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    I N T R O D U C T I O N :
    As pressure is asserted upon the Internet from insecure individuals in various World Governments, an alternative network is needed to insure that the free flow of information is not obstructed, captured, analyzed, modified, or logged. This is the main purpose of To provide a networking fabric outside of Governments, commercial Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, and dubius Internet regulatory bodies. The free flow of private information is a REQUIREMENT of a free society.

    The research conducted on this project will surface through our open source web site.

    Gnet is more than wireless "free Internet".

    N E W S

    21 January 2004 <-New!
    Yawn!!!.. Rumplestiltskin here, waking up two years later due to a swift kick in the but from Nox, and probably the most complete Senao AP3 / CB3 hacking page out there. Programming information for the IP2022 chipset along with programming software, pod designs and firmare for probably the most adaptable, hackable, and reliable AP's we have used. Instructions on how to convert a CB3 into an AP3 and back again. Seriously sorry for the slack. If there is anyone in the Northeast that wants to work on stuff drop nox a line, as Oblivion's email is so saturated with spam, it isn't funny. That is what happens when you have the same email address since 1995. We've been at this for almost 10 years now. There are numerous half documented projects in the TO DO folder, so keep checking back.. seriously this time. ;^)

    31 August 2002 <-New!
    The folks over at have put together a kit for the 2.4GHz 5dBi gain collinear antenna. Their kits include a 5dBi model, an 8dBi model, and a 12dBi model. The kit instructions are available for download and can be used to assemble ours. Our antenna is actually 8dBi, but we de-rated it as we did not test it on a range.

    20 June 2002
    We have archived a few more packages that are useful for those building Gnets. floppy based access point by will help in setting up access points on the fly, enabling quick and dirty field operations and low-cost deployments. NoCatAuth from, is a useful package to help manage connections and employ controls on Internet gateway nodes, should your application require one. We have archived this information here, as it is too important to be distributed from only one site.

    17 January 2002
    The new OpenAP release is a great step forward. We have archived this information here, as it is too important to be distributed from only one site.

    02 December 2001
    Gnet presents another external antenna modification to 802.11 equipment. This procedure enables the owner of a Cisco Aironet AP34x to add external antenna coaxial RF connectors to then connect the antenna of ones choice.

    21 July 2001
    Gnet presents an easy to follow procedure to turn a linux box (redhat71) into an Access Point using a PrismII STA(we used the SMC2632). Be warned, you have to down rev to a 2.2.19 kernel in this procedure. Lame I know, a RH6.2 procedure will come, but you can play with this today. The linux savvy can work this into a redhat 6.2 install.
    This package is all you need. Good luck.

    30 May 2001
    Modification plans for the SMC2632w are complete. New section added to the menubar, Power Systems, where you will find various informative articles and how-to instructions on building renewable energy sources for remote radio operation sites, such as hilltop or clandestine building tops. I feel a strange kinship with the Guerrilla Solar folks. ;^)

    20 May 2001
    Mirrored a bunch of 802.11 information in the event the original source disappears. Will be adding to this more over the next few weeks. Modification plans for the SMC2632w are also under construction.

    7 April 2001
    Brian Oblivion and Cpt. Kaboom have stopped screwing around and finished documenting a very easy to construct 5 dBi gain collinear antenna for 2.4Ghz communications. This is a low power model, that can realistically take a weekend to construct. The prototype is currently in use and performing much better than expected! This antenna is compairable to the Lucent omnis costing a $100 more dollars than it will cost you to build. Enjoy.

    24 March 2001
    Procedure for adding an external SMA RF connector to legacy 900Mhz/2.4Ghz Wavelan transceivers. While they are not 802.11 compliant, they work extremely well in distant Point-to-Point applications, where you wouldn't want to waste typical 802.11 equipment anyway. Alas, media streaming dweebs will be disappointed at the measly 2Mbit/sec data rates.. boo hoo...

    22 March 2001
    Brian Oblivion and Cpt. Kaboom reveal plans for a 6 dBi gain collinear antenna for 2.4Ghz applications. The antenna is a bit overkill, as it can handle up to 200W of "heat". A lower power, cheaper, easier to construct version is coming soon... but if you want robust, this is the unit for you. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT couple this to your microwave gunnplexor. ;^)