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¤¤¤¤ The "Millennium" +HCU strainer and lesson 2 of this year's courses (by +Aesculapius) have been published! ¤¤¤¤

10 October 1999: the "cheshire cat" trick
Fravia+ and +Malattia attended a meeting in Brussel (Belgium) between 8 and 12 October 1999. We enjoyed drinking beer (may be too many? :-) with our Benelux friends at the "Mort Subite", where I have decided to "freeze" this site for the time being, see you elsewhere on the web, eventually...
1-15 October 1999

Hyperjavascript ~ fortress hacked & site-busting ~ paranoid protections ~ visual basic p-code ~ paranoia ~ Rsagnt32.dll ~ Bruteforcing ~ algorithm reversing ~ program's Security reversing ~
You will find on the "hyperjavascript" page (entrance at vao_hype.htm) a new essay by -Sp!ke: Rage War Reversing simple JS page protection ~ Two small "site-busting" contributions: 1): sozni_91.htm: The art of guessing, by .sozni and 2) index_ha.htm: an hacking attack against the index page of my new fortress by sortof, both part of the ideale.htm section. ~ radmin.htm: A paranoic protection: Remote administrator viewer , by Staier (part of the advanced.htm section) ~ cb_vb6_1.htm: VB6-Pcode Reversing - Cracking a VB6-Pcode Crackme, visual basic reversing, by CyberBlade (and disavowed) part of the Project8.htm section ~ parano1.htm: The way things are different: an example of paranoia, by vanrigter part of the realicra.htm section ~ so_macr1.htm: Macromedia's Drumbeat 2000: There's Bugs in the Woodwork ~ Rsagnt32.dll upgrade, by Sojourner ~ along_01.htm: How to reverse our target creating a good Brute Force Cracker!, by aLoNg3x ~ smegg_01.htm: Reversing an algorithm to ensure gameing success and fame on the internet by Smegget ~ lati_005.htm: See how programmers care when it is about user's own data security: Calypso by Latigo ~ Slightly updated pages: history.htm; links.htm; index.htm; protec.htm; alphabe.htm; index.html; fravia.htm;
16-30 September 1999

credit cards stupidity ~ Encryption Algorithm Reversing ~ Hooking API calls via IAT ~ Reversing & functions addition ~ Rebol bot! ~ Home-made anonymous remailer ~ Historical protections: Lotus ~ Stupid protections: Micro$oft ~ CD-checks ~ FlexLM ~ alphabe!
creditca.htm: Economic Wargames and credit card stupidity, by Dal Timgar , (part of the realicra.htm section); ~ Four! Advanced essays (all three of them part of the advanced.htm section): 1): flex2_45.htm: Reversing Globetrotter's Flexcrypt (Key Extraction and Encryption Algorithm Reversing), by Nolan Blender; 2): nol_02_f.htm: Reversing the report encryption algorithm for the flexlm license manager,by Nolan Blender, (both are also part of the new flexlm.htm section); 3) conseal.htm: How to crack Conseal PC Firewall in an 'unusual' way, by NeuRaL_NoiSE; 4) nnhnpad.htm: Reversing, functions addition, modifications in the existing code (and classic cracking of a typical M$-target: notepad.exe), by NeuRaL_NoiSE (this one is also part of the corporat.htm section); ~ sono_bot.htm: A handy search tool and intro to REBOL, by sonofsamiam; (part of the botstart.htm section) ~ anonzer0.htm: Making an anonymous mailer & Messing with data structures, by +Zer0 (part of the noanon.htm section and of the anonema.htm section) ~ lotusmil.htm: An historical protection scheme: Lotus SmartSuite-Mellinium Edition, by +NetHack (for those interested in the history of protection schemes) ~ msaccess.htm: Cracking Access Databases (Beating M$ with his own tools) , by LaptoniC; (part of the project7.htm "most stupid protections" section) ~Two "CD-check" essays, by zoltan: 1): d2kessay.htm: Reverse Engineering The Protections From WestWood - DUNE; 2) zltcomma.htm: How to defeat the cd-lock protectIon - COMMAND; (both part of the