GBPPR Microwave Oven & EMP Experiments


There is a really neat patent, number 6,343,534, which is titled "Landmine Detector with a High-Power Microwave Illuminator and Infrared Detector."  Here is the abstract:

"A hybrid remote-sensing apparatus is based on an active high-power microwave (HPM) illuminator and a passive infrared (IR) detector for the detection of shallow buried landmines. A 2.45 GHz, 5 kW microwave source is used for illumination and the thermal signature at the soil surface is detected in the 8-12 µm region both in near real-time as well as after a brief time-delay following illumination. The thermal signature at the soil surface is primarily made up of two components. A thermal signature occurs at the soil surface in near real-time due to the interference of the incident beam and the beam reflected by buried mines. A second thermal signature is generated when temperature contrasts due to differential microwave absorption by a mine and the surrounding soil are conducted upwards from that mine location to the surface. Both signatures are dependent on the complex dielectric constants of mines and the soil. These signatures can be used to determine the location of different types of metallic and non-metallic mine surrogates, dummy mines without explosives and live mines with explosives."

Basically, it involves using a RF magnetron, like that from a common microwave oven, to "heat" the soil in a particular area.  After a few minutes of RF heating, the area is then viewed using a infrared thermal camera to locate any "hot" spots.  Presumably, a landmine buried in the soil will retain some heat due to the dielectric absorption by the explosives inside the mine.  This would then be visible when viewed through the thermal camera, if it's not buried too far down.


This device doesn't appear to be too complicated to homebrew.  A person controlling the robot would have a little T.V. screen showing the video output from the thermal viewer.  If you locate any suspicious objects, you can then throw rocks at them from a safe distance.

The wireless video link and most of the power supplies are trivial to homebrew.

Robot chassis could be a radio controlled riding lawnmower.


Example photos from the above patent.  Figure 5a, 5b, 5c, and 5d are IR pictures of the sand surface over mine surrogates buried in moist sand at different depths which were taken at different times before and after irradiation with high-power microwaves.

Notes & Links

  1. MIT Radiation Laboratory Series
  2. Landmine Neutralizer Using a High-Power Microwave Device  U.S. Patent 6,799,499.  (590k PDF)
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  5. IR-CAM TPM 4 from  Nice little handheld thermal viewing device.  Lots of good pictures also.
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  26. Dr. Carlo Kopp's Website  "Doctor" Carlo Kopp is an asshole, and most of his work is stolen from other (open/government) sources, but he has many good papers in his collection.
  27. "These papers were compiled (stolen) wholly from open sources, detailed in the references.  The primary sources were IEEE Pulsed Power Conference proceedings, supplemented by a number of electrical engineering and physics fundamentals texts.  All of this material has been in the public domain for half a decade or longer."

