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RIM BlackBerry Pearl (8100) Disco Clit - CYBØRG/ASM, 2007/03/29

The Great Canadian Mobile SID Compilation - System Identification numbers for cellular roaming. The Clone, 2003/01/19

Rogers AT&T: Ericsson A1228dsi Programming - The Clone, 2002/11/06

List of ESN Prefixes Sorted by Manufacturer - Wizbone, 2002/11/02

The GSM Security Technical Whitepaper for 2002 - The Clone & RT, 2002/01/10

A Mobile Phone ANI-Diversion Technique - The Clone, 2001/10/29

Rogers AT&T Billing Vulnerability; Part II - The Clone, 2001/08/06

Additional TracFone Documentation - The Clone, 2001/07/31

The Tracfone Trap - Why Tracfone sucks our collective wangs. The Clone, 2001/03/20

A Guide to General Packet Radio Service - The Clone, 2000/09/03

Rogers/AT&T Pay-As-You-Go Billing Vulnerability - The Clone, 2000/08/29

TELUS MOBILITY; Customer Privacy No More - The Clone, 2000/01/04

IRM / MIN-Codes Cellular Documentation - The Clone, 1999/11/04

More info: Hack Canada - Black Crawling Systems - Cellular


A Canadian Pager Carrier Billing Flaw - The Clone, 2002/10/07

FLEX Technology: Paging Frequencies - The Clone, 1999/10/04

TELUS Mobility; Panasonic EN-POWR numeric pager exploit v2.0 - The Clone, 1999/08/25

More info: Hack Canada - Black Crawling Systems - Radio Telephony - Paging


A Guide to the Nortel NetVenue Terminal - The NetVenue is a next-generation Millennium public access terminal which is used to deliver IP-based services and applications. The Clone & Magma, 2003/04/17

Public TTY Installation Testing and Troubleshooting Guide - The Clone, 2002/02/19

Story of the Millennium Part II (TTY) - The Clone, 2002/02/12

The Complete Guide to the Elcotel Grapevine Smart-Phone - The Clone, 2001/06/10

Canadian COCOT Unrestricted Line Exploit - Exploiting the Canada Payphone Corporation AT&T 'Elcotel Eclipse' and the Paytel Canada 'Protel'. The Clone, 2001/06/03

Assaulting Payfones 1.o - Naughty naughty. CYBØRG/ASM, 2000/10/17

Model 909 Payphone Users Manual - The Clone, 2000/09/27

Model 001 Payphone Programming Guide - The Clone, 2000/08/31

The Comprehensive Guide to Paytel Canada payphones - The Clone, 2000/07/14

The Complete Guide to the Elcotel Payphone - The Clone, 2000/03/31

RedPalm++ - Canadian Red Box for PalmOS. Feauturing quarter, dime, and nickel tones. CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/09

Story of the Millennium - Strange happenings on the payfone front. The Clone, 1999/08/23

AT&T Canada's Elcotel Payphones + Number Directory - CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/06/21

RedPalm.zip - The original Canadian Red Box for the PalmPilot (PalmOS). Requires cbasPad. CYBØRG/ASM, 1998/11

Canadian Red Box - The guide to red boxing in Canada. CYBØRG/ASM, 1998/04

More info: Hack Canada - Canadian H/P - Payphones

Images: Hack Canada - Photograffiti - Payphone Gallery


MICS-XC Norstar-Companion System Coordinator Guide - The Clone, 2000/12/15

Meridian Mail Guide; Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN - The Clone, 1999/12/20

A guide to the i-Post Universal Box system - The Clone, 1999/11/10

An Introduction to Audix - VMB. The Clone, 1999/09/15

An Introduction to 'One Connect' - How to find and hack these well-featured VMB's. The Clone, 1999/08/19

An Introduction to Meridian Mail Rls.12 - The Clone, 1999/07/22


The Long Lost 780-413-XXXX Edmonton Wardial Scan - The Clone, 2006/04/04

Project: 1-800-909-(6000-9000) Hand Scan - The Clone, 2001/07/22

INWATS: 611-7XXX suffix skan - The Clone, 2000/05/02

310-xxxx Wardial - 310 is toll-free anywhere in AB, Canada (780/403). CYBØRG/ASM, 2000/01/31

Canadian Number Assignments 555 skan from 780 - The Clone, 1999/09/02

INWATS: 800-xxx-9999 Suffix Skan - The Clone, 1999/08/06

Project: INWATS; 909-0000 | 909-6000 Suffix Skan - The Clone, 1999/07/23

Wardial 780-425-XXXX - Edmonton Central. Partial scan. Lord Phungus, 1996/12


Edmonton Test Numbers for Milliwatt Supply and Silent Termination - The Clone, 2007/06/11

TELUS Their Phone Numbers - 2006 TELUS Phone Number Directory. CYBØRG/ASM, 2006

Tel3.com Calling Card System ANI Spoofing Vulnerability - Learn why using ANI for authentication, instead of a PIN, is universally stupid. The Clone, 2005/08/01

The Comprehensive Guide to AWAS - The Telus Automated Work Administration System; what it is and how it works. The Clone, 2004/03/28

The Complete (TELUS) British Columbia CLLI Compilation - Common Language Location Identification codes. The Clone, 2003/09/25

The Canadian Military (DSN) Alberta Number Compilation - The Clone, 2002/09/23

Telus Call Management Assistant Exploitation - 310-TOUCH. The Clone, 2002/03/13

Official DATU Documentation - The Clone, 2001/11/23

The Canadian Test Number Compilation - The Clone, 2001/11/23

An Introduction to Telus' Terminating Test Lines - The Clone, 2001/11/06

A Detailed Look Into Prison Phone Systems - The Clone, 2001/08/23

The Canadian ARU / LINE ID / DENUS CODE Compilation - The Clone, 2001/08/14

An Introductory Guide to DATU Systems - The Clone, 2001/08/06

Telus Caller Identification (CID) Routing Glitch - The Clone, 2001/05/20

The Telus 4O3-31O-5555 Divertor Exploit - Telco incompetence at its finest. The Clone, 2001/02/21

Telus Call Director; Unsupervised Line Exploit - The Clone, 2000/11/07

The Primary InterLATA Carrier (PIC) Code Guide - 10-10-XXX carriers. The Clone, 2000/08/10

The SS7 Signaling Connection Control Part Relay System - The Clone, 2000/05/12

TELUS; 811 Self-Serve stratagem - Want to disconnect someones phone service? Here's one way. The Clone, 1999/06/30

Northern Telecom Wire Pair Color Code Combinations - CYBØRG/ASM, 1994/02/12

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