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  $2600's Communist Agenda


We have often been asked what do we have against 2600 magazine and Eric Corley
(AKA Emmanuel Goldstein).

Beyond all the rhetoric and ballyhoo of his sexual preferences, many members of the hacking community recognize the characteristic signature of his liberal socialist agenda.

2600 magazine has an openly socialist agenda which they try to mask behind the veil of a "big brother" complex. One only has to examine 2600's posturing to notice this.

If we compare the above Soviet propaganda poster with the below photo of the wannabe dictator,
you can make your own judgment.

When individuals are more concerned with profit and forwarding their own agenda, they forget what hacking is really about.

Charging individuals $6.25 for information that is freely available on the Internet is nothing short of criminal.

What's frightening is that the next generation of hackers is buying into 2600's socialist agenda.

Lambs to the slaughter

Being adherents of the original hackers ethic, we can understand the sharing of information, but not the profiting from it.

Our Technical Journal #3 (The IIRG Cheesebox)
was used without our consent in the Autumn 1996 Issue of 2600 as the (90's Cheesebox).

Had 2600 even bothered to ask, we would have given our consent. Instead they published our graphic with any IIRG monikers removed and no mention that this was the IIRG's Cheesebox. Since 2600 profited from this, we are still awaiting our royalty check.

If you feel the need to scam your readers over something as simple as this, we can only imagine the full extent of your deviant practices.

2600's socialist goal of consolidating control of the hacking community by any means necessary has been obvious for years to those with the foresight to understand Corley's meglomaniacal visions of grandeur.

You must listen to me, I am your Leader!

If you examine an early issue of 2600, you  will see Eric Corley listed as Editor and Publisher. In later issues, you will now see Emmanuel Goldstein listed as "Editor-In-Chief".

If this does not show you the pandering to his meglomaniacal ego, we don't know what will.

 Feb. 19th, 2010 Update

We had hoped that the liberal insanity of 2600 magazine,
 and Eric Corley was a thing of the past.
But one of our field monitors reports to us,
 that the flaming liberal is once again spouting his inflammatory ramblings on Twitter and is planning another socialist love fest.

If you examine the "Editor-In-Chief's" personal Twitter postings, you'll see his liberal socialist views,
 and profiteering ways for yourself.

The "golddigger" is also pushing his next HOPE
conference where he will no doubly push his
liberal socialist agenda.

This will give him untold opportunities to sell his
useless swag and sell his next collection of downloaded
text files in another book he's already advertising.

If you've ever been to a HOPE conference, you'll know the insanity of asking $75.00 for pre-registration,
and $100.00 at the door.

If you really must go to a conference,
save your cash and go to DEFCON.

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