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EMP/HERF Audio & Video

  1. Non-Lethal Weapons Segment on TLC  Shows the effect of an EMP device on a toy helicopter.  (1.8M WMV)
  2. KXAN News Segment on Applied Physical Electronics IED Zapper  (3.1M WMV)
  3. History of the Microwave Oven  (16M WebM)
  4. Invent This Interview: Bob Iannini  Shows off his EMP device.  (YouTube)
  5. EMP vs. Car on Discovery's "Future Weapons" Program  (3.1M WebM)  (Similar EMP Device Hi-Res Photo)
  6. Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems on Discovery's "Future Weapons" Program  (25M WebM)
  7. Rostislav Persion's HERF Against a Computer Without a Case  (926k WebM)
  8. Rostislav Persion's HERF Against a Radio Controlled Car  (442k WebM)
  9. Nuclear EMP Pulse Effects  by The End Time Prophet.  (12M WebM)
  10. Winn Schwartau - Information Warfare  Defcon 2  (5.7M MP3)
  11. Winn Schwartau - Information Warfare, the Year in Review  Defcon 3  (6.3M MP3)
  12. Gonzo DeMann & Rev. Sergey - Non-Lethal Technology  EMP presentation at The Fifth HOPE  (5.9M MP3)
  13. Winn Schwartau: HERF Guns, EMP Bombs, and Weapons of Mass Disruption  Defcon 7  (Slides)  (YouTube)
  14. Sinster: Radio Energy Weapons  Defcon 8 speech by Jon Paul Nollmann.  (DoC Projects)  (YouTube)
  15. Electronic Weaponry or How to Rule the World While Shopping at Radio Shack  Defcon 18 speech by Timothy "mage2" Otto.  (Slides)  (Part 2)
  16. Raytheon's Silent Guardian RF Denial System  (743k WMV)
  17. Ocean's Eleven EMP Scene  (1.1M WMV)
  18. FOX News Segment on IEDs in Iraq  News segment showing the Ionatron in action.  (Sold on eBay?)  (7M WMV)
  19. CNN Interview of David Schriner and EMP Demonstration  (YouTube)  (WebM)
  20. ZEUS Clearing Various UXO During Field Testing  Artillery shell being destroyed via the ZEUS counter-IED laser system.  (637k WMV)  (Senate Armed Services Committee Testimony)
  21. What is an EMP?  An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a burst of electromagnetic energy capable of knocking out electrical systems.  In this episode of TechStuff, Jonathan and Chris discuss how much damage a large-scale EMP could do.  (12.4M MP3)
  22. DEFCON 17: Injecting Electromagnetic Pulses into Digital Devices  by Paul F. Renda.  This talk is not about someone on the ground firing a ray gun at a jet and bringing it down, this talk is about someone on the jet injecting EMP in the wiring system of the jet and causing great problems with the aviation systems and the black box.  I will define smart and dumb digital devices based to how they respond to injected pulses.  The talk will have at least 10 video demos of device pulses and a video of a surge protector.  The Marx generator will be explained and a MOSFET charging circuit.  Going green, fly-by-wire airplanes, robotic control trains, densely integrated systems, these are all realities of our daily environment.  One problem is that all of these make our life more susceptible to an EMP disruption.  Other topics covered include TWA 800, Telsa coil, Byzantine faults and the power grid.  (YouTube)

CW/Pulse Magnetron Datasheets & Notes

  1. Internal View of a 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (Assembly Drawing)  (Typical Microwave Oven Schematic)
  2. National 2M107 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (344k PDF)
  3. Hitachi 2M121 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (1.9M PDF)
  4. Matsushita 2M167B 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (744k PDF)
  5. Hitachi 2M130 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (296k PDF)
  6. Hitachi 2M131 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (1.7M PDF)
  7. Toshiba 2M164 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (226k PDF)
  8. National 2M226 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (496k PDF)
  9. Hitachi 2M251 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (1.9M PDF)
  10. Toshiba 2M2-series 2.45 CW Magnetrons  (140k PDF)
  11. National NL15245 15 kW, 2.45 GHz CW Magnetron  (2.6M PDF)
  12. National NLM915-75 75 kW, 915 MHz CW Magnetron  (215k PDF)
  13. Toshiba 2J42 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (122k PDF)
  14. JRC 2J55 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (380k PDF)  (DoD Version)
  15. 2J49/2J50 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (166k PDF)
  16. 2J51 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (132k PDF)
  17. JRC 2J70B S-band Pulse Magnetron  (27k PDF)  (QKH1978 or MG5267, Raytheon Version)
  18. M1302L/M5020 S-band Pulse Magnetron  (573k PDF)
  19. 2K25 X-band Klystron  (71k PDF)
  20. National JAN5586 S-band Pulse Magnetron  (470k PDF)
  21. 7006 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (127k PDF)
  22. RCA 7008 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (690k PDF)
  23. Litton 7156A C-band Pulse Magnetron  (96k PDF)  (DoD Version)
  24. JRC 9M752 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (377k PDF)
  25. Toshiba X-band Pulse Magnetron  (475k PDF)
  26. Litton L-4555, L-4419, L-4451 - 32 GHz & 16 GHz Pulse Magnetrons  (209k PDF)
  27. Litton L-4601 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (304k PDF
  28. Litton L-4651 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (112k PDF)
  29. Litton L-5047 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (201k PDF)
  30. Litton L-5191 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (177k PDF)
  31. Litton L-5274 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (175k PDF)
  32. JRC M1310 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (390k PDF)
  33. JRC M1337 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (283k PDF)
  34. JRC M1461 S-band Pulse Magnetron  (70k PDF)
  35. EEV MG5218 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (418k PDF)
  36. EEV MG5353 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (158k PDF)
  37. JRC MSF1425A X-band Pulse Magnetron  (52k PDF)
  38. SFD Labs SFD-373 C-band Pulse Magnetron  (300k PDF)
  39. Picture of a Litton 4J50 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (Example Schematic)
  40. 7521 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (53k PDF)
  41. 6344A C-band Pulse Magnetron  (92k PDF)
  42. 6517 L-band Pulse Magnetron  (256k PDF)
  43. 7417 C-band Pulse Magnetron  (78k PDF)
  44. 8682 Ka-band Pulse Magnetron  (135k PDF)
  45. 8855 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (98k PDF)
  46. 8798 S-band Pulse Magnetron  (101k PDF)
  47. 8896 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (160k PDF)
  48. DoD-011 15 GHz Pulse Magnetron  Replaces Litton L-5328.  (64k PDF)
  49. DoD-031 X-band Pulse Magnetron  Replaces Varian VMX-1136.  (82k PDF)
  50. DoD-032 X-band Pulse Magnetron  Replaces Varian VMX-1135.  (83k PDF)
  51. DoD-033 15 GHz Pulse Magnetron  Replaces Varian VMU-1134.  (95k PDF)
  52. 8943 16.5 GHz Pulse Magnetron  (63k PDF)
  53. 8939 X-band Pulse Magnetron  (96k PDF)
  54. 8982 16 GHz Pulse Magnetron  (572k PDF)
  55. English Electric Valve Co. - 1961 Magnetron Catalog  (848k PDF)

