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The IIRG and it's affiliates disclaim any and all responsibility for any damage that may be caused by any of these files. We strongly recommend that you scan any file downloaded from the Internet with a reputable virus scanner such as Mcafee or NOD32.

IIRG and BASIC HACKING TEXT FILES IIRG Hackers Acronym List with Internet Acro Supplemental Issue #11. 164KB Text IIRG SIGINT Series - Volume 1 - Every Cellular Site in Connecticut. 4KB Text IIRG SIGINT Series - Volume 2 - Telephone Maintenance Frequencies for Connecticut,New York, New Jersey, and Mass. 9KB Text IIRG SIGINT Series - Volume 3 - Everything Licensed in Hartford,Connecticut. 15KB Text IIRG SIGINT Series - Volume 4 - Bristol and Burlington Connecticut Frequency List Licensed in Hartford,Connecticut. 8KB Text IIRG SIGINT Series - Volume 5 - Tolland County Ambulance, Rescue and Fire Radio Codes. 4KB Text Common Ports Text File - By: Virtual Circuit and Psychotic 4KB Text Raising Hell With Unix - By: Kryptic Knight 7KB Text How To hack Web Pages - By: Virtual Circuit and Psychotic 15KB Text
hax0r.txt Yet another Guide To Hacking - By: Disc0rd 9KB Text The Hackers Handbook - By: Hugo Cornwall 74KB Text How Kevin Mitnick hacked Tsutomu Shimomura with an IP sequence attack 7KB Text WinGating for Newbies by SouthernRebel 2KB Text


KEYBOARD LOGGERS Key Log 98, Log Key Strokes - By: Luna 270KB NT 4.0 KeyCopy V1.01 - By: Christoper E. BoVee 5KB DOS KeyLog 2!, Windows 3.1/95 Keystroke Recorder 41KB WIN 3.1 and 95/98 Key Log WN V1.5, Keystroke Logger - By: Mike Ellis 38KB WIN 95/98


PASSWORD CRACKERS Cracker Jack V1.4 with Jack Preprocessor - Dos based Unix password cracker 443KB DOS Unix password cracker addon for Cracker Jack - By: Scorpion 81KB DOS Dictionary Generator V1.0 - By: Scut 8KB DOS
shadow.c Unshadow password files 3KB Unix
unshad.c Unshadow password files 1KB Unix Password File Updater V2.0 - By: John Deere 37KB DOS and OS/2 Xit 2.0 - Dos based Unix password cracker - By: Roche'Crypt 104KB DOS Qcrack V1.01, A very fast Unix password cracker for Dos 99KB DOS Personal Computer Unix Password Cracker V1.01- By: Doctor Dissector 49KB DOS Advanced Zip Password Cracker V0.93 169KB DOS
relel11.exe SnadBoys Revelation v1.1 - allows you to 'see behind' the asterisks and view those password fields in Windows. 1.3MB WIN 95/98
john-1_6_tar.gz John The Ripper V1.6, Password cracker 497KB Unix Ultra Zip Password Cracker v1.11 36KB DOS John The Ripper v1.3 - Multi-Version Unix password cracker 706KB DOS,UNIX.WIN 95/98/NT Killer Cracker V9.5 - By: Doctor Dissector 56KB DOS Guess, Unix password Checker V2.1 - By: Christian Beaumont 52KB DOS Hades V1.0 - Brute Force Unix password cracker 118KB DOS Brute 2.0, Unix password cracker 100KB DOS John The Ripper V1.6, Password cracker for DOS 703KB DOS John The Ripper V1.6, Password cracker for Windows 780KB WIN 95/98 Windows 95 Screen Saver Cracker 88KB WIN 95/98


SPOOFERS Dr. Spewfy V1.96 - Ident Spoofer for IRC - By: Storm 7KB WIN 95/98 Erect 97 - IP Spoofer 11KB WIN 95/98 Ident Spoofer 95 V1.0 - By: Mindrape and Royce 107KB WIN 95 Ghost IP Spoofer for IRC- By Cha0s 19KB WIN 95/98 Chaos 97 IP Spoofer - By: Cha0s 6KB WIN 98 X-Identd V1.5 - By: Drago 54KB WIN 98 Butt Sniffer Plugin V0.91 for Back Orifice 175KB WIN 95/98/NT Butt Sniffer Plugin V0.93 for Back Orifice 131KB WIN 95/98


bo121.tar.gz Back Orifice, Remote Control Program Like PC-Anywhere 27KB Unix Back Orifice, Remote Control Program Like PC-Anywhere 284KB NT 4.0 Cleaner 2, Removes 32 common Trojans By: MooSoft Development 495KB WIN 95/98 Back Orifice Detect, Detects and removes Back Orifice 214KB WIN 95/98 Back Orifice Spy, spy on a hacker attempting to use BO 85KB WIN 95/98
bof.exe Back Orifice Freeze V1.20, Freeze BO users when they scan 86KB WIN 95/98 Back Orifice Antigen V1.02, Detect clean and destroy BO 86KB WIN 95/98