project4.htm "CD-checks" section) ~ Three FlexLM contributions: 1) revework.htm: The flexlm challenge and cooperative reversers' work, by AAVV; 2) nol_02_f.htm: Reversing the report encryption algorithm for the flexlm license manager, by Nolan Blender; 3) dan_fle5.htm: Flexlm v6.1 new feature lc_new_job(), by Dan; (all three part of the flexlm.htm new section) ~ alphabe.htm: Some more order at fravia's ~ Slightly updated pages: jef_rem4.htm; noanon.htm; tools.htm; index.htm; index.html; fravia.htm; new_what.htm & what_new.htm; pepper2.htm; tech01.htm; threade.htm;
1-15 September 1999

~ ad display cracking ~ licensing tricks ~ unpacker galore ~ tackling the BEST challenge! ~ dvd for free ~ an unusual perl bot and a new version of the HCUbot ~ Adding functionalities to a window program ~ corporate tricks
addispl1.htm: Cracking binary boy an Ad display free program, by +Tsehp, (part of the antiadve.htm section); ~ sojorose.htm: A Rose Unfolds Before Us. A License by any Other Name, by Sojourner ~ Two Unpacking-related essays: 1) patchpck.htm: Generating a patch for a packed program: Another approach to cracking packed programs, by Lord Soth; 2) threade.htm: Cracking a packed exe. _packer: Neolite 2.0 _program: AZPR 2.31., by Staier; both part of the projunpa.htm section; ~ goto99co.htm lesson 2 of this year's +HCU courses ~ best0001.htm: Attacks against the BEST encryption algorithm: chaos is definitely not randomness by +Spath (part of the advanced.htm and of the papers.htm sections); ~ gogogirl.htm: ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: computer knowledge for girls by Gogogirl ~ frog_dvd.htm: How to get a region code free M$ DVDPlayer by +Frog's Print ~ lazcalc.htm: Adding functionality to the Windows Calculator by LaZaRuS (part of the advanced.htm and of the papers.htm sections); ~Two essays about bots: 1) botcgi.htm: Mirbot 1.0: a very special kind of a Robot by The Mystical Friend and 2) rt_bot2.htm: The HCUbot: a simple Web Retrieval Bot in Perl (version 2), by deep; both part of the botstart.htm section. ~ Slightly updated pages: corporate.htm
August 1999
Nice holydays. Updates will slow up from now on.
For those interested, in August I have held (I have been told with success :-) a workshop at the CCC camp near Berlin: "Software reversing: beyond simple protection cracking".
straine1.htm and millen1.htm: The +HCU "Millennium" strainer
goto99co.htm: entrance to the +HCU 1999 courses
(by +Aesculapius and other older ones :-)
15-31 July 1999

The Millennium strainer! ~Perl! ~ Anti-advertisement updates ~ Softice ~ cryptoreversing ~ C-Dilla ~ Delphi ~ +HCU 1999! ~ FlexLM ~ Perl-bots! ~ Chown! ~ Regmonitoring for beginners ~ Reversing information ~ Reversing Opera
perl_es1.htm: ~ How to reverse a "free" service by [blue]~ Part of the botstart.htm "Bots" section and of the remobann.htm "Removing banners" section (which is itself part of the antiadve.htm "Anti-advertisemenet" section) ~ ghiridum.htm: Ghiribizzo's A Quick Guide To Using IceDump/Bhrama Part of the Numega's project old section; ~ cryptunt.htm: On cryptosystems untrustworthiness, by Pavel V. Semjanov (part of the papers.htm section ~ blackche.htm: C-Dilla Safedisc: Another comercial Protection defeated, by Black Check, (part of the advanced.htm and of the protec.htm sections) ~ laza_s11.htm: Finding standard functions in Delphi/C++ Builder, by LaZaRuS, (part of the papers.htm section) ~Two FlexLM - related essays: 1) wankbob.htm: FlexLM - Alternative Method for License Generation, by Acme; 2) tp_flex.htm: Analysis of Key Generation Techniques within FlexLM (Unix reversing), by Nolan Blender, part of the papers.htm section; ~ rt_bot1.htm: The HCUbot: a simple Web Retrieval Bot in Perl, by deep, (part of the botstart.htm section) ~ chown_bl.htm: Who owns your files? Security thorough obscurity by [blue], the great CHOWN essay! (part of the corporat.htm section) ~ scla_psp.htm: Paint Shop Pro v5.0: Basic regmonitoring techniques, by Santa Clawz ~ kennedea.htm: About the media coverage of young Kennedy's death by Super-Samantha, (part of the reveinfo.htm section) ~ as_opera.htm: Reversingthe protection scheme of Opera 3.60, by -alx ~ Slightly updated pages: links.htm; index.htm; index.html; fravia.htm; corporate.htm
