a training exercise in Presidential protection procedures.

Hopefully, some of these security holes will be noted or taken care of when a real President, like a Ron Paul or Sarah Palin, take office.

Yes We Can!


The mock townhall "meeting" took place at Southwest High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 11, 2009.    A few days before, the local media outlets were running around talking to people attending the rally about the types of questions they'd like to ask the President.  Yes, these same questions (and questioners!) were mysteriously the same ones that were asked by the people Obongo chose at "random."

Either Obongo is a fucking psychic, or the White House is pre-screening questions.  I guess the Magic Negro can't handle the pressure of not knowing a question ahead of time and needs to have the liberal media cover for him.  We guarantee you won't be hearing anything about that!

On With The Show

Only homeowners of the local houses were allowed to stay on their lawns.  Vehicles entering the general area needed to be checked with bomb-sniffing dogs.  People with "long lenses" on their cameras were asked to remove them to verify their proper operation.  A legitimate emergency call in a house near the school took place, and the fire engine and ambulance were allowed to pass through without any "bomb sniffing."  Everything was coordinated via the Secret Service.

At numerous times, the cops (GBPD) were having problems not making the repeater input to their trunked radio system.  The repeater input is on the north end of the city, and all this hoopla took place on the south end.  Apparently directional antennas are too great a concept for the Green Bay Police Department.  Extensive use of cellular phones was used when they needed extra "security."

One very interesting signal we found was an open VHF microphone (161.73 MHz) located at the school.  This microphone was open all day during the stage setup and up till tear down.  By monitoring this frequency we were able to get the name of the person to contact to get passed the locked doors at the school.  Also, it appears to still be possible to intercept any analog point-to-point 2.4 GHz microwave television transmissions used by the local media outlets.  Keep this in mind, as raw video feeds can leak all sorts of security details.

Another very interesting thing during protest, was a group of Canadians who flew down to join the protest and warn us about the dangers of a government-controlled health care system.  Now that's dedication folks.  The media didn't exactly cover that one...

The most active Secret Service frequency was the 165.375 MHz CHARLIE repeater.  It can be safe to assume we missed alot of covert radio traffic on unknown frequencies.  When Clinton came to town, they put a portable repeater on top of Lambeau Field to extend the coverage of their portable radios.  Alot of the Secret Service and other security radio traffic appeared to originate from the airport area, so that's likely their "HQ" during the visit.

As soon as the large Boeing airplane using the pirate callsign of "Air Force One" touched down, and the motorcade nonsense started, 165.8875 MHz became active.  Mobile flutter on the 165.8875 MHz signal's indicated they came from within the motorcade itself.  This means they can be used as a RF tracking beacon, if so needed.  All Secret Service traffic was P25 digital and encrypted.

The motorcade also appeared to also include RF jamming devices.  LOL!  Sure hope no one puts their "gimmicks" on the Secret Service's repeater input frequencies, or a 800 MHz trunk control channel.  Wouldn't want them jamming themselves...

The Presidential limo drivers "pre-drive" the motorcade route ahead of time (multiple times) to observe if anything changes over the course of the visit.  There were multiple routes and multiple limo drivers.  The first limo always seems to act as a decoy/blocker.  Also, for some reason, they motorcade relies on a conventional ambulance within the motorcade itself.  This could be a decoy, but the reliance on an "unprotected" ambulance seems kinda dumb.  Spend your ZOG bucks and get a nice bullet/EMP-proof ambulance.  Also, regular ambulances tend to rely on unprotected VHF radio transmissions to send vital patient information to the hospital they are traveling to.  This can reveal their position (and the target hospital), and are trivial to jam.

The SWAT/counter-assault guys and "counter-sniper" snipers all appeared to be vunerable to directed-energy (ADS/Frey-type weapons) or laser countermeasures.  Also, I still think it's possible to "distract" bomb-sniffing/attacks dogs using ultrasonic mixing or directed-energy RF weapons.  Dogs really don't like RF weapons.

Several of the motorcade vehicles also appeared vulnerable to direct EMP-induced attacks against their ignition/fuel-control systems.  Good to know if you need to create a quick traffic jam.

Other things to keep in mind, is Boeing's use of a 4.3 GHz radar altimeter.  This could potentially be spoofed to cause the plane to crash into the ground while performing a poor weather landing.  Also, the plane's IFF transmitter makes a really nice RF beacon for something on the ground to follow that will be immune to infrared-based countermeasures.


School was actually in session until around 9 or 10 a.m.  This made for a traffic nightmare, and artificially increased the number of Obongo "supporters" the media likes to report.


More Sheeple.

Bomb dogs coordinated via the Secret Service.

Some of the video transmissions were analog FM in the 2.4 GHz band.

More Sheeple.

"President," (((congressman))), tool governor, and the mayor.

Non-U.S. citizen pretending to be the President during this training exercise.

Note the antennas.

The President is usually in the second limo.

Counter-sniper sniper.

Over 500 people were murdered in Obama's Chicago in 2008.  Who will protect you?

Most of these people can be outsmarted by just talking fast.

Securing the airport and runway.

Securing the boarding ramp.

If they only knew...

Counter-assault team.


Radio Intercepts

Here are a few MP3 audio files of local radio traffic heard during the training exercise.

Jun_11_2009-165.375MHz.mp3  (21 seconds)

P25 digital data on 165.375 MHz.  This was the Secret Service's most active VHF frequency.  Recorded from a non-P25 capable scanner.

Jun_11_2009-800TRUNK.mp3  (20 minutes)  (MP3)

Time compressed and raw audio (some minor cuts were made) from the Brown County 800 MHz trunked radio system used by the Green Bay and Ashwaubenon police departments.  Audio starts when they take away a guy for talking about "bombs" near the school.  Police units within the "700" and "800" range were in charge of security for this exercise.  Unit 700 (Swanson) was the main contact.  Yes, that's her radio cutting out from not making the repeater input!  Fine police work there...  They also talk to a guy who has a "camouflage" backpack.  You think they harrassed people with "Obama" backpacks?  Packerland is the street Southwest High School is on and was the main route for the motorcade.  The cross streets are called out as the motorcade passes through them.  Note the call about the wild 'coons!

Jun_11_2009-161.73MHz.mp3  (12 minutes)

Open wireless microphone at 161.73 MHz during the stage setup at the school.  This was about three hours before the hoopla took place.  Continuous recording.  Note how sensitive the microphone is!

Jun_11_2009-161.73MHz-2.mp3  (25 minutes)  (MP3)

Open wireless microphone at 161.73 MHz time compressed up until the meeting.  Includes the "mic check" faggot.  Note that all the microphones are wireless.  And I'll bet you thought transmitting on fast-food drive-thrus was funny!  At 13:15 into the MP3, you can get the name of the person to contact for getting passed the locked doors at the school.  At 20:30 you can hear some reporters talking about blatant ACORN voter fraud (I wish!).

Higher resolution pictures and the original project article are available in GBPPR 'Zine Issue #63