Ever wondered who was trying to hack into your computer using Back Orifice?, BackFire is your answer. It is designed for those ex-Back Orifice's victims who think that removing the Trojan is not enough for them. They want to take revenge, fooling those intruders back! BackFire will fake itself as the Back Orifice server and allow you to intercept the Back Orifice communication port, track down the IP that is sending BO messages to you. And furthermore, you will have the power to flood them back! If your lucky, their Back Orifice client will hang.

backfire131.exe BackFire v1.31 - InstallShield version 3MB WIN 95/98 BackFire v1.31 - With no VB5 runtime and Winsock 61KB WIN 95/98 Sound file for BackFire. 255KB WIN 95/98 Masters Paradise, Remote Control Program 1MB WIN 95/98 Used with Masters Paradise To Deliver The Agent 1.7MB WIN 95/98 Deep Throat V1.0, Trojan 518KB WIN 95/98 Back Door V2.03, Remote control program 110KB WIN 95/98

Before attempting to use Netbus, please be sure to read the Netbus FAQ available here. NETBUS FAQ Netbus V1.70, Remote control program By: Carl-Fredrik Neikter. 548KB WIN 95/98

Having fun using NetBus on people while sometimes being fooled back by someone using NetBuster? Due to the unstable design of NetBuster, We now have NetBuster Buster. It will make those NetBuster user hang, having lame beeping and forcing them to close down the program. NetBuster Buster v1.0 65KB WIN 95/98

Bus Conquerer is a client application which automates the backdoor process of changing the password on a NetBus server to allow access. Why you need Bus Conquerer? Well, do you ever found yourself in a middle of excitement when you have try many IPs and finally found an infected NetBus PC? ...but you lose your temper when you found that PC was password protected! Irritating right? You will not face this problem when you have Bus Conquerer! It doesn't just give you access to the computer, but takeover the PC by changing the password to yours own defined one. The best part of this program is, you don't need to know the PC's IP that are infected by NetBus, it scan automatically and do its stuff when found one! Currently NOT SUPPORT NetBus V1.7!

busconq13.exe Bus Conquerer V1.3, Password hacker for netbus trojan (4 -Jan-1999) 4M WIN 95/98 Bus Conquerer V1.2, Password hacker for netbus trojan 29KB WIN 95/98 Enable Changing Password (for Bus Conquerer V1.2) 29KB WIN 95/98

Before attempting to use Netbus Pro, please be sure to read the following information available here. NBPRO INFO Netbus 2.0 Pro Beta, Remote Administration Tool 1.5MB WIN 95/98 Netbus 2.0 Pro Beta, Registration Crack 2KB WIN 95/98
busjack10.exe Netbus Pro Trojan Remover 426KB WIN 95/98 Remote Controll Program Similair to Back Orifice 809KB WIN 95/98
netcrusher.exe Net Crusher, Attack users of Netbus by freezing their client 90KB WIN 95/98
boclient1.4.exe Back Orifice Remote Control V1.4 By: BeeOne 375KB WIN 95/98 Satas, Netbus IRC Trojan Scanner 3KB WIN 95/98
Website directory exploit scanner. Coded by Gaa Moa 123KB WIN 95/98
IcePickVer.004 .zip A utility which searches for a site in a group of Cracking files and lists any matches. Program by Phobetor. Instructions by Phobetor and Jimeous. 226KB WIN 95/98 The latest version (132) of this excellent Netbus and B.O. scanner. Includes set-up package. 2.66MB WIN 95/98 Scans class B and C addresses for working wingates 34KB WIN 95/98 Port Toilet - a simple TCP Port Flooder. Pretty fast, nice GUI, and can reportedly crash several port blockers/listeners. We're not sure which specific ones, but some people we have tested it on have reported "It crashed my f*cking port blocker" 19KB WIN 95/98 No Access V1.1 - locks down the computer it is run on, until the user enters the correct password. The password is set by a separate program that encrypts it into a file. Nobody can get past this without knowing the password and how to enter it!
It was possible to access the taskbar on Win98, but the author has fixed that
40KB WIN 95/98
tfn2k.tgz Tribe Flood Network 2000 103KB UNIX

