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Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO

Tools of the Underground (TOTU) proudly presents: Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO (2009), the long awaited sequel to the original Cracking Kit 2010 released in 2008.

It features the largest collection of reverse engineering tools ever compiled.  All software has been updated to the latest version, but you can still run older versions of the software if you want.

In this kit, you will find rare, hard-to-find programs designed for the expert cracker, and the beginner.  This kit now comes with a handy launcher menu called PStart.exe.  Feel free to customize the layout of the menu to suit your needs.

Tool Categories:

Three little sub-kits were released, unaffiliated with TOTU, but still handy.  They are:

What's New:

Installing:  Burn or mount the ISO with your favourite tool.  Locate PStart.exe, and get cracking!

Cracking Kit 2012 Deux RCE

This kit has everything the original Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO has, but boasts a much more expansive and better range of tools.

We have decided to include as many different versions of soft as possible (to target different digital signatures).  You may have noticed the payload has increased in terms of overall size of the kit - testament to how much work we have put into it.

Oh, and we heard you.  now we have tutorials, links, and crackmes to help you even more.  Also, may folks have told us they use this kit for malware analysis more than anything else.

We welcome the use of this kit for this purpose.  Malware has close ties to reverse engineering anyways. :p

This is our final edition of the kit, as it kinda has everything you need to do full blown RCE.

Sure, new tools will crop up to deal with new protection methods, and times will change, but until then, we've left The Scene.

This is our gift, and our legacy to you.  Say thanks in your replies, and spread the kit as much as possible.  kthxbai

Disclaimer:  Run in a virtual machine.  Run in a sandboxed environment.  These are reverse-engineering tools.

CRACKL@B_SKY_DVD_2010  (Contents)  (4.4G ISO)

CRACKL@B_SUN_DVD_2010  (Contents)  (4.4G ISO)