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  Rune Stone BBS


  Rune Stone BBS

The Runes are there, for any fool to read.
But only he who has Hung on the Tree, as did Father Odin.
One who has gazed on the Abyss and suffered its emptiness,
May know their true meanings or tap the Power that lies within.

When a user registers an account on the Rune Stone BBS,
we expect them to be an active participant.
Inactive accounts will be deleted after 72 hours.
The IIRG does not tolerate lurkers or leechers.

If you are an unknown "blind" new user,
you'll have limited access to the system.
You can obtain further access by your actions.
Posting and Uploading is the way to gain higher access.

There are 3 levels of access available on the Rune Stone:

1. New User - (Guest Level) - You have very limited access to forums and files.
Your participation and contributions in these forums will determine if you progress to user level.

2. User - (User Level) - You have proven yourself to be a valuable system member.
This level of access allows roughly 75% of access to the systems forums and files.

3. IIRG Member/Affiliate/Courier and IIRGnet Member.

You have 100% access to the systems files and forums with no limitatations.
This level is INVITATION only.

E-mail us at for the link.
The Rune Stone BBS is NOT a public system,
and is only accessible via the web.



  IIRGlabs Files


  Mad Scientists

Visitors to our workshop often commented on our wallpapers and programs.

The members have gotten together and raided their machines,
to make them available to those interested parties.



  Looking to the Future


The IIRG is a loosely knit collective of hackers and electronics enthusiasts
who adhere to the classic definition of the word "Hacker".
To the IIRG, "Hacking" is a positive term,
which applies to the mindset that ingenuity, determination, and knowledge-sharing can be used to solve any technical problem.

If you are of like mind and are NOT a money hungry profiteering glutton,
contact us.

Here is our current RSA public PGP key for secure communication.

(Don't have PGP? Get it here.
This version works on XP only and not on Vista.

Please remember to send us your "public key" before e-mailing us with an encrypted message.
(Yes, individuals do this all the time!)

Contact the IIRG at:



  IIRG PSP Page Beta 2


  PSP's are Sexy!

The IIRG's PSP page has been updated with new links.
It will be going through many updates in the coming month.

The page is designed to be viewed and accessed by PSPs.



  CAMGirls Updated!



 We would once again like to thank all the lovely young ladies and supporters who have mailed in their photos.
Please keep them coming!

We invite all aspiring exhibitionists or models to send us your camera phone or digital camera self photos.
We have no rules of conduct other than you are 18+.
We charge no access fee or subscription rate, we truly believe in the hacker credo that:
 "All Information Should be FREE"!

Send your submissions to:

The Original CAMGirl Page

CAMGirl Page

We have created CAMGirl Page Two with recent submissions.

CAMGirl Page Two




  The On-going IIRG.NET SAGA


 Thomas Icom (AKA Ticom)

 They often say imitation is the greatest form of flattery,
but in the case of a former IIRG member it shows his lack of originality and the depth his dementia has taken him.

As we have said, we sympathize with his family and do not want to fuel his delusions any further,
but we feel the need to respond to some of his
demented ramblings.

Thomas Icom (a pseudonym) states that after 24 hours of publicly posting's control panel URL and password, Mercenary or another IIRG member did not log in and secure the page.

This is the farthest thing from the truth that could be stated. The limited sub-accounts password was changed,
but the delusional Ticom still retained admin access
on the host system.

Another fabricated statement was that
Mercenary is a "raving alcoholic",
of course we can understand this statement coming from Ticom since he can only tolerate one beer, so anyone that drinks more than one beer is an alcoholic to him).

We are most amused by the statement that the IIRG is dead and has a lone member.
This ludicrous accusation comes from the demented mind of a delusional psychofrenic who has clearly lost at least 80% of his cognitive abilities and has no grip on reality.


1. Tried to start a Hackerspace called "DogSolitude" which failed miserably.
2. Tried to steal the IIRG acronym and create his own IIRG with a different wording.
3. Accused Mercenary of being a "raving alcoholic" after learning we call his blog "Ravings of a Man In Black".

Apparently he has aggravated some others in his delusional state, we have received e-mails calling him a schmuck and asking for intelligence on him.

We ask those of you who may be aggravate by him,
to just ignore his antics.
Fueling his delusional fantasies will only cause his family more heartbreak.


Another moment of clarity has struck!
After being "thoroughly chastised", (
his words, not ours)
Control of IIRG.NET has once again been relinquished to us.
How long this continues,
remains to be seen.



Hacker Chicks!


Dream Hacker

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