Using distributed client/server functionality, stealth and encryption techniques and a variety of functions, TFN can be used to control any number of remote machines to generate on-demand, anonymous Denial Of Service attacks and remote shell access. The new and improved features in this version include Remote one-way command execution for distributed execution control, Mix attack aimed at weak routers, Targa3 attack aimed at systems with IP stack vulnerabilities, Compatibility to many UNIX systems and Windows NT, spoofed source addresses, strong CAST encryption of all client/server traffic, one-way communication protocol, messaging via random IP protocol, decoy packets, and extensive documentation. Currently no IDS software will recognize tfn2k.

stachel.tgz Stacheldraht V4 - (German for "barbed wire") 164KB UNIX

Stacheldraht combines features of the "Trin00" distributed denial of service tool, with those of the original TFN, and adds encryption of communication between the attacker and Stacheldraht masters and automated update of the agents.

targa2.c Targa 2.0 - Denial of Service Script 42KB UNIX
targa3.c Targa 3.0 - Denial of Service IP stack penetration tool exploit generator 6KB UNIX
trinoo.tgz Trin00 Daemon Source - Implements a distributed denial of service attack. Controlled via UDP. 50KB UNIX
tentacle.c Tentacle - Denial Of Service Script 2KB UNIX
sysphear.c Sysphear - Denial Of Service Script 1KB UNIX
gnutel050c.exe Gnutella Version 0.50c is similar to the concept of Napster. Instead of having users connect to a single server, slowing down things, Gnutella allows each user to connect to each other directly and when doing searches Gnutella will search recursively through everybody your connected to and to they are connected to and ect.. 100KB WIN 95/98/NT
napv2b5.exe Napster 2.0 Beta 5a is a program that shares MP3's over the Internet. It is closed source and only available for Windows. The writer of this program has serious backing to form a company, but the RIAA is coming after him heavily. Users choose what directories to share MP3's from, then connect to a (closed) Napster server, and then files can be downloaded from them, and they can search, via the closed Napster server for MP3's from other clients, and then directly download those files from those clients. 620KB WIN 95/98
opennap-0.22.tar.gz OpenNAP V0.22 is an open source Napster-like server. You can connect to it with Napster client clones, or with Napigator-modified Napster. It runs on many UNIX's, and also Windows platforms. 153KB Linux
Solaris FreeBSD
Windows 2000
Freenet-20000324.tgz Freenet is an open source file sharer without the hype of Napster and Gnutella, but which is actually open source right now. 96KB Java compiler and interpreter compatible with Sun's 1.1 or 1.2 API FileFury Version1.00 allows you to share files of any type, and search over other computers with FileFury, all over the Internet, instantly. With FileFury, you can find and obtain files easily; allow your friends access to your files; and surf through any computer with FileFury installed, copying whatever you want. 1.07MB WIN 95/98/NT
setup.exe Wrapster is a new program that lets you share any files you want over the popular Napster community, not just MP3 files. The name comes from the idea that you're "wrapping" a collection of files in a header that looks like a legitimate MP3 to the Napster program. The software creates archives that can contain anything from movies, full albums, and the latest warez releases to just plain old images and Perl scripts. These archives can be searched for on the Napster network by specifying a specially preset bit rate and frequency that identify Wrapster files. 434KB WIN 95/98/NT


MISC. UTILITIES and ANTI-CORPORATE SELLOUT SOFTWARE LC3 L0phtCrack v3.02 keygenerator to generate a valid serial number/unlock code combination. 74KB WIN 98/NT LC3 L0phtCrack v3.00 keygenerator to generate a valid serial number/unlock code combination. 25KB WIN 98/NT LC3 L0phtCrack v3.00 keygenerator to generate a valid serial number/unlock code combination. 39KB WIN 98/NT LC3 L0phtCrack v3.01 keygenerator to generate a valid serial number/unlock code combination. 25KB WIN 98/NT LC3 L0phtCrack v3.02 Program Crack 11KB WIN 98/NT LC4 L0phtCrack Program Crack 25KB WIN 98/NT LC4 L0phtCrack Program Crack 27KB WIN 98/NT LC3 L0phtCrack v3.02 Program Crack 25KB WIN 98/NT Newt Intranet ActiveX v6.02 (registered winsck.ocx) 6.4MB WIN 95/98 AOL Instant Messanger Password Recovery Tool 261KB WIN 95/98
comctl32.ocx Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2) 233KB WIN 95/98 Visual Basic 5 Runtime Files 1.3MB WIN 95/98
pkunzip.exe How many times have you been on a corporate or institutional system and needed to know where a copy is. 29KB DOS

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