Rostislav Persion's Projects

Web page mirrors from the old site.

Persion's new website documenting his projects is at

  1. HERF 001  The purpose of this lab is to find a way to power a microwave oven magnetron from a portable power supply.
  2. HERF 002  This was my attempt at a high-power X-band frequency HPM device, using a high gain horn antenna, and a military magnetron.
  3. HERF 003  The reason I am constructing this lower power HERF that runs off the mains, is to experiment with microwaves and possibly dish reflectors.
  4. HERF 004  his project is a continuation of the HERF 003 project
  5. HERF 005  1 kW, 18 dBi high-quality HERF with tuneable waveguide.  This device was built as a demo for the 10th annual Information Warfare Conference in DC.  Lots of images, videos and a sneak peak at the 12 kW X-band battery powered HERF.  Videos of a PC being crashed.
  6. Explosively Powered EMP Device  Technical description of the principle behind explosive powered EMP weapons.
  7. Transient Electromagnetic Device (TED) HERF  Wideband transient electromagnetic device.
  8. HERF Radiation  Tests performed on a HERF device in order to graph its radiation pattern.  Great photos and radiation pattern images.
  9. Hand Held HERF  Power supply fits inside of the magnetron.
  10. Pulse Forming Network  Pulse forming network design and improvement.
  11. Radial Pulse Forming Network  This project is aimed at the design of a new bread of type-E pulse forming networks.


  1. Horn Antenna Designer  Helps design a rectangular horn antenna by showing how to cut pieces for it from sheet metal.
  2. Power Density Calculator  Calculates RF power density at a given gain and distance.
  3. HERF Range  Calculates and graphs HERF/HPM range at a given power and gain.
  4. Horn Antenna Calculator  MS-DOS application for calculating rectangular horn antenna dimensions.
  5. Focal Point Calculator  Calculates a parabola's focal point.

Misc Projects

  1. Air Gap Breakdown Information
  2. Dielectric Constant Information
  3. Single Transistor Flyback Circuit
  4. Ball Lightning / Plasma Generation
  5. RF Coherer
  6. Dry Ice Propulsion
  7. Gyro Gun 01
  8. Pulsed Filament
  9. False Identity
  10. Opticom
  11. Railgun 01
  12. Wire Explosion Propulsion
  13. Computer Vision Tracking
  14. Insecure RF ID Doors
  15. Insecure Washing Machines
  16. Insecure Soda Machines
  17. Shape Memory Alloy Robot
  18. Microwave Oven Leaks
  19. Inside the Magnetron's Ceramic Antenna Probe
  20. Crossed Signals  Interview in U.S. News and World Report, December 2002.
  21. Shoot Out the Lights  Interview from the O'Reilly book Makers.  (Page 2)
  22. MTV 'Urban Myths' Segment  (7.1M WebM)

Other Related GBPPR Projects


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