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New England Wireless Network
A "True" Underground Covert Communications Network
Last updated 04/29/07

As we envision the project:

Covert communications is the art of concealing the transfer of information. Unfortunately the Internet has become yet another tool of an oppressive U.S. Government and the exchange of truly "covert" communications is becoming a long lost Holy Grail. An underground method of secure communications is needed to insure that the exchange of ideas and information is not compromised by hostile entities within our own government. NEWnet will be designed to work outside the influence of a corrupt government, and not to be subject to the restrictive policies of telecommunications companies. NEWnet will not be ruined by corporate influences and be subject to any master. Our goal is to establish and maintain a truly "FREE" underground wireless communications network.

Specifications for NEWNET Nodes - 9/30/01

NEWNET Mailing list - As of Jan 1rst 2006, combined with the IIRGnet Security List

In order to clarify certain aspects, we have set forth the following guidelines:

  1. Truly Wireless Communications
  2. Flexibility
  3. Security (Encryption/Access Control)
  4. Speed
  5. Simplicity (Require Minimal Training for Node Operators)

    If you are interested in participating or coordinating this project,
    please e-mail:


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