Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits
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Broadcast Warehouse PLL+ 1 Watt FM Exciter

Broadcast Warehouse LCD PLL FM Exciter

Broadcast Warehouse Limiter PLUS

Broadcast Warehouse DIGILOG Stereo Encoder

Broadcast Warehouse TX 150/300 FM Broadcast Transmitter

[Veronica Kits]

Veronica Kits 20 Watt RF Amplifier

Veronica Kits Professional Limiter/Compressor

Veronica Kits Professional 87.5-108 MHz 1 Watt PLL FM Broadcast Transmitter

Veronica Kits 5 Watt FM Transmitter

Panaxis Productions

Panaxis FMX PLL FM Broadcast Transmitter

Panaxis Macromod Audio Compressor

Misc Products

[Free Radio Berkeley]

Free Radio Berkeley 1/2 Watt PLL Transmitter Kit


[Free Radio Berkeley]  [Free Radio Berkeley]

[Ramsey Electronics]

Ramsey FM10 FM Stereo Transmitter Kit

Ramsey FM25 Professional Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter Kit

Ramsey FM100 Super Pro FM Stereo Radio Station Kit


Homebrew FM Broadcast Amplifiers

Pictures & Notes from L.D. Brewer's Old Website

Partial Mirror of Mark Weiss' FM Broadcast Projects

Miscellanous / Notes / Datasheets

  1. Comet CFM-95SL 5/8-Wave LPFM Antenna Information Sheet  (Original)  (Purchase)
  2. Progressive Concepts LPF7002 Low-Pass Filter Information  (42k PDF)  (Purchase)
  3. How to Improve Your Audio by Replacing Passive Components
  4. PTEK FM Series FM Broadcast Exciter Handbook  With schematic  (580k PDF)
  5. FCC Field Office Locations
  6. L. D. Brewer 7 Watt Amplifier Manual
  7. 1 Watt RF Amplifier Using a 2N4427  Schematic for 88-108 MHz.
  8. 40 Watt RF Amplifier Using a 2N6084  Schematic for 88-108 MHz.
  9. 15 Watt RF Amplifier Using a 2SC2539  Schematic for 88-108 MHz.
  10. Pira CZ 5 Watt PLL FM Transmitter  (PIC Code)
  11. Pira CZ Compressor/Limiter/Clipper for FM Broadcasting
  12. Pira CZ Stereo Encoder for FM Broadcasting  (PIC Code)
  13. 6 Watt FM Transmitter Amplifier  Using a 2SC1971
  14. Wideband 300 Watt Push-Pull FM Amplifier Using BLV25 Transistors  Philips AM98031
  15. FM Broadcast Band Low-Pass Filter  With a -40 dB tap.
  16. North Country Radio MPX96 FM Stereo Transmitter Modifications
  17. Theory of AM, FM, and FM Stereo
  18. FM Radio Station Seperation Standards
  19. Interpreting Spectrum Analyzer Plots  by Marconi
  20. FM Radio Station Classes
  21. Power Combiner/Splitter for the FM Broadcast Band
  22. Pictures and Waveforms from J.A. Alvarez Amoros  Detailed construction notes of the Forrest Cook stereo coder  (1.9M PDF)
  23. Motorola MC145170 Motorola PLL Serial Synthesizer PIC Code  (Alternate)
  24. PIC16C57 Code for a Motorola MC145170 PLL Synthesizer
  25. RadioMax PIC Code  (Header File)
  26. AVR AT90S1200 Code for a Motorola MC145170 PLL Synthesizer  LCD control also.  (Header File, Define File)
  27. Quick Yagi 4.0  Yagi design program  (234k ZIP)
  28. Simple FM Dipole Construction
  29. "The Anarchist"  A portable, 10 watt solid-state, crystal-controlled transmitter that operates on shortwave and mediumwave.  The designs are courtesy of Radio Anarchy.
  30. The Famous FRN QSL Collection!
  31. FRN Tech: Transmitters for Medium Wave, Short Wave and FM Broadcast
  32. "The Grenade' Documentation Project  (Update)
  33. Lutz Community Radio FCC Raid  November 19, 1997
  34. FCC, BLT, DOA  Article on KBLT by Sara Scribner
  35. North Country Radio's MPX 2000 FM Transmitter  From Poptronics, July 2001  (2.7M PDF)
  36. Motorola MPSH17 Transistor  Used in some Free Radio Berkeley kits  (78k PDF)
  37. Motorola MPSH10 Transistor  Used in some Broadcast Warehouse kits  (81k PDF)
  38. Rohm BA1404 Stereo Modulator  (484k PDF)  (Alternate Version with FAQ)
  39. Rohm BH1415 Stereo Encoder
  40. JRC NJM2035 Stereo Modulator  (191k PDF)
  41. Motorola MC1648 VCO  (243k PDF)
  42. Motorola MRF171A MOSFET  (291k PDF)
  43. Motorola MRF137 MOSFET  (210k PDF)
  44. Motorola MRF138 MOSFET  (25k PDF)
  45. SGS-Thomson SD1407 Transistor  (107k PDF)
  46. Philips BLX69 Transistor  Used in the Veronica 20 watt amplifier.  (241k PDF)
  47. Mitsubishi 2SC2539 Transistor  (130k PDF)
  48. Mitsubishi 2SC1971 Transistor  (124k PDF)  (Counterfeit Notes)
  49. Philips BLF177 Transistor  Includes a test circuit for 108 MHz.  (119k PDF)
  50. Philips BLF246 Transistor  Includes a test circuit for 108 MHz.  (71k PDF)
  51. M/A-Com MRF173CQ Transistor  Used in the FRB 100 Watt amplifier.  (122k PDF)
  52. Philips BGY33 VHF Power Amplifier Module  20 Watt broadband amplifier module for 88-108 MHz.  (616k PDF)  (PCB)