1-15 July 1999
Puppeteers ~ Unpacking ~ Softice ~ Anti-advertisement updates ~ Reversing Gods ~ Java! ~ Accmail
puppet1.htm: Tom Pedersen's The puppeteers ~ Part of the Reality cracking section; ~ volati_s.htm: Volatily's Manually Unpacking - ASPack v1.083 Part of the Packers and Unpackers section; ~ sice_al1.htm: Kaxeli's Softice's DigitCheck's Checkdigit :-) Part of the Numega's project old section; ~ covert1.htm: c0v3rt+'s Adding sections to PE Files: Enhancing functionality of programs by adding extra code. Part of the papers.htm section; ~ andrew1.htm: Andrew Schulman's utilities - 1 (source code and compiled exe). Part of the new orc.htm "Reversing Gods" section; ~ A new Java section with four essays and links collections by my dogg Erl et alia: erl_jav0.htm: Beagle's guide to Java: digging in. "A hike through the garden of Java"; erl_jav1.htm: Beagle's guide to Java: the Links, page 1, "after anger hung red moon"; erl_jav2.htm: Beagle's guide to Java. the Links, page 2, "call for phillip morris!"; erl_jav3.htm: Beagle's guide to Java: Ask the Library Cat. "How does the Library Cat find things, again?" ~ boyd1.htm: The importance of accmail by fravia+, part of the howtosea.htm section ~ Slightly updated pages: links.htm; jef_rem4.htm; index.htm; anmsscri.htm; orc1.htm
16-30 June 1999
FlexLm and FlexLock ~ Menu reversing ~ More banner removing ~ Hyperjavascript galore~ rsagnt32.dll~ social engineering~ Javascript Lapalien~ Anonymity~ Assembler~ Sniffing hidden files
Two essays by Pilgrim: 1) flexm11.htm: FlexLm handy hints (more stuff on FlexLm) and 2) pflexlo1.htm: FlexLock...less secure than the rest of FLEXlm ~ menusspa.htm: Theory and practice of menus reversing, by +Spath (part of the papers.htm section and of the advanced.htm section) ~ Three 'Banner removing' additions: remobann.htm: 1): terr22.htm: More banner removing, by TeRR0RNauT; 2): jef_rem4.htm Jeff's test sites; 3): gorhost.htm: Gordon's mighty HOSTS trick and file ~ Four 'hyper javascript' essays: three "compilations" by TheSeeker: 1): Javascript protection reversing revised: First issue : Collector's items (COMPILATION) 2): Javascript protection reversing Second issue: (a quick look) behind the looking glass (DESCRIPTION) 3): Crypto with Javascript: First issue: The vintage years (rough version) (ENCRYPTION) and a very smart essay by Laurent: The impossible entrance: a first solution (Applying a scoring method to guess the key). To get there see the "hyperjavascript entrance" at vao_hype.htm ~ sojoagen.htm: Sojourner 's Busting through the newest (June 99) rsagnt32.dll (Macromedia) ~ social_1.htm: An example of social engineering, one of the easiest ways to gather informations, by _A&T, June 1999 (part of the luring.htm section and of the enemy.htm section) ~ easyjstr.htm: Easy javascript tricks (part of the javascri.htm Lab) ~ anony_30.htm: Better E-Mail Anonymity, by a295225(at)hotmail (part of the noanon.htm section and of the anonema.htm section) ~ hutch_su.htm: Hutch's (SLH) secrets of writing elegant and fast assembler ~ Ward van Wanrooij's Wininet.dll secrets (Revealing hidden files which record user-activity) ~ Slightly updated pages: aitodelp.htm, jef_rem4.htm, cocktail.htm, anmsscri.htm, project9.htm, cocktail.htm, papers.htm, blackbo.htm and io13.htm.