Books / Magazines / Papers / Audio & Video

  1. Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook  by Ron Sakolsky and Stephen Dunnifer  (20.2M PDF)
  2. Low-Power Radio Broadcasting  How to start your own radio station, by James R. Cunningham  (4.5M PDF)
  3. Radio is My Bomb  A DIY Manual for Pirates  (14.9M PDF)
  4. FM MicroPower Radio  Excellent book from around 1993-1994, by Mycal Johnson
  5. Hobby Broadcasting  Summer 1999  (7.4M PDF)
  6. To Design and Build a Portable, Miniaturized, Multichannel FM Transmitter  by Francis McSwiggan.  (1.1M PDF)
  7. Micropower Broadcasting - A Technical Primer  (645k PDF)
  8. Confronting the FCC and Defending Your Micropower Station from Being Shut Down
  9. "Set Your Radio Free"  (1.3M MP3)
  10. Free Radio Berkeley: Building a Low-Power FM Broadcast Station  (YouTube)
  11. How to Build a 10 Watt FM Broadcast Transmitter & Station  Free Radio Berkeley  (YouTube)
  12. 80-150 Watt FM Amplifier (BLF246-BLF147)  (YouTube)
  13. I Ran a Pirate Radio Station and Got Busted by the FCC!  True story of when I was a teenager running an AM and later an FM pirate radio station.  It was an exhilarating journey filled with late-night broadcasts, and the thrill of connecting with an underground audience, by Barry Watson  (YouTube)
  14. U.K. Pirate Radio Documentary - Making Waves  (YouTube)
  15. Pirate Radio USA  Pirate Radio USA is a 2006 documentary film written and directed by Jeff Pearson, with musical director Mary Jones.  (YouTube)
  16. Pump Up The Volume Theatrical Trailer  (YouTube)  (Transcript)
  17. H2K: Low-Power FM  Speech at H2K by Bernie S., Pete Tridish, and Andrew Yoder.  (YouTube)
  18. H2K: Pirate Radio 101  Speech at H2K by DJ Anne Animus, Mr. E, Ken-Zo, and Professor Klystron.  (YouTube)
  19. H2K2: Low-Power FM Basics  Speech at H2K2 by Pete Tridish and John Ramsey.  (YouTube)
  20. H2K2: Fun With Pirate Radio and Shortwave  Speech at H2K2 by Craig Harkins and Allan Weiner.  (YouTube)
  21. 100 Watt Fm Amplifier Kit Build 87-108 MHz  MRF101-based kit  (YouTube)
  22. Veronica All-in-One 30 Watt FM Transmitter Overview  (YouTube)
  23. New 50-70 Watt Chinese FM Broadcast Transmitter  (YouTube)
  24. Pirate Radio Tutorial 1  (YouTube)

FM Broadcast Spot Jammer


  1. RF-Links.com - Wireless Audio/Video Links  Very high-quality wireless video/audio studio-to-transmitter links.
  2. Progressive Concepts  Large U.S. distributor of LPFM gear.
  3. Marconi's VHF Pirate Information and Transmitter Kit Reviews  Detailed reviews and schematics.
  4. Forrest Cook's Micro Power FM Broadcasting Circuits  Good stero encoder schematic.
  5. The Official Pirate Radio Kit Site  The site that started it all.
  6. Benchmark Media - Clean Audio Guide
  7. Low-Power Radio Blog
  8. Part15.us - The Free Resource for Part 15 Community Radio
  9. Belkin Tunecast 2 Modification  Extending the range of the Belkin Tunecast II.
  10. A Look Back at KENC 1620 AM  And their run in with the FCC.
  11. RabbitEars - Signal Search Map  Allows you to search by location and get a list of stations available with their predicted signal strengths, distance and bearing, and other key information.

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