1-15 June 1999
To protect or not to? ~ Crunching along ~ hyper javascript galore! ~ Kosovo ~ trainers! ~ nuke those ads! ~ decrypting archives and InstalSHIELD Zen Cracking ~ Delphi reversing ~
Views on software protection by various programmers and reversers, part of the how to protect better serie ~ crunchi8.htm: Joa's Little essay about the various methods and viewpoints of crunching. Part VIII: Burrows - Wheeler - Transformation (BWT) ~ links.htm, help.htm, whatdika.htm, realicra.htm and tools.htm (a complete C source code for disassembling!) updated ~ vao_hype.htm: many small advanced javascript essays by bajunny, Iker, The Seeker and sNv plus some other essays from the wide wide web plus The Seeker's javascript debugger! All these essays are on the Hyper Javascript page, where you will now also find the new "password-compilation" Javascript page a 'working in progress' new lab, moderated by The Seeker and some clever attempts to solve the impossible entrance by sNw and Don Quijote ~ bajunny's chrom_1.htm "Burning Chrome" (cracking the war in Kosovo) ~ trainer1.htm: "The Ancient Art of Training", by A nameless stranger ~ Anti-advertisement section: three new essays!: 1): sha2adw.htm: "How to find and eliminate our communication with the machines that are targeting us with ads" by Kept_Anonymous; 2): remocra1.htm: +tsehp's Tool for removing banners and pop ups; 3): jef_rem4.htm: Jeff's An ongoing lab on banners removing ~ Installshield and archives decryption: two essays: 1) decrymla.htm: Eric's "Decrypting encrypted archives" (using Mathlab as an example) and 2) rox_inst.htm: +RoXrOb "InstalSHIELD Script Zen Cracking" ~ aitodelp.htm: +Aitor "Delphi Reverse Engineering DFM Files, Windows RCDATA and Object Conversion Routines" ~
16-31 May 1999
How to eliminate banners ~ Tapu on Yugoslavia ~ packed protections ~ Millennium Strainer ~ recording the unrecordable ~ good ole timelock and InstallShield ~ the great return of the advanced javascript pages
tapunato.htm: Cracking The World War III Show: A War Without Good Guys by Tapu ~ remobann.htm: How to remove advertisement banners from freepages by Various Authors (part of the anti-advertisement new section) ~ A Packed protection by +tsehp ~ The +HCU "Millennium" strainer (part 1) by fravia+, +Greythorne and Steinowitz (in fieri) ~ Convincing Real Player Plus G2 to Record: Enabling Record Functionality for Audio Clips by sNw (useful for programmers!) ~ help.htm and history.htm and flexm.htm updated ~ VBox Builder 4.2, a TRW session by PLUMe, part of the timelock.htm serie ~ archim1.htm: Reverse engineering of InstallShield Eval/DemoVersion 5.5 (Change a temporary file) by Archimede ~ Lotta new things at the three advanced javascript pages (entrances at javascri.htm): 1) "A recursive procedure to generate the possibilities", by sepulcrum of revolution (on the advanced javascript page) ~ 2) Coasting Along On A Wave by +Sandman (on the "devious" javascript page) ~ vao_hype.htm: the entrance to the new "hyperprotectons" javascript page where you will find (among other things) ~ 3) JS Protection schemes: "Printing directly to frames without a CGI", by fravia+ ~ 4) JS Protection schemes: "User input and javascript", by fravia+ ~ 5) JS Protection schemes: "How to encrypt with Javascript", by fravia+
1-15 May 1999
Propaganda's exegesis ~ bots wars ~ good ole cracking ~ who's writing there? ~ how to archie ~ dead listing masters and CRC experts ~ market research and internationalising our essays
NATO aggression adjectives by fravia+, beside being part of the text cracking section, this essay inaugurates also my new screaming truth section ~ IRC Bot/Script Wars by Sourceror, part of the bots wars section ~ Three essays for the software reversing section: 1) hacking a computer with Fortres by --==[ St0rmer ]==-- and 2) cracking the hotline sw client v1.2 and server v1.0 b8 by douby^dread and 3) Generation of older style FLEXlm license files by VoxQuietis ~ Two essays for the how to search section: 1) keyboard identification by Surreal5, and 2) Archie searches and search parameters explained by Kuririn. ~ Two essays for the +HCU papers section: 1) How to dead list by Svd and 2) CRC and how to Reverse it by anarchriz ~ Two essays for the reality cracking section: 1) Market Research and Its Role In Enslavement ~ A Brief Description of Techniques Used By Marketers To Enslave by Tony ByGarthnos, and 2) La rébellion des esclaves, Marbou Lalouse's french translation of +ORC's famous essay: Supermarket enslaving tricks ~ sealight.htm (search engines) updated! ~ statoo.htm (stalking tools) updated!
April 1999
I have crossed. Fravia's site is being altered, see my recent thoughts if you'r interested, read the history of fravia's site if you want to know more about the syn-attacks I had to endure.
20 January 1999
Serious protections (1) ~ stalking +ORC ~ Advanced Javascript ~ Softice for the Masses ~ bye bye CD-Cops ~ Bashing the paranormal ~ dead listing advanced teachings
probet_1.htm: +puarc's Protection Techniques (1): How to protect your C programs (How to protect better section) ~ Two essays about orc related stuff: 1): zenstal.htm by aZh nAZg, about the correct stalking 'mood' you should need in order to stalk +ORC's old gate ~ 2): whosorc.htm by aZh nAZg, +ORC revealed... the best of Zen stalking (this one is relevant also for the javascript reversing lab) ~ Advanced Javascript pages: The 'WHEEL OF FORTUNE' solution by Pr!Me5 ~ softtric.htm: +OCHE SATRIANI's & +OBLEK's How to trick Numegas registration routines (and download everything you want from Numega's site) disassembling Softice itself ~ cdromcla.htm: McLallo's CD-Cops, Another ready-made protection annihilated, part of the CD-Rom cracking lab ~ Two essays for the reality cracking section: 1) parano1.htm by Furtim Bashing the paranormal crap ~ 2) empeclot.htm The Priest's Jobs and tailoring (An unveiling)
9 January 1999
CD-Rom cracking ~ little offline marvels ~ updating ~ Active Server Page reversing ~ Remote Explorer ~ Advanced reality cracking ~ Flexcrypt revisited ~ stupid protections ~ bye bye releasesoft ~ emulating dongles
kilbycd.htm: Kilby's Reversing Thief and the current Eidos protection scheme (CD-Rom cracking) ~ svdcd1.htm: Svd's "Offline" debugging and other little marvels (part of the protecting better section) ~ marajasp.htm: Indian Maharaja's Active Server Page reversing, part of the Site busting section ~ Server exploit essays added ~ How to protect, rules, Micro$oft bashing, fp_dong1.htm, kuririrh.htm and formamus revamped ~ remoex.htm: Remote Explorer: McAfee's selling trick or an interesting target? (part of the Micro$oft bashing section) ~ talbott1.htm: Steve Talbott's Can open standards suffocate us? Some unsystematic notes on standardization an advanced reality cracking essay ~ int21_m2.htm: int24h's Explaining a very stupid quiver protection ~ TWO files from the How to protect better section: 1)pilgrim2.htm: Pilgrim's Further FlexCrypt analysis ~ 2) india_r1.htm: Indian1998+ Cracking a Commercial Time Trial Protection using Wdasm32 as debugger (bye bye Releasesoft) ~ project3.htm: A nex tools for dongle